Ford Everest 2019 hit Thai showrooms yesterday

Updated Jun 07, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Ford Everest 2019 has officially rolled out where it’s manufactured.

Yesterday, Thai car fans had witnessed the upgraded Ford Everest 2019 in its honeycomb body shape. Thanks to sophisticated modifications inside out, this model presents higher aesthetic values as well as fuel efficiency.

The first change to notice is its styling 3-bar chrome grille in front with a lower bumper. Titanium versions will get 20-inch wheels made of alloy while all models are installed LED headlights and taillights. Inside the cabin, subtle changes can be seen in the added manual shift lock release, compact powers to open window or tailgate and fold 3rd-row seats. Besides, a panoramic sunroof and a special key to start the engine just by a button push.

Ford Everest 2019 design

Ford Everest front look

Ford Everest 2018 rear look

Ford Everest 2019 in its honeycomb design

However, the most striking replacement must be the modern 2L EcoBlue TDCi inline-four engine. This single-turbo runs on diesel, producing 180 hp @ 3500 rpm and peak torque of 1750 rpm with 420 Nm. A similar product – Ranger Raptor which is equipped with the 3.2L 5-cylinder twin-turbo engine can reach 213 hp @ 3,750 rpm while maintaining the max torque of 500 Nm @ 1750 rpm. Both these two use 10-speed automatic gearboxes.

While this version of Ford Everest 2019 is applicable to Thailand only, the latter with 3.2L twin-turbo and new bi-turbo 2L can be launched for sales on international markets, specifically in Australia whose reports reveal the above information.

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Ford Everest 2019's engines

Ford Everest 2019's engine

Everest employs a single-turbo diesel engine

Considering the similarities between Thai and Philippine markets, experts predict there won’t be major changes when this model is released in the country. Everest Ambiente Trim and Everest Trend may get 2.2L engine but Titanium 4x2 will adopt single-turbo while Titanium 4x4 has a bi-turbo motor.

To meet the needs of both on-road and off-road trips, Ford Everest 2019 will employ Terrain Management System paired with a full-time four-wheel drive set. A rear diff locker and traction control support to maintain vehicle’s stability. Finally, the technology for hill-start and hill-hold assist is also applied for better performance on all kinds of terrains.

For drivers concerning much about safety, the Everest can well serve for sure. To compensate for remained drawbacks of its Forward Collision Warning, AEB technology (Autonomous Emergency Braking) is added to interfere in time when its radar and camera detect potential threats but see no reactions from driver. The rest of safety list is 7 airbags, Rollover Mitigation system, Driver Alert, Tire Pressure supervision, Parking sensors at rear, Anti-lock Braking system and Electronic Brake-force Distribution, etc.

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Ford Everest 2019 Tire Pressure monitor

Ford Everest 2019 safety control

Ford Everest 2019 offers a wide range of safety features.

According to our latest car updates, Ford Everest 2019 for the Thai market will be available in 6 colors, including “Diffused Gold Silver Metallic” as the company named.

Is the priced upped as well? We aren’t 100% sure but it probably increases a bit. The projected price is around 48,258 PHP (30,000 THB) or higher, just a little.

The sale campaign for this model might launch in September onwards, along with two other versions which are Ranger 2019 and Ranger Raptor.

More photos of Ford Everest 2019:

Ford Everest 2019 outlook

Ford Everest 2019 cabin design

Ford Everest 2019 foot-activated power

Ford Everest 2019's tailgate opening


Ford Everest 2019 front seat deco

Ford Everest 2019 gear shift

Ford Everest 2019 one-touch power

Ford Everest 2019 button to start engine

Ford Everest 2019 dashboard

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