The GM car that has no steering wheel or pedals

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General Motors Company to actually release a Self-Driving Safety Report and Self-Driving Safety Report Appendix.

The GM company, or more widely recognized as the General Motors Company, is one of the most famous and reputable American car manufacturers in the world. This brand is relatively popular for its high-quality units and bold ideas when it comes to design and innovation.

The company goes way back almost 111 years ago. This leading automobile manufacturer was founded by a great man named William C. Durant, where he established the headquarters at Detroit, Michigan.

After years and years of exploration and discovery, the GM company has offered tons of vehicles to the automobile market that continues to be patronized by customers worldwide.

And if you think you’ve seen it all, this brave and innovative company has put their best foot forward towards breaking fiction by inventing the first vehicle that will be driven entirely by the computer and mass produce it.

GM cars

GM company has offered tons of vehicles that continue to be patronized by customers worldwide

Although this may sound like a total marketing campaign to gain attention and bring light to their other units, it looks like the company is truthful enough to actually release a Self-Driving Safety Report and Self-Driving Safety Report Appendix last 2018. Are you curious to know more about it? Find out all the details here at

1. The Cruise AV

GM has been formulating their vehicle with no pedals or a steering wheel for some time now. In fact, articles about it have surfaced as early as last year. Although there has been minimal news about its details, it looks like GM will be revealing more about their ingenious vehicle when they feel that the time is right.

For starters, the unit is named Cruise AV, and one can say that it may be more than just your average smart car. Although it was expected to be launched sometime this year, there has still been no further updates as to its release or introduction to the world market.

The vehicle is meant to be a ride-sharing service that can be programmed by the company. It can be tracked along with other cars that belong in the same fleet. Each of these vehicles can communicate information with each other regarding various details about the road and mapping.

The Cruise

The unit is named Cruise AV, and one can say that it may be more than just your average smart car

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2. The making of the Cruise AV

According to official statements from the representatives and bosses of the GM company, the Cruise AV was based entirely on the Chevy Bolt. The only difference is that Cruise is more advanced and more precious. The manufacturing process for Cruise took place in the States.

The Cruise AV

The Cruise AV was based entirely on the Chevy Bolt

The software used in the vehicle’s program was created by a company called “Cruise Automation,” a firm based in San Francisco. On the other hand, most of the safety and engineering process was performed in Michigan.

3. GM’s Goal in Making the Cruise AV

As stated in their press conferences, the company aims to provide the country with a vehicle that minimizes the chances of car crashes. They also want to ease congested roads and eliminate the need for harmful tailpipe emissions. If you’re wondering how they plan to do this with this self-driving car, here’s how:

Minimize Road Accidents and Crashes

94 % of car crashes, accidents, collisions, and other road mishaps occur due to human error. Regardless if this was a drunk-driving case, a police chase or speeding – those accidents belong to that 94%.

GM aims to reduce this due to the intelligent software and learning system that makes their Cruise AV self-drive. When asked as to the accuracy of the driving mechanism that will maneuver the vehicle, GM states that the vehicle has “stacked maneuvers” and “stacked predictions.”

If you’re wondering as to what that means, it simply refers to the vehicle’s way of managing the multiple challenges and obstacles that lie ahead on the road.

car crash

94% of car crashes, accidents, collisions, and other road mishaps occur due to human error

Ease Congested Roads

One of the reasons why a lot of roads are congested every day is because the driver takes a lot of time to find a parking space. Not only this but there are also a lot of instances where the driver does spot a parking space but has trouble maneuvering the vehicle in it as much as to get it out of the space hence, causing congestion in the surrounding traffic.

With the Cruise AV’s high-tech modifications, the vehicle can immediately spot the nearest and parking space without any help from the driver. Another thing you might like about it is that you won’t have to drive the car to park it or get it out of tight spots because it will drive itself for you!


One of the reasons why traffic is rampant every day is because the driver takes a lot of time to find a parking space

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Eliminate and Minimize Air Pollution

Did we mention that the Cruise AV is completely environmentally-friendly? That means that this self-driving car does not emit harmful gasses that contribute to one of the biggest problems in the environment – air pollution.

Transport Those Who Can’t Drive

One of the perks of this type of vehicle is the fact that no one needs to have a driver’s license in order to ride it, you also don’t have to be in any age bracket or possess good eyesight.

This is why people with deficiencies, physical incapacities, and disabilities will greatly benefit from this innovation. They can be transported from one place to another without too much hassle.

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4. Cruise AV Highlights

The Cruise AV is indeed explosive news in the vehicle and automobile industry. If you’re excited about its launch as much as we are, here are some of its highlights that you should look forward to:

No pedals or steering wheels

As stated earlier, this is a complete “self-driving vehicle.” This means that the presence of a driver is completely unnecessary. That’s why the steering wheel, clutch, and brake pedals all have to go.

Display Screens

The passengers no longer have to be concerned about the road up ahead. Instead, they can focus on the high-tech LCD screens that are built into the front of their seats. These screens display information about the trip and can even let you make stops along the way.

Intuitive Sensors

This innovative vehicle from GM is built with 16 cameras, 21 radar sensors along with five installations of laser-based lidar units dedicated to observing the different elements that are present on the road.

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