7 surprising uses of vinegar for car cleaning

Updated May 03, 2023 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

You might be amazed about the extra uses of vinegar, not for your cooking but for your car.

Are you interested to know some easy DIY tips to keep your car clean and shine like new? Look again at your vinegar bottle in the kitchen, it’s not only for food making. Vinegar is also a great aid to drivers and their cars.

Below are 7 amazing uses of vinegar for car cleaning:

1. Using vinegar to remove car stickers

Don’t let the stubborn sticker drive you crazy as some parts of it or its residues still stick on your car. Just spray white vinegar on the surface of the sticker, and wait for some minutes. Ideally, you should leave it for about 15 minutes. Then peeling off the sticker is just a piece of a cake.

A white vinegar bottle

You could easily peel off the bumper sticker with white vinegar [Photo source: TheCarColony]

2. Clear bad odor in car with vinegar

You’ve just come back from a party with your drunken friends or your kids accidentally drop their food all over your car seats? Keep calm. Fill a bowl with white distilled vinegar and leave it in the car overnight. The day after, you will find your car in fresh odor.

3. Polish the chrome outside the car

Chromed parts on cars can rust during use and vinegar will help the chrome surface to shine again. Coke can also be used to clean the rust on the truck.

4. Clean up the leather interior

A mixture consisting of 1/4 cup of white vinegar, warm water and dishwashing liquid will help you clean the leather car seat easily.

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5. Prevent frost

 In snowy weather, it is suggested by car care and maintenance experts that you can coat your car's window with vinegar to prevent frost.

A car is full with fog

Vinegar is a good solution to prevent frost on your car

6. Clean windshield

Make a mixture of water and white vinegar and you will have an effective solution to clean car windshield. All you need to do is spraying that mixture to the windshield and then wipe off the the haze easily.

7. Remove water stains

You could say goodbye to ugly water stains on your car by a rinse including 1/4 white distilled vinegar and 3/4 soft water.

Using vinegar to clean car

Vinegar removes water stains on your beloved car

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