Car pillows in the Philippines: Why some car owners need them and what kind to buy

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Let this be your guide to another level of comfort.

If we’re being frank about car seating comfort, some cars just lack the necessary equipment or design to fit everyone comfortably. There are cars with seats and headrests that are either too soft, too hard, too bolstered, bulgy, and many other possible complaints.

This is compounded by the universal fact that no two human bodies are the same, and while car engineers are known to toil just to balance out production costs, the price of the car, and comfort, sometimes a car interior’s capability of providing that sweet cushy ride that will please everyone simply cannot be.

A picture of a woman using a neck pillow.

This is where car pillows step in

And yes, even the most expensive luxury car’s seats will accrue some sort of nitpicky complaint, but that nitpicky complaint can become a full-blown muscle cramp on long trips.

So what’s a car owner/commuter to do? Well, you could just suck it up and take a beating on your daily commute, or you could be a smart person and get a car pillow.

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I. Kinds of car pillows in the Philippines

If you’ve browsed the many online shopping sites here in the Philippines, then you’ll have seen the hundreds of kinds of car pillows. So let us break down the most common, and arguably the most useful for you.

1. Car neck pillow

For some drivers who are either too short, too tall or whenever they sit inside their cars, their heads don’t rest comfortably on the provided headrest for some reason, driving for long periods of time can cause aches and pains that may even extend as far as the shoulders. So to support one’s neck, we employ neck pillows to support the weights of our heads.

Also, car neck pillows are effective in giving comfort not only for drivers but also for passengers. Do note though that some neck pillow designs will restrict head movement, and that’s something you wouldn’t want when you’re doing the driving.

2. Lumbar support

What even is lumbar support? Why do we need it? Well, lumbar back support helps keep good posture by filling the gap between a driver’s lumbar spine and the car seat. As a result, the natural convex curving part of the lower back is supported.

But what if you don’t have lumbar support? Well, the result is of course bad posture because a human body will tend to slouch or lean forward. This is especially true for long-distance driving, and slouching for a long time will cause a lot of muscle pain, and for the long term, a lot of posture problems.

A picture of the interior of the Audi S8's interior.

More premium cars like this Audi S8 will have armrests, lumbar support, and very adjustable headrests

To address this, some cars will have back support built into them. Do note though that not all cars have these, and that this feature is more common on premium vehicles. However, there are some pillows that you can buy that are intended to fulfill the purpose of back support.  

3. Aftermarket armrests

As with lumbar support, some cars will have armrests for the driver, and/or front passenger to rest his/her arms on. This is particularly useful for long drives, or when just sitting tight while waiting for your drive-thru order, or for your significant other to finish his/her shopping. It’s not as important as the prior two but is a great addition to a car without an armrest.

II. The best car pillows to buy online in the Philippines

Top car pillows in the Philippines should buy!
Key feature 
Powerlong Car Seat Headrest Pad
Does not restrict head movement
₱851.62 Universal Armrest
Covered in PU leather
Hozada Lumbar Support Pillow
Made of high-quality memory foam
Travel Pillow Memory Foam with 360-Degree Head Support
 Very affordable
Iris Collection Lumbar Support Pillow
Versatile and portable
ADL Car Headrest Neck Pillow Cushion
Comes with headrest and lumbar support pillow
Memory Foam Car Seat Headrest Travel Neck Pillow Support
2-in-1 car pillow
Basic car pillow by car brands
Suitable to certain car brands
Car Crystal Headrest
Shrink-proof and non-deforming
3D Car Seat Lumbar Neck Rest
Ergonomic-curve design with comprehensive shoulder and neck embracing support
IKSNAIL Car Neck Pillow
Made of synthetic fiber
Cartoon car pillow
Funny looking
Tide brand twin headrest
2 layers of pillows


1. Powerlong Car Seat Headrest Pad

Made out of high-quality materials, the Powerlong Car Seat Headrest Pad is a useful tool for both long-distance and city driving. It offers a comfortable surface to rest your noggin on, and the best part of all, it’s actually mostly made out of memory foam so it will perfectly cup the shape of your head.

Apart from that, this  headrest pillow is very easy to clean, machine washable, and you can even use it on passenger seats (as long as it has a headrest to attach to). It measures 42cm x 28cm x 12cm, can fit most car models, and is very easy to install. And lastly, they don’t look gaudy, and will definitely fit the look of most car interiors.

  • High-quality
  • Memory foam
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish looking
  • Does not restrict head movement
  • Relatively high price

2. Universal Armrest

Made out of memory foam, and covered in high-quality fabric, the universal armrest measures 30x16x10 cm. As such, it will fit many car models sold here in the Philippines.

Do note though that some cars don’t have a center console to mount this on. Also, one should also allow for a 1-2 cm margin when installing this item, and one should expect that it’ll be a bit wobbly. That however can be easily addressed by filling up the item’s gaps.

  • High-quality
  • Comfy
  • Looks durable
  • Is covered in PU leather so it can actually resist spills and stains.
  • Very affordable
  • Might not fit all car models and makes

3. Hozada Lumbar Support Pillow

Ergonomic, made out of breathable material, and very portable. The Hozada Lumbar Support Pillow is useful for those suffering from posture problems, or those who want to maintain their posture despite needing to drive for long periods.

The best part of all though is that the Hozada Lumbar Support pillow can be used on multitudes of seats. So apart from your car seat, you can also use this product in your office seat.

