What Should You Expect From the Honda Civic 2019?

Nov 30, 2018 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
Latest updates from Honda Civic 2019. What the new model offers.

The Honda Civic 2019 has brought excitement and hype ever since its release in the US. We know a lot of models are being released by other leading manufacturers so what does this one have to offer? More importantly, how different is it from its other predecessors?

We've paved our way to get the detailed updates and possible upgrades on this new release from Honda. It might not be available in the Philippines yet but it's slowly making its way possibly from one Asian country to another. If you're thinking of getting something pricey to reward yourself with this coming 2019, get a good read. In the following articles, Philkotse.com will list the updated feature of this new Civic so you can ponder on if it's something you'd like to consider having in your garage.

1. Exterior

One look at the car and you can easily tell that it's from the Civic line-up by Honda. However, it does bear some new tweaks that still makes a stern statement that it's a newer version and shouldn't be taken lightly.

  • Honda changed the under garnish for the rear bumper to give a more modern look.
  • The front bumper has also been altered and looks a wee bit longer than the current model.

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Honda Civic 2019 Interior

Honda Civic 2019 bears some new tweaks including front and rear bumper

2. Interior

The cabin is noticeably similar to the current Civic model but it has refinements that make it classier in appearance.

  • The interior color can be beige or black, depending on which exterior you pick.
  • There are now wood accents that are minimally applied to the dashboard and door panels.
  • Red stitching is also prominent on the steering wheel.

There's also an upgrade in the software and a new volume knob. The interface has also been redesigned.

Honda Civic 2019 Interior

The inside cabin of this new Civic has refinements that make it classier in appearance

Honda Civic 2019 Review - Mid Generation upgrades

3. Safety Features

Asides from the aesthetics and software, there's also that big leap that Honda took with this model. They developed new safety features and designed them to work together as an extra pair of eyes.

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Auto High Beam
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Automatic Emergency Brakes
  • Lane Keeping Assist

Honda definitely didn't hold back the upgrade possibilities on this one. You can expect this model to take you places, as long as you're willing to spend on it.

The exact date for Honda Civic 2019's arrival in the Philippines has not yet confirmed. Stay tuned with the latest auto news on Philkotse.com to inform you of the latest news about this.

Source: Hanna Miel Sanchez