Stick-it-yourself Easytrip RFID kits available via online shop

Updated Dec 11, 2020 | Same topic: RFID (Autosweep & Easytrip)

Now you can attach your RFID sticker at your own convenience.   

By now, every license holder must have gotten wind of the news that tollways will be shifting exclusively to cashless transactions before the year ends. Toll operators have been offering 24/7 RFID sticker installation services (for free, to boot) in an effort to persuade motorists to adopt this new mode of payment, as part of our COVID-19 reality.

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With cashless payment, hopefully long lines will be a thing of the past

One of these operators, the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Corporation, wants you to stick it where the sun shines – outside your car, that is. The company has released the Stick-It-Yourself RFID kit, available at select toll plazas along NLEX and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) which are under its jurisdiction. Customer service centers in Balintawak, Valenzuela, Tabang, and San Fernando also offer the kits for sale.

Normally, the RFID sticker would be installed by tollway personnel on your vehicle upon purchase. With the Stick-It-Yourself RFID kit, you can attach the sticker to the vehicle’s headlamp yourself at your own convenience. And speaking of convenience, the kit can also be purchased online via Lazada or Shopee, in case you wish to avoid the long lines and the risk of exposing yourself to others who might be carrying the virus, or if you just find the designated locations out of the way for you.           

NLEX announcement

Motorists now have more options in getting their own RFID sticker

Every kit includes a free RFID sticker accompanied by a user and positioning guide, as well as a card that you can use to reload credits, with the Php 500 purchase price serving as the initial load. Once installed, the sticker can be used immediately when driving through toll plazas.

Note that kits purchased at the plazas will need to have the stickers registered online at after a period of 24 hours. Meanwhile, stickers bought online must have an order number (which will be provided upon checkout), as a requirement for online registration. Are you ready to shift to cashless toll payments?

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