Keeping safe on the road aboard a car and motorcycle

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And we try to determine which is the better option between traveling on a motorcycle or in a car.

It is undeniable that we encounter many safety issues with our public transportation system. This is one of the many factors that encourage us to own a vehicle -- whether a car or motorcycle. 

Read on this article from to know which is the better option for you -- a car or a motorcycle? 

Sales of motorcycles increased by 35 percent, with 1.59 million units sold, in 2018. We all know the reason behind this. Metro Manila is one of the most heavily congested places in the country. Motorcycles are one of the fastest ways to get around Metro Manila, and it is much cheaper to own and maintain compared to cars. But which is safer to use, a motorcycle or a car?

Motorcycles in the road

In 2018, motorcycle sales increased by 35 percent to 1.59 million units in 2018

A report published by Statista Research Department revealed that 43.64 percent of Filipinos owned a motorcycle in 2019. In 2018, MMDA recorded 224 fatal injuries and 12,594 non-fatal injuries caused by motorcycles, compared to 95 fatal injuries and 8,121 non-fatal injuries caused by cars.

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1. The motorcycle

Let us give the motorcycle a fighting chance in this never-ending argument. Accident wise, you are most likely to suffer a fatal injury in a motorcycle than in a car. An accident that would simply dent a car could potentially send a motorcycle rider to the hospital -- or worse.


Riding a motorcycle is a vastly different experience compared to driving a car

Enables you to see more

A better view of the road means you can hopefully see danger earlier, and react earlier. 

They dodge better

Motorcycles are smaller than cars that is why they are easier to maneuver. At this point, a motorcycle has an edge. It is more mobile and can speed up better to get out of a troubled situation.

Should keep you more focused

Cars are more comfortable to ride. It also can give you lots of distractions. You can eat, drink, use your phone (safely) and a lot more while driving. Knowing you are driving a two-wheel vehicle is already should be enough to make you more focused on the road.

motorcycle driver

Knowing you are driving a two-wheel vehicle should already be enough to make you more focused on the road

Riding ability, balance, quick reflexes, and coordinated body, mind, and motorcycle. All these play a vital role in the safety of a rider.

2. The car

Modern cars are built with the latest safety car technologies available in the industry -- making them safer than ever. There are fewer accidents causing fatalities. Here is some top safety car technology that is already available in the auto industry, and is making cars even safer.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Lots of new cars have been released with this feature. This system uses a sensor and radar that is placed inside the grille. This will maintain a secure distance from the car ahead. It will apply throttle when there is a need for acceleration. It also applies brakes when traffic slows down. If ACC senses a potential collision it will engage the brakes and tighten the seatbelts.

Adaptive Cruise Control illustration

Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a car at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it

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Automatic emergency brake

Automatic brakes engage when a collision is imminent.

Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keep Assist

These are two different systems, but they both help ensure that you are in the right lane. Lane departure warning alerts the driver with a sound or a buzz. Lane keep assist, on the other hand, steers you back into your lane.

Lane Departure Warning or Lane Keeping Assist

Lane Departure Warning or Lane Keeping Assist help ensure that you stay in your lane

Rearview Camera 

The main purpose of this system is to give the driver a clear view of what's in the back of the vehicle. The camera uses a wide-angle lens to give a 180-degree view. Another purpose of this is to protect children and animals from accidentally being run over.

Blind Spot Detection

It is a sensor that uses technology like cameras, radar, or ultrasonic sensors in the side of the vehicle -- most likely in the side mirror. This gives a visual or audio warning when the sensor detects that there is a vehicle in the blind spot.

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Night Vision Features

This system warns drivers when there are bicycles and pedestrians even at night. It also engages smart headlights and lowers the beams when approaching traffic. There are a lot more safety technologies being developed. They should be available soon and become a standard feature in perhaps five years.

night vision feature

This system warns drivers when there are bicycles and pedestrians even at night

Safety Exit Assist

This system will keep the back door from opening when there’s a vehicle near -- of great use to This will be of great use to parents. 

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software is already seen in some car models such as the Subaru Forester revealed in New York Autoshow. This system can detect alertness and notify you when it senses that you are not focused.

facial recognition software

Facial recognition software is already seen in some car models

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Both cars and motorcycles have their edges in terms of safety and the argument about which one is safer to ride may drag on for years to come. The truth is it all comes down to the driver himself. 

Whatever it is that you drive, follow the rules and regulations on the road so you can minimize the possibility of getting involved in a road accident. Driving requires a high level of discipline, this is one important factor that plays in ensuring you and your passengers are safe whiles on the road. 

It is your responsibility to educate yourself about the road, the vehicle and driving. Everything that is discussed in the article can help you decide what best suits you and may also serve as a reminder about road safety.

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