Prestone reaching 90th year in the business

Updated Apr 12, 2017 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Prestone has provided unparalleled car care solutions worldwide for 90 years
This 2017, Prestone is marking its 90th year in the business of unmatched auto care and protection products for a wide variety of vehicles.
Preston's legendary long history in the auto care industry started when it launched the first non-flammable engine coolant called Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze in 1927. At the time, the coolant became revolutionary since it prevented the engine from freezing during the travel in winter.
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Prestone is a proud brand partner of local fleet customers
The success of the Antifreeze Solution skyrocketed Prestone’s reputation and fortune, and helped to seal long-term partnerships with giant car manufacturers such as Ford, GM and Chrysler.
Extending the label’s prestige to the Philippines, Prestone is a proud brand partner of local fleet customers including Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Victory Linner and Toyota Forklifts Philippines. The brand has also been trusted by Rapide, the biggest auto repair network in the country.
Apart from being the most trusted name in automotive care, individual motorists select Prestone in keeping their vehicles in a great condition to ensure safe travels. One of Prestone's creations, Prestone Brake Fluid, has been a top-of-mind product among customers because of its stellar performance and guaranteed promise.
Having reached a significant milestone in their journey of proving high-quality car care methods, Prestone hopes to keep fueling the passion for vehicles with its further improvements and breakthroughs in the industry.
“It will be a year-long celebration for Prestone and our consumers. They can catch us on car shows nationwide. We will also be launching the Anak ng Mekaniko Scholarship Program to give back to our silent partners in protecting cars for the last 90 years – the mechanics. We have innovations lined up that they can watch out for, in our dedication to provide new solutions for worry-free vehicle performance“ said by Prestone Brand Manager, Monique Gonzales.
Prestone kicked off a grand event at the MOA Music Hall to celebrate its anniversary. The brand’s official distributor and manufacturer are Clorox Philippines.