2022 Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport Comparo: Spec Sheet Battle

Updated Jan 06, 2023

Two tough and capable seven-seaters compared.

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Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Seven-seater SUVs duke it out

Just recently, Nissan has introduced the facelifted Terra to the Philippine market. And despite being an update to the current generation model, it features a whole host of improvements both inside and out.  

One of the Terra’s staunchest rivals in the local midsize SUV market is of course the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. It has been going strong since its latest update that came in this year, making it a common sight on local roads. 

So, how does the new 2022 Nissan Terra fare against the Mitsubishi Montero Sport? To find out, let’s compare the top-spec Terra VL 4x4 AT against the top-spec Montero Sport GT 4x4 AT. 

A picture of the Nissan Terra and Mitsubishi Montero Sport head to head

Which seven-seater SUV is better on paper?

Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Exterior

In terms of size, the new Terra VL 4x4 AT measures 4,900mm long, 1,865mm wide, and 1,865mm in height. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,850mm, plus a ground clearance of 225mm. 

A picture of the Nissan Terra VL front

The all-new 2022 Nissan Terra VL

The Montero Sport GT 4x4 AT, meanwhile, has a length of 4,825mm, a width of 1,815mm, and a height of 1,835mm. Its wheelbase clocks in at 2,800mm, and it has a ground clearance of 218mm. 

From the numbers, one can see that the Nissan SUV is larger than the Mitsubishi. The former also has a longer wheelbase, and has a bit more in the way of ground clearance. 

A picture of the Mitsubishi Montero Spot GT on a parking lot

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT

As for exterior features, both top-spec variants of the Terra and Montero Sport are equipped with LED headlamps, LED taillamps, LED daytime running lights, front foglamps, roof rails, power-folding side mirrors, and a set of 18-inch alloy wheels.  

Nissan Terra sideMontero Sport side

Compare the side profiles of the Nissan Terra (left) with the Mitsubishi Montero Sport (right)

The Nissan then adds to those with rain-sensing wipers and an automatic function for its headlamps. These features are unavailable on the top-spec Montero Sport. In turn, the Montero Sport also has a power liftgate, which the Terra lacks.  

Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Interior

Inside, both the Terra and the Montero Sport can seat up to seven occupants. The Terra VL 4x4 and the Montero Sport GT 4x4 also provide leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and automatic air-conditioning.  

A picture of the interior of the Nissan Terra VL

Inside the facelifted Nissan Terra VL

The Montero Sport’s driver’s seat however, lacks electronic adjustability but does get a digital gauge cluster and a steering column with tilt and telescopic adjustment. In turn, the Terra comes with an analog gauge cluster, and its steering wheel column is adjustable for tilt only. Both also get push-start buttons and cruise control. 

Moving on to infotainment systems, the updated Terra VL variant is kitted out with a nine-inch head unit which supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has offline navigation, and is linked to an eight-piece BOSE speaker system. Moreover, the VL trim also has a ceiling mounted 11-inch rear monitor with an HDMI port. 

Inside the Montero Sport GT

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT's cockpit

On the other side of the coin, the Montero Sport GT gets an eight-inch touchscreen that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. This head unit is then connected to a six-piece speaker system. 

Lastly, the Terra VL comes with a wireless charger which the Montero Sport GT lacks. Then again, both models come standard with USB charging ports, and 12-volt accessory outlets. However, the Montero Sport also brings a 220-volt outlet for plugging in household appliances or power tools. 

Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Engine and Performance

Regarding engines, all trims of the Terra use a 2.5-liter inline-4 turbodiesel mill. At most, this four-banger can make up to 187 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. It then gets a seven-speed automatic transmission with a gear-lever manual mode. 

A picture of the Nissan Terra's engine bay

The Nissan Terra's 2.5-liter YD25DDTi turobiesel inline-4 engine

In comparison, the Mitsubishi Montero Sport is powered by a 2.4-liter turbodiesel. It can produce up to 179 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. It then uses an eight-speed automatic tranny. Unlike the Terra however, it comes with paddle shifters for its manual mode. 

As one can see, the new Terra produces a bit more power and torque than the Montero Sport. Moreover, they also use distinct differential locking mechanisms. To be specific, the Nissan model comes with a rear differential lock, whereas the Montero Sport uses a center differential lock. Both do come with part-time 4x4 drivetrains with multiple modes.

A picture of the Montero Sport's engine

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport's 2.4-liter 4N15 turbodiesel inline-4 engine

In terms of what’s under the chassis though, these models are nearly identical as both models use a double-wishbone front suspension and a multi-link setup for the rear. Both also come standard with disc brakes for all four wheels. 

Lastly, both also have electronic parking brakes, but the one on the Terra VL lacks an auto-brake hold function. 


Nissan Terra VL 2.5 4x4 AT 

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 2.4 4x4 AT 


Inline-4 turbodiesel 

Inline-4 turbodiesel 





Six-speed automatic 

Eight-speed automatic 


187 horsepower 

179 horsepower 


450 Nm 

430 Nm 




Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Safety

For safety, both the Terra VL and the Montero Sport come standard with what you’d expect from modern car models. They both have anti-lock braking, ISOFIX child-seat tethers, hill-start assist, hill-descent control, parking sensors, traction control, and stability control. As for airbags, the Nissan model has less numbering at six, whereas the Mitsubishi has seven. 

Both models also share several driver-assist features on their respective top-spec variants. Both come with 360-degree view cameras, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, and several other driving alert systems. The Nissan Terra VL however does come with tire-pressure monitoring which the Montero Sport GT lacks. 

Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Price

Nissan Terra Variants 


Terra EL 2.5 4x2 MT 

Php 1,649,000 

Terra VE 2.5 4x2 AT 

Php 1,829,000 

Terra VL 2.5 4x2 AT 

Php 1,999,000 

Terra VL 2.5 4x4 AT 

Php 2,339,000 


Montero Sport Variants 


Montero Sport GLX 2.4 4x2 MT 

Php 1,568,000 

Montero Sport GLS 2.4 4x2 AT 

Php 1,728,000 

Montero Sport GT 2.4 4x2 AT 

Php 1,928,000 

Montero Sport GT 2.4 4x4 AT 

Php 2,298,000 

Nissan Terra vs Mitsubishi Montero Sport: Conclusion

In conclusion, both the Terra VL 4x4 and the Montero Sport GT 4x4 are well worth the money if you’re looking for a comfortable seven-seater with all the bells and whistles. They have approximately the same amount of safety features. Although the Nissan model has a slightly better offering of interior gadgets via its wireless Apple CarPlay, Bose speaker system, and wireless charging.  

Second, the Nissan Terra produces a bit more power than the Montero Sport, although their respective outputs are not too far off from each other.  

So, are you gravitating towards the Terra VL 4x4, or do you prefer the Montero Sport GT 4x4? If you liked this spec sheet comparison, keep reading here on Philkotse for more. 

Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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