Montero vs Fortuner: Comparison reviews

Updated Feb 02, 2023

Find your answer in our Montero vs Fortuner reviews covering comparison of prices in the Philippines, fuel consumption, exterior & interior design, and more.

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  1. Montero vs Fortuner: Comparison reviews
  2. 1. Montero vs Fortuner: Overview
  3. 2. Montero vs Fortuner: Exterior
  4. 3. Montero vs Fortuner: Interior
  5. 4. Montero vs Fortuner: Convenience
  6. 5. Montero vs Fortuner: Safety & Security
  7. 6. Montero vs Fortuner: Fuel consumption
  8. 7. Montero vs Fortuner: Conclusion

Montero vs Fortuner: Comparison reviews

It is no overstatement to say that the SUV segment in the Philippines has been ruled by Toyota Fortuner for years ever since the vehicle first entered our shores more than a decade ago. Thanks to its high resale value and the market’s growing demand for rugged mid-sized SUV, the Fortuner has never failed to maintain its top position as one of the most favorite SUVs of Pinoy drivers. The Toyota 7-seater is even listed among top 3 most stolen vehicles as it is said to be very resalable and always in high demand.

With the increasing demand of Filipinos for large-sized vehicles, the number of Fortuner’s competitors on the local market is also on the rise. In our previous article, has put the Fortuner next to the MU-X for a fair and clear consideration. Our Isuzu MU-X vs Toyota Fortuner review can be found here.

Today, we have chosen the Mitsubishi Montero, another fierce rival of the Fortuner in the Philippines, for our comparison.

Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner - Head 2 Head

It’s been a while since the last time we welcomed the current-generation Montero and there has yet any official announcement from Mitsubishi for a next-gen model. However, just a few months ago, the Japanese carmaker launched the top-spec Mitsubishi Montero GT with a number of refinements inside and out. With the newly-added range-topping model, the competition of Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner is getting more intense than ever.

Look through our detailed specs sheet comparison to find out which one is better worth your hard-earned money.

Before we start, the following posts might be useful for your car research:

1. Montero vs Fortuner: Overview

Montero vs Fortuner: Overview

Top-of-the-line versions of each model are selected for our comparison. Let’s see if the P170,000 price advantage is enough for the Montero to fight against the Fortuner.

Is the all-new Mitsubishi Montero Sport a worthy heir to its predecessor?

2. Montero vs Fortuner: Exterior

Montero vs Fortuner: Exterior

Speaking of the exterior design, it is a bit difficult to decide which one will win the competition. While being slightly smaller in terms of length and width, the Montero has a longer wheelbase and higher ground clearance than the Fortuner which gives it the superiority in height over the latter, though not really significant. It is interesting to notice that the top-spec Montero GT is now equipped with a new power sunroof which is not available in any Fortuner models.

Both SUVs own sporty and dynamic looks with the Monty adapts to the "Dynamic Shield" design direction while the Fortuner is designed as a smaller brother of the Land Cruiser.

Mitsubishi Montero 2018 front fasciaToyota Fortuner 2018 front fascia

Front fascia of the Montero 2018 and Fortuner 2018

3. Montero vs Fortuner: Interior

Montero vs Fortuner: Interior

Inside, the Monty can comfortably accommodate 7 adults and is fully loaded with a handful of convenience features including:

  • Multi-function steering wheel;
  • 6.75 inch touchscreen, compatible with AUX, USB, Bluetooth, iPod;
  • Multi-info display;
  • Dual zone automatic climate control;
  • Leather seats (power sliding and reclining available for both passengers and driver);
  • Tumble-forward system to stow the third-row seats away.

The Fortuner, on the other hand, also provides enough room for 7 people and comes equipped with basically the same features as seen in the Monty. The 2 most noticeable differences are:

  • Smaller touchscreen of 6.5 inch;
  • Spring loaded mechanism to flip up the third-row seats instead of the tumble-forward system equipped in the Montero.

In brief, we are in favor of the Montero in this round as we personally prefer the simple yet still sophisticated interior design of the Mitsubishi 7-seater.

Mitsubishi Montero 2018 cabinToyota Fortuner 2018 cabin

Cabin of the Montero 2018 and Fortuner 2018

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4. Montero vs Fortuner: Convenience

Montero vs Fortuner: Convenience

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5. Montero vs Fortuner: Safety & Security

Montero vs Fortuner: Safety & Security

Moving on to the safety and security, both Japanese 7-seat SUVs are well-equipped with latest features to keep you safe from harm while behind the wheel, for instance:

  • 7 airbags
  • Anti-lock Braking System
  • Electronic Brake Distribution
  • Stability Control
  • Electronic Door Locks
  • Speed Sensing Door Locks
  • Rear parking sensors

While the Montero is offered with Blind-Spot Detection System and Front parking sensors which are not provided on the Fortuner, the latter takes advantages over the former thanks to Immobilizer and Security Alarm system.

6. Montero vs Fortuner: Fuel consumption

Montero vs Fortuner: Fuel consumption

When it comes to fuel efficiency, we find that the Montero and Fortuner are relatively comparable. In particular, the former can run 8.8 km/L with an average speed of 19km/h in the city and 14.3 km/L at an average speed of 88 km/h on highway. This figure for the latter is 11.2 km/L in mixed city and highway condition.

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7. Montero vs Fortuner: Conclusion

To sum it all up, the P170,000 price advantage of the Montero over the Fortuner is really something worth your thorough consideration. would love to pick the Mitsubishi Montero for the winner in this competition. Here are the major reasons:

  • Very value for money, especially when considering its level of equipment
  • Simple yet sophisticated interior design
  • Comfortable seating
  • Driver-centric features

While we lean towards the Montero in this comparison, it is still undeniable that the Fortuner always has one plus point over its competitors: the worldwide reputation of Toyota for reliable and durable vehicles.

So, which one has won your vote? Let us know your opinions about our Mitsubishi Montero vs Toyota Fortuner review in the comment section below!

Look at the tables below for updated price list for the Montero and Fortuner in the Philippines:

The Mitsubishi Montero 2018 prices in the Philippines
Model  Price
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLX 2.4 4x2 MT  ₱1,415,000
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2.4 4x2 AT   ₱1,575,000
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS Premium 2.4 4x2 AT  ₱1,740,000
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2.4 4x4 MT  ₱1,788,000
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 2.4 4x4 AT  ₱2,058,000
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Toyota Fortuner 2018 prices in the Philippines
 Model Price
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G Diesel 4x2 MT ₱1,465,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 G Gas 4x2 AT ₱1,471,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G Diesel 4x2 AT ₱1,555,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 V Diesel 4x2 AT ₱1,833,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.4 V Diesel 4x2 AT (White Pearl) ₱1,848,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 V Diesel 4x4 AT ₱2,228,000
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 V Diesel 4x4 AT (White Pearl) ₱2,243,000

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