2021 Kia Carnival comes with a stronger, more stylish design presence

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Kia did an outstanding job in presenting the minivan’s fourth-generation.

Kia Motors Corporation has revealed the fourth-generation Carnival, and the minivan looks more sophisticated than ever. It comes with bolder and more stylish design cues that can make it a strong contender in its segment. But wait, don't call it a minivan. It's a "Grand Utility Vehicle," as Kia wants to put it.

For the fourth-generation, the 2021 Kia Carnival is designed with a shorter front overhang, with the base of the A-pillar moved backward to provide a longer hood. The wheelbase is also increased, which gives the new Carnival’s interior a larger space.

The new 2021 Kia Carnival

The fourth-generation of the brand's flagship minivan

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What gives the fourth-generation Carnival that aggressive new look is the new tiger face, which extends across the width of the vehicle. As such, this new feature blends well with Kia’s iconic tiger-nose grille.

2021 Kia Carnival Quick Look: An SUV-looking people-hauler

In addition, the all-new Grand Carnival also hosts a unique island-roof design that blacks out the A-pillars and B-pillars which then help support the body-colored roof. The C-pillar is also revamped with a new signature design found in the new Kia Sorento.

At the back, Kia decided to install full-width taillights, a feature that is a likely trend in today’s new car releases. This emphasizes the fourth-generation Carnival’s modern and new overall aesthetics. The back comes with sleek combination lamps that complement the Carnival’s new daytime running lights up front.

Rear view of the new Carnival

Will the new Carnival change the way we see minivans?

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Moreover, the 2021 Kia Carnival is polished off with a metallic lower skid plate that gives it an SUV-inspired visual and also provides a more muscular appearance.

The new fourth-generation Carnival definitely gives a better impression to its “Grand Utility Vehicle” name. Considering its size, versatility, and strong styling, the Carnival is a great and ideal family car.

The new 2021 Kia Carnival is set to be on sale in Korea in the third quarter of 2020. As of now, we would have to wait for Kia Philippines to put out a word regarding the matter. Kia Motors Corporation said that more specifications for the fourth-generation Carnival will be released soon.

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