8 useful things for your DIY car wash

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No need to spend anything: Here are some of the household stuff you can use in washing your car!

Car owners are often in a hurry and just fancy having their vehicle cleaned at car wash shops. This may sound like a good choice and may look like its beneficial for your car even when it’s actually not! Those big brushes and stingy chemicals are usually unfamiliar to vehicle owners until the vehicle’s exterior appearance start to gradually erode.

DIY carwash

Believe it or not these alternative ways can actually provide longer-lasting effects than those at snappy car washes

If you think that wax, wash formulas and massive revolving brushes are the best way to keep your cars squeaky clean, then that’s where you’ve gone wrong. There are actually better and less expensive ways to clean and maintain the glory and appeal of a car.

Let come with Philkotse.com and take a look at some household products and kitchen supplies that can actually be better at handling your car exterior.

1. Cooking spray

Cooking spray works really great on removing the black dust or powder that accumulates around the area of the wheels. These tiny particles are there because they actually come from the brake pads when it comes in contacts against the cylinders or the brake discs. It can also be used around the areas of the grille or on the glass to remove insect debris.

Cooking spray

These usually stick to the car especially when driving at high speeds

2. Mayonnaise

White, moist and can actually be an effective car wash solution. Get rid of sap and other sticky elements, even road tar. Just slap over a generous amount of mayonnaise and wait for a few minutes before wiping it off.

use for mayonnaise for DIY carwash

Remember to use a soft cloth to avoid inflicting scratches on the vehicle

3. Soda

If you have cola or soda drinks, might as well go on a no-soda diet since these can be used very well for cleaning windshields. The grime that exposes itself after harsh heat and then sudden rain makes a real aesthetic and hazardous problem. It's best to keep the soda away from the hood though or any other area with paint since it has strong effects against it.

Another DIY car wash trick with cola is polishing and cleaning the chrome. This is also great for removing rust spots that can develop further if left without remedy. All you need to do is get some kitchen-staple aluminum foil, dip in cola and rub it against the rusty area.

drinking soda for DIY carwash

Just remember not to rub it with too much vigorous force since this can worsen the condition and damage the surrounding area

4. Vinegar

Use full strength vinegar and dampen a cloth or soft rug with it. Then run it under the window wipers to clean them thoroughly. This usually happens when too much dirt has accumulated on the windshield due to weather conditions. Vinegar is also useful against stressing stickers and decals. Just make sure that the vinegar is strong enough and undiluted to soak under the sticker glue.

Apply it well around the sides, top and bottom and scratch it off lightly with a card or a thin, flat and hard material. This should come off easily and if there are white blotches of glue left, the same technique can be applied until it's all removed.

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vinegar for DIY carwash

This works on both the paint-coated exterior of the car as well as the insides and out of the fronteasytpback windshields

So other than kitchen supplies let's go ahead and unveil other household items that can also provide results that are as effective or even better than car washes.

5. Baby/wet wipes 

But asides from being clean,  moist and sanitary, baby wipes can also be used for mirrors and windshield-cleaning purposes.  If the owner is in a hurry or is in an uconvenient time to clean parts of the car's exterior then a baby wipe might just save the day.

wet wipes

Keep a handy packet of baby wipes in the glove compartment so it's always easy to get a hold of in case of emergencies

6. Hair conditioner 

If it needs polishing yet there's no wax handy, simply apply ample amount of conditioner on a clean, soft micro-fiber rug and wipe it across the chrome. It also works great on the wheels too. The helping ingredient here is lanolin, so if you want to obtain maximum shine results, choose a conditioner with lanolin.

hair conditioner

This trick is actually versatile and can be used on almost anything that needs shine; faucets, cabinet handles and the likes

7. Ammonia

If you need a handy cleaning supply for the windows and windshields especially on country-side road trips; ammonia is the right solution. Using a recycled 1 liter bottle, combine 60mL ammonia with water and keep it with a tight cap on.

This is a handy cleaning solution that's guaranteed to thoroughly unlatch sticky dirt and grime. Also have a sponge ready along with the bottle so it's easier to apply the ammonia solution.

ammonia solution for DIY carwash

After applying it, make sure it should be dried immediately by wiping with clean, dry cloth or paper towels

8. An unusable sock 

If it's either missing a pair, has an unsightly stain or if it has acquired a hole; then give it a better purpose than just have it thrown away. Socks are mostly made of quality, soft material specifically tailored for the human feet.

Another versatile cleaning substance for cleaning cars without the huge expense is WD-40 or any brand of penetrating oil. This actually works great for cleaning the license plate of debris and any other early signs of rusting. Just apply it using a sponge or cloth and it should be good as new. So there, I hope we're able to fill you with lots of useful car tips and advice on DIY car wash. Hope you have fun!

used socks for DIY carwash

These make them an ideal car-wash cloth if one doesn't have the budget to purchase microfiber rugs specially made for cars

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