Volkswagen looking to form a partnership with Ford to develop a next-gen pick-up truck

Updated Oct 05, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The mentioned pickup-up truck, named Volkswagen Amarok, first surfaced 8 years ago to go head to head with the Ford Ranger.

When Ford’s going into a slump for its flops in recent years in North America, Volkswagen’s decision to form a partnership with the car manufacturer in building the next-gen Volkswagen Amarok is such a life saver.

Though Volkswagen in terms of size is nearly double bigger than Ford, the German car maker kneels down to ask for an equal mutual partnership between the two.

A Korean girl posing beside a Volkswagen Amarok

The two carmakers will be joining in building the next-gen Volkswagen Amarok

A woman sitting on the Volkswagen Amarok's trunk

The deal will be signed this year

For joining hands together in producing the 2nd-gen Amarok, the development costs will be reduced, which may be what the German giant’s looking for.

The Volkswagen Amarok first surfaced eight years ago to go head to head with the Ford Ranger and now this alliance might be able to activate a blockbuster in the segment.

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Thomas Sedran, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO, said on the partnership with Ford:

“The product life cycles are a good match. We will build for them. They will build for us.”

Aside from it, the CEO wouldn’t refuse the chances to build a partnership in the passenger vehicle business. However, at the moment, both the two carmakers confine their focus to running the LVC projects.

The latest car news reveals that Sedran also shed some lights on when the deal would be signed and it will be inside this year.

A couple arrive at the beach in a Volkswagen Amarok

The German carmaker asks for an equal mutual partnership between the two

Volkswagen is considering articles and terms so that the partnership won’t end up a failure the auto industry used to witness: DaimlerChrysler between Daimle-Benz and Chryler in the name of a Merger of equals but later fell out for cultural differences.

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