  • Uses very high-quality memory foam
  • Comfy
  • Ergonomic
  • Stylish
  • Washable
  • Versatile and portable
  • Has a relatively high price

4. Travel Pillow Memory Foam with 360-Degree Head Support

The stereotypical u-shaped travel pillow. Ideal for long-distance travel in whatever means of transportation be it on an airplane, or on the passenger seat of one’s family vehicle. Covered in premium fabric, and high-quality foam. Do note though that the 360-degree head support might restrict head movement so this might not be ideal for drivers.

  • Very affordable
  • Comfy
  • Washable
  • Comes with its own case
  • Restricts head movement so it might not be ideal for drivers

5. Iris Collection Lumbar Support Pillow

Like the other lumbar support pillows on this list, the Iris Collection Lumbar Support pillow is great for keeping away lower back pain and maintaining good posture. It is, however, far more affordable than the previous item, and is covered in a more basic, but still breathable polyester material. Also, its overall shape isn’t that ergonomic, but hey, this car pillow still works great for most body types.

  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile and portable
  • Not that ergonomic


6. ADL Car Headrest Neck Pillow Cushion

This package of car pillow with "Supreme" on it will give the coolest appearance to your car interior. Being made of mesh cloth and cotton inside, both the headrest and lumbar-support pillow are expected to relax your neck and back muscles during long driving hours. Besides, you don't need to worry about the zippers, they are invisible to remain the cool looking headrest.

  • Made of mesh cloth
  • Invisible zippers
  • Comes with headrest and lumbar support pillow
  • Quite expensive

7. Memory Foam Car Seat Headrest Travel Neck Pillow Support

This car pillow looks like a 2-in-1 product. Along with the normal car headrest, 2 sides are attached with pillows to remain the correct sitting position while on the car. No more worries when you fall asleep and it will prevent your neck from tilting. The main materials are PU leather which is skin-friendly. 

  • Cover by leather
  • 2-in-1 car pillow
  • Affordable
  • Might affect interior looking

8. Basic car pillow by car brand's logos

Traditional car headrest for popular car brands in the Philippines. Despite having a less attractive appearance and quite a high price to its look, the car pillow has invisible zipper stitching with high strength elastic to promote your driving experience. 

  • Suitable to certain car brands
  • Invisible zipper
  • Quite high-priced

9. Car Crystal Headrest

This crystal car pillow is shrink-proof which can be extremely to lean on without deformation. Besides, the unique pattern mixed with crystal dots on the surface will bring a luxury interior. Note that this car pillow is universal to all cars.

  • Shrink-proof and non-deforming
  • Unique pattern with crystal dots
  • Quite cheap
  • Don't have a brand

10. 3D Car Seat Lumbar Neck Rest

What so special about this package is its ergonomic-curve design with comprehensive shoulder and neck embracing support. In detail, when resting on these, it likely fits the human body curves and specifically, your internal oblique muscles will be protected.

Talking about materials, the pillows are made of refreshing and 3D breathable fabric which is anti-oil, anti-water, and anti-foul. Besides, they have invisible zippers and tight stitches which is difficult to fall off. Last but not least, the pair has a removable jacket, which means you will be able to take off and wash the cover easily. 

  • Ergonomic-curve design with comprehensive shoulder and neck embracing support
  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Removable pillow covers
  • Quite a high price
  • Quite big-sized and take space on the car seats

11. IKSNAIL Car Neck Pillow

Being made of synthetic fiber, this IKSNAIL headrest is so soft and relaxing that you can feel that experience when just looking at it. It has multiple colors to choose from. One con of this product is its price. It costs you over PHP4000. 

  • Have a brand
  • Made of synthetic fiber
  • Unique design
  • Multicolors 
  • Excessively high price

12. Cartoon car pillow

These are just simple car pillows made of common materials and have features to protect your necks and bones. However, they are designed for cartoon lovers. With diverse heroes characters to choose from, the pillows will bring you back to the good old days, or even make your car look like a Marvel Universe right there!

  • Cheap price
  • Funny looking
  • Acceptable materials

13. Gemini twin headrest

The car headrest is made of 2 layers to make sure your neck will relax the most. However, although having a high price, this car pillow is made of nylon which is not really good for hot summers.

  • 2 layers of pillows
  • Made of nylon
  • High priced

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III. FAQs about Car Pillows in the Philippines

Question: Can I use a neck pillow while driving?

Answer: It depends on the design. If it's a u-shaped neck pillow that restricts head movement, that's dangerous. There are however neck pillows that do not restrict side to side head movement.

Question: Which cars have built-in lumbar support?

Answer: Usually, the cars that come with built-in lumbar support are top-of-the-line variants or luxury cars. Some even have car seat headrests, so buying a car pillow for these cars is kind of redundant.

Question: Is there a way to add an armrest to my car?

Answer: Yes, there are aftermarket armrests that you can add to your car. Some cars however lack the means to mount an aftermarket armrest and you might have to consult your car dealership if you want to install one.

Question: Is lumbar support really necessary?

Answer: For some people, sitting for long periods of time will cause significant pain to their lower backs. In such a case, a lumbar support pillow will help greatly.

Question: Can you use your car pillow outside of your car?

Answer: Yes, there are some neck and lumbar support pillows that were intentionally designed to be used on just about any kind of seat.

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