Self-driving car: 9 advantages for Filipino drivers

Mar 14, 2019 | Same topic: Let's drive smart!
Should smart driverless cars be adopted in the Philippine: Yay or Nay?

Filipino car owners are at the new dawn of motoring when electric and hybrid are taking the popular place of "regular cars". And even at the moment, drivers can enjoy new modern features in driverless cars with self-driving options. The big question is whether self-driving cars are practical in the Philippines? Will it work, or just another car option that will be an excuse for raising car prices and adding services that will cost more.

Yes, there will be some who would opt for it but will it prosper with the sad state of traffic, and a host of factors that go against its implementation? It cannot be denied that the Philippines is advancing fast and catching up with other Asian countries. Is this enough for the majority to clamor for smart cars? 

Car companies are in constant competition and having smart cars are options would be a hard proposition to resist. Especially when revenue from car sales is important; and these cars may drive more sales too! Will the average Filipino driver comprehend the impact on the streets of the metro?

And, even the change in driving styles and habits for those who can afford them. Will it be a display of privilege what smart cars offer to everyone? Let's check it out! 

Self-driving cars: The future of Transportation

I. What everyone should know about self-driving cars? 

Off the bat, a smart car autonomous car is far different from hybrid engine cars or electric cars because it is a mix of various technologies that aren’t fully understood by the Filipino driver. Ignorance may lead to mishaps and missing the full benefit of the technology.

Self-driving cars will have complexities and do impact on the driving habits of Filipino driver’s. Consider all the factors that go against its implementation, and it is staggering when driving habits and road conditions will be a sign.

Second concerns would be infrastructure, laws, and regulations or expenses to keep a fast data network, and how much will it cost to maintain. Car owners should study and get familiar with the implication of the following new technology.

1. Radar sensors

It uses radar that pigs and senses the environment it drives in. Used for slowing down or braking when needed.

2. Lidar sensors

A new kind of radar that uses light beams to detect and navigate around obstacles on the road.

Self driving new technology

Self-driving car comes with a lot of new modern technology

3. Cameras

They add another layer by sensing and recognizing images via cameras, when on the road.

4. Sonar

The sound is used; similar to rear backing sensors when backing up any car. Sonar is used for blindside monitors and other car sensors too!

5. CPU

When all the data is gathered; the CPU calculates and executes commands when the car starts moving.

Massive power

A self-driving car uses a massive amount of power

II. Benefits of operating driving a smart self-driving car

1. Improved safety

Safety is improved with automation with less human error, for precise driving. Normally, human error is the main cause for most accidents, modern safety features have a record of failure at times.  Most modern cars have excellent safety features but can fail due to poor maintenance.

self driving safety

With less human errors, driverless car improve safety for both drivers and pedestrian

2. Less fuel cost

It will streamline deliveries and increase business income, with less fuel cost and no need for human drivers. Takeout deliveries are made easier and without human drivers, because cars can do it 24/7! 

3. Ease traffic volume

Automated carpooling will ease traffic and lessen dependence on private cars. A robotized car cannot choose, complain when it comes to carpooling which will affect car ownership in years to come. Efficient and continuous carpooling services will lessen traffic in many areas.

Ease traffic congestion

Self-driving cars will reduce commute times by a third

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4. Better access for disabled

Driving a car is easier and the disable have better automotive access. It may happen because autonomous cars will not need driving lessons, but knowing will be a vital skill in emergencies though.

Self driving for disabled

Disabled people find it easy to get into the smart car

5. Less chance of car accidents

A more efficient system that will regulate the hordes of vehicles at any given time! What makes traffic is the chaotic choices made by people when traveling on the road. All autonomous “smart-self driving cars” will be controlled by one system that moves all transportation in unified troop movement on the road. It eliminates careless driving and reduces the chance of serious car accidents.

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6. Lessen carbon emissions

Car exhaust is the biggest culprit in pollution. With fewer carbon emissions, smart self-driving cars will revolutionize the eco-friendly car once again, to a new better level. 

Eco friendly self-driving car

Eco-friendly driverless cars

7. Better parking ability

Better parking function provided by smart car is the best advantage for metros that need better land management. The demand for larger parking complexes is literally wasting parcels of land in the Metro. Less private cars and better public transport will help manage land better!

self driving car parking

Lidar sensor provides parallel parking ability

8. 24/7 taxi service

When autonomous “smart-self driving cars” are in full swing, it will make public transport more efficient taxis will be preferred over private cars. Taxis will be 24/7 and there will be less incidence of being rejected by a human driver.

Robot taxi

Robot taxi is available 24/7

9. Reduce insurance premiums

Car insurance is important because it is assumed that something will happen. Will less incident of human error; less expense for insurance will free up the money spent significantly.

Does the article answer why self-driving cars are practical in the Philippines? But, till then it should be a fancy car and nothing more.

Source: Norjan Ismail Abbas