11 exercises to do when driving to keep you in shape

Updated Jul 02, 2019 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Most of us will spend hours in traffic and these exercise tips will keep everyone in shape by turning your car into a mobile gym.

Exercise is important and hours stuck in traffic does make anyone unhealthy. Get into shape even in the worst jam with these easy to do exercises, even while sitting in the driver’s seat!

Here goes with everything about the exercises that can be performed as a passenger or driver in a car. Please take note that these are simple exercises that have different goals. The main objective is loosening and limbering even when stuck in Carmageddon!

There are several kinds of exercises to do, which are simple and basic yet effective when done well. There’s no need for special equipment except just plain body motions that will benefit drivers a lot.

Let's Philkotse.com help you find the methods to get your health back after long drives.

Excerise next to car

Exercise is important and hours stuck in traffic does make anyone unhealthy

1. Specific squeeze and release of body quadrants

Easy and simple to do and a no-brainer even for sedentary folks! It can be done when the car has stopped or a slow drive, but keep alert! Called Isometrics because it uses dynamic tension which can be done even while sitting down. Just choose a body part and flex muscles to squeeze any particular part hard. Do it on the shoulders, neck, arms, chest, and work your way until the feet with dynamic tension.

2. Improving arm strength

It should be done when stopped and take note of that. When the car has stopped, just stretch both arms up front and alternately face right and left palms both up and down. Repeat it several times and tense arms for extra tension. Do this at every successive stop of the car.

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arm exercise

Arms are tiring when you hold on the steering wheel for a long time, that's why you need to take care of them seriously

3. Thigh strengthening

Do this by using an object to squeeze with the thighs for dynamic tension. It should be done for long or short pauses though it might interfere with pedal work. For a variation, more than one object could be used for thigh squeezing.

4. Tighten your torso

It can be done by pushing the ceiling of the car or putting arms behind the back of the head. Concentrate on tightening the entire trunk of the body. Do this several times and vary tension successively in an up and down motion. Tighten the abdominal area and include stretching the back. Making our torsos stronger will give better upper body strength which is important.

Car exercises (Caracise) with Top Care Chiropractic

5. Busting that belly fat

Instead of fat getting a free ride after a hearty meal that should be demolished asap. This can be done even while driving too. Suck in the gut for a few moments with tension and releasing it slowly. Breath out and hold the belly in that tensed pose for a few seconds.

Release the gut and do suck in several times. Keeping the tension for each suck the belly in and breathing out! Dynamic tension will exercise abs and hit the lower lumbar as well.

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6. Quad stretching

Avoid this exercise should your car lack legroom to do it. Large to mid-sized cars will do best for this particular exercise to maximize it. Look for the space that will allow legs to stretch at the knee comfortably. When fully extended just tighten the thighs until a burn is felt. Do it alternately for several times for both legs. Doing it only when the car is at a full stop!

7. Do arm curls in the car

Hold arms at a 90-degree angle and tense up your bicep while lifting a balled-fist up till reaches the shoulder. Reaching the shoulders just curl back to a 90-degree angle bend and repeat it several times. Do this if there is enough space on either side of the driver’s seat! Or in front of your chest, whichever works best!

Man in car

Hold arms at a 90-degree angle and tense up your bicep while lifting a balled-fist up till reaches the shoulder

8. Exercising your back

Staying in traffic for hours can hurt your back! Just push your pelvis towards the steering wheel with a reverse move that will bring your back against the back of the seat. Hold it and then push back to stretch the lower lumbar muscle to avoid back pain.

Repetitions are optional for everyone and whatever they’re comfortable with! Easing and loosening the lumbar muscles will be very helpful when driving.

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9. Arm and Shoulder Stretching

Raise either right or left arm then grab the lower elbow with opposing hand. Pull down for a few seconds and repeat on the other side. This eases the shoulders and arms at the same time and stretches the muscles.

10. Neck rotation

While sitting on the driver’s or passengers seat just taut up your neck with a rotating motion. This stretches and relaxes the neck muscles while driving. Reduces tension when in traffic or stressful driving situations that is very helpful to the driver especially!

Neck pain

Neck rotation can relax the neck muscles while driving

11. Wrist rotations

Do this relax and lessen the pain when holding the steering wheel. Hold your hand up and isolate the wrist by twisting at the joint. Do this several times or whatever is best.

It’s important to keep in shape, even if there isn’t time to go to the gym. The answer is doing simple and easy exercises to do when driving. Just doing it will keep arms from getting sore when just waiting for the traffic move.

"Health is important", our car tips and advice endorse that drivers will benefit from all these exercises each day on the road! Taking the time to burn calories in the daily drive is a sure way to feel better and energized.