Driver tips: 9 tips to protect your car when there is no parking lot

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Not every time you will have a parking lot for your beloved car. So, that's why we are here to guide you on how to maintain your car if you don't have your own parking space.

A garage is a secure place where you can safely park your vehicle. It is not the curbside of the road in front of your home or under the shade of a tree. 

If you take a short stroll around the city, you will see that most car owners don't have a sheltered space for their vehicle when in fact, it should be a priority. Usually, the reason for not having a garage or own parking space is because they don't have enough money to afford to make one and/or the lack of space.

car park under the sun

What will you do to protect your car when it is parked without a parking lot?

If that is the case, it means the car is exposed to different weather conditions, dirt and any other similar particles which are harmful to the car's finish. It will not only take its toll on the aesthetics of the car but also to its value.

If you have the same situation as most drivers who do not have their own parking space, you need to make extra effort to take care of your vehicle. prepared some maintenance tips to help you take care of your car even if you don’t have a parking space of your own.

1. Buy your car an all-weather, paint-friend car cover

To protect your car's paint from the harmful heat of the sun and acid rain shower, get a car cover that can stand any weather and will protect the paint of your car. A lot of car covers are available in the market from different brands.

Choose the best car cover that is specifically designed for the body type car’s make and model of your vehicle. A good quality car cover is a great investment to protect your vehicle from dirt, bird poop, the extreme heat of the sun and harsh rainwater. It is absolutely worth it!

car covered with car cover

Get a car cover that can stand any weather and will protect the paint of your car

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2. Wax your vehicle’s finish at least once a month

Since you don't have a sheltered space for your vehicle, you must go the extra mile in maintaining the finish of your car's exterior. Wash your vehicle weekly or as needed. Thorough detailing and waxing are very important given the circumstances. Use a good quality wax to build layers of paint protection to your car’s paint finish.

Today, you can already buy sealant and nanotechnology waxes that provide tougher protection from different harmful elements such as damaging UV rays, pollution, and acid rain when compared to the popular carnauba waxes.

Exterior car cleaning

You must go the extra mile in maintaining the finish of your car's exterior

These protective layers are similar to an SPF sunscreen that we use to shield and nourish our skin. These waxes work the same to the skin of your car. Utilize a detailer spray in between. It will help in preserving the shine and protective properties of the car’s finish.

If you are a very busy person and have some money to spare, opt for a ceramic coating that can last for one to five years. It should be done by a professional detailer. Ceramic coating is ideal if you don’t have much time for the maintenance of the car’s exterior.

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3. Vinyl wraps and paint film

If you want to add additional protection from scuffs and passerby scratches, then opt for vinyl wraps and paint film. They are great options that will shield your vehicle from the environment.

 vinyl wraps and paint film.

Opt for vinyl wraps and paint film

4. Apply trim protectants to rubber, moldings, and plastics in the car's exterior

These parts of the exterior tend to turn chalky, become brittle and fade quicker compared to factory paint. To maintain the overall glory of your car’s exterior, it’s best to pay attention to these parts as well.

Generously coat the parts that are prone to sun damage. Always remember to also apply the molding on the car’s roofline, under the trunk, hood, and hatch and inside door panels.

Utilize a silicone lubricant together with the protectant on the moldings to avoid sticking because of extreme heat. Also, apply rubber lotions to the tires' walls. This will help prevent premature expiration and cracking.

man cleaning the car interior

It’s best to pay attention to trim protectants to rubber, moldings, and plastics in the car's exterior as well

5. Do not park under fruit-bearing trees (especially in season)

Aside from the fruit that might fall into your vehicle, fruit-bearing trees also invite lots of birds that can leave hard to remove bird poop in the car’s finish. Another thing to watch out for when parking under a fruit-bearing tree is the tree sap that can stain and damage the car’s paint too.

Car parked under a tree

Fruit-bearing trees also invite lots of birds that can leave hard to remove bird poop in the car’s finish

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6.  Use water-repellent cleaning solution for glass and windshield

The glass and windshield of your vehicle is the one providing visibility when you’re in the car. Aside from taking care of the car paint, glass and windshield of your car should also be maintained and protected so that you will have a clearer view of the road.

They also contribute to the overall appearance of the vehicle. When detailing these parts of the car, use a water-repellent cleaning solution to reduce the build-up of water spots and acid rain stains.

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7. Use UV protective solution to coat all exterior lights and reflectors

Exterior lights and reflectors are the keys to see and be seen on the road, especially during the night. These parts of the car should also be protected, in which a UV protective solution is a great option. It will prevent your headlamps to become yellowish. Yellow headlamps will absolutely make your car look unsexy.

8. Lift the car wipers

If you park your vehicle under the intense heat of the sun, the windshield could heat up, making the rubber blades of the windshield wiper to deteriorate faster.

9. Use sun visors to protect your interiors and dashboard

Sun visors are an effective tool to shield your dashboard and interior from the damaging sun rays. Put it all around the vehicle or at least on both front and rear windshields. This will deflect the damaging effects of UV rays on the interior upholstery, leather, and plastics.

Car sun visor

Sun visors are an effective tool to shield your dashboard and interior from the damaging sun rays

In addition, do not ever leave any flammable or volatile liquids in the glove compartment and storage bins including includes perfumes, cologne, and aerosol products. These items might start a fire and cause your vehicle to be in flames.

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