8 useful apps to plan your next road trip

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No more stress when planning for your next adventure thanks to these useful road trip apps.

Summer is here again, and road trips surely are on your summer to-do list already. Road trip planning is fun but at the same time, it is also stressful. Good thing there are road trip planner apps that can help us plan, manage and organize everything before and during the whole trip.

These apps will lessen the stress of road trip planning. Philkotse.com gathered the most helpful road trip planner apps for your reference.

1. Roadtrippers

This app is built for travelers. This will help you plan the travel route at the same time enables you to discover great places as you create the route for the road trip. It has an easy-to-use interface. Most users find it very convenient because it has access to free travel guides.

It also features a share-ability so your road trip companions can also join in on the process of planning the trip. You will be able to know their suggested places so you can include it in the itinerary. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Roadtrippers app

Most users find Roadtrippers very convenient because it has access to free travel guides

2. Google Trips

Google will not only provide you information for the things you search online. Now, you can also count on Google in making plans for your trip a breeze. This app already has pre-constructed plans for hundreds of popular destinations in the world. You can customize these pre-constructed plans depending on your liking.  

Google trips are considered to be one of the most versatile road trip/travel apps available. It will give you a convenient place to view all your bookings for a rental car, hotel, and restaurants all in one place.

What most users like about Google trips is that it automatically organizes the trip with the help of Gmail integration. It also has offline access which allows users to see their trip information even if there is no internet connection. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

Goggle trip app

You can count on Google in making plans for your trip a breeze

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3. iExit Interstate Exit guide

This app will make pit stops for gas, bathroom, and food easier during the whole trip. It utilizes the GPS of your device to offer helpful suggestions and recommendations on where to stop basing on your location in the highway.

This app will have you covered when you're looking for popular franchises like coffee shops and grocery stores. It can also tell you if there are convenient amenities such as trailer/truck parking and Wi-Fi.

What most app users like about this app is its access to detailed summaries of what is at the next exit. It also includes the prices of gas at gas stations nearby. It also has the ability to look for the next one hundred exits from your current location. This app is also available in both IOS and Android phones.

IExit Interstate Exit guide

Finding stops for gas, bathroom, and food is easier with iExit 

4. GasBuddy

This app will help you find the cheapest gas stations nearby. This allows users to save money in gas. You can utilize the app to look for the cheapest gas in your location and the area around you. It will even filter different gas stations by its amenities such as car washes, bathrooms, and restaurants.

If you’re serious about finding the cheapest gas to save money, then this app will be your best option. The information will be coming from other users like you. This means you’ll have the most up-to-date gas prices.

Most users like this app because it features an in-app payment for the gas and it really allows them to save money. GasBuddy app is available in iOS and Android phones.

Gasbuddy app

GasBuddy will help you find the cheapest gas stations nearby

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5. PackPoint Premium Packing list

This app helps in making sure the user has everything they need based on the user's destination and activities. This app also takes into consideration the expected weather conditions and the length of the trip. Using this app will surely turn the mundane chore into a fun activity.

Most users who use the app like its feature that enables user access to built in libraries of items to bring and pack. In addition, it allows the user to easily remove or add items depending on their needs. The app also has an intuitive and elegant interface. This app can be downloaded to both iOS and Android smartphones.

packPoint Premium Packing List App

PackPoint Premium Packing List will surely turn the mundane chore into a fun activity

6. ParkMe Parking

This app is said to be the largest and the most accurate parking database in the world. It enables users to directly purchase a parking spot using the app. It also provides comparisons of parking providers and prices, helping users find the parking space in the Philippines and save their money.

Using this app when going on a road trip will be very helpful. You can easily compare parking prices and options which gives you the best deal.

Users like this app because it’s the only app that provides available parking meter or street parking rates. It also provides real-time updates on parking lots available. This app is also available for iOS and Android. 

ParkMe Parking app

ParkMe Parking is said to be the largest and the most accurate parking database in the world


7. OpenTable

This app will help users quickly decide on the place to eat if there are in a new town or area. OpenTable will look for a nearby restaurant and filter them by their cuisine. Users will be able to make reservations, view photos of the menus, and even offer personalized recommendations depending on the user’s preference.

Open table is considered to be one of the best apps that provides available location-based food. This makes it reputable and you can trust this app’s information when you want to try new foods and restaurants. 

It’s a very convenient app because it has lots of suggestions and great filter options. You will also be able to see reviews from other users. This app is available for both iOS and Android phones.

Open Table app

OpenTable will help you quickly look for nearby restaurant

8. Hotels.com

This app is very helpful when booking or finding a last-minute place to stay. This is a great app if there have been last minute changes in the itinerary or you have not decided any place to stay.

Hotels.com allows you to filter and sort different hotels, see their offered amenities, compare prices as well as the number of available rooms. If you’re looking for a place to stay ASAP, then this app will come in handy. 

hotels.cpm app

Hotels.com is available for both Android and IOS

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