Sneak peak: A classic Chevy hybrid pick-up with a Prius’ “heart”

Updated Sep 28, 2023 | Same topic: Car Sneak Peeks, Teasers, & Rumors

Don't judge a book by its cover.
What are you going to do if somebody gives you a free Toyota Prius, engine, batteries and all? Let’s see what the crew at Hoopie's Hot Rods in Ohio did. Before giving any comments, bear in mind that this “masterpiece” is definitely not a straight-forward build.
angular rear of the 1946 Chevy Prius truck

This 1946 Chevy Prius truck is definitely not a straight-forward build
Originally, the builders were going to install the pick-up body over a donor 2002 Toyota Prius chassis; however, they soon realized that the final product would not work. After having considered the solutions, the crew decided to cut the front clip off the pick-up frame and the back half of the Prius chassis. Then, the frame was welded to the Prius unibody by steel supports.
the 1946 Chevy Prius truck undergone production process

The frame was welded to the Prius unibody by steel supports
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After this tuning, we must say that the ‘40 Chevy pick-up truck is now extremely impressive (except for its look, certainly). The pick-up truck is able to run and operate as usual thanks to a 1.5 L 1NZ-FXE inline-four and CVT transmission along with batteries placed underneath the floor of the truck. Even, this hybird truck gets a better fuel efficiency than any other ’46 Chevrolet ever has.

1946 Chevy Hybrid Hot Rod

Come to think of it, this vehicle promises to make your weekend cruiser much more interesting. So, negotiate with the Hoopie team right now! For further details, photos and videos of this stupefying build, please view Hoopie's build thread on Ecomodder.
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