[Auto brawl 101] Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Which will be your next pickup?

Updated Nov 11, 2022

Which is the better option of the two mid-sized pickups? Find out which is the better one to choose.

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  1. 1. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Should it be a pickup truck? Not a sub-compact?
  2. 2. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Size comparison
  3. 3. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Performance comparison
  4. 4. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Safety comparison
  5. 5. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Comfort Features
  6. 6. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Exterior Comparison
  7. 7. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Verdict

1. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Should it be a pickup truck? Not a sub-compact?

Among all the options available for car buyers, these two pickup trucks are two options that have everything all-in. Even if they as popular as other brand, they still have what it takes as top choice in auto brawl 101!

A common notion is that pickup trucks are more expensive to maintain, and even diesel is not environmental friendly! Fortunately, there are better packages for pickups in some brands and in general, this is a win-win for buyers. All the options presented in this auto brawl 101: Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50 have all the features that matter and lays out, how safe they really are. Both the BT-50 and D-Max are at the top of their game, but others may have another opinion.

Both these trucks are good choices, but it may cost a bit to maintain though. So, a relatively good ability to afford these options is required, but there are cheaper options too! Another note is these options will never be fuel efficient and cost a bundle to keep it filled up all the time. If spending too much at the pump is unacceptable better look at other options, not this.

Isuzu dmax vs mazda bt50

Both the BT-50 and D-Max are at the top of their game, but others may have another opinion

These trucks are mid-sized and are way out there when compared to cars that aren’t similar in size! Comparing its features with other cars is not very wise. Cheaper option will not have their features and aren’t as capable!

Now, Philkotse.com lists what mid-size pickups will offer, and they are more versatile for roads in the metro. Be amazed and see how much these SUVs are a wise choice for those able to foot the bill for these specialized cars! If it’s not enough, then it these cars can be modified for full off-road capacity too.

  1. Pickup trucks are ladder type frames with bolt-on components, allow powerful gas hungry engines with strong horsepower and torque.
  2. Flooding is handled better; with higher clearance and the high placement of the alternator is a plus, in a high flood if it doesn’t get wet!
  3. More than enough room for five adults compared to smaller cars.
  4. The best standard suspension on any vehicle and can be modified for better ride quality.
  5. With a higher tag price, then expect better comfort features for a pampered driving experience.

This is what to expect, and it’s all good because it costs a bit. Cheap options have the lesser equipment, and that should be expected! Pickups have a stiffer ride, but that’s because it's more functional.

Isuzu D-Max

This truck is powerful and is popular with motorists, who are looking for a reliable rig. Be it for roughing it or just city cruising which makes it a winner, wherever it is driven. Plus, it’s got green tech and its EURO 4 standard too! Hit the dirt or gravel, no way it’s a letdown. You can have a quick look into our list of available Isuzu D-Max for sale in the market to have an idea of how much it might cost.

Isuzu D-max Philippines review

Of note, if you're about to go for a D-max, we also have a monthly-updated Isuzu D-max Philippines price list to facilitate your car search.

Mazda BT-50

Outside and inside the Mazda, the rig is high-grade style and features all the way. It may cost a bit, but this mid-sized truck is worth every penny spent. Inside it looks like a car and drives the same as well, but it’s a mid-sized truck! Quality does not come without expense; but it has top-grade components, even better than some other brands. Cost and quality for the picky motorist is what it offers. For less pollution, it is Euro 4 standard already, just like the D-max.

The refreshed Mazda BT-50 has landed

2. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Size comparison

Mid-sized pickups are next to full-sized ones; and despite just have a cab, it can fit four adults with ease. A big ladder type chassis; with body mounted cab allows a big three litre plus engine to be mounted! Size is always a point in an auto brawl 101 because it can fit bigger equipment and with extra weight to balance it better.

Isuzu D-Max

It’s really close, but size-wise are almost the same! It loses small (-86 mm) in size, that isn’t that great a difference though.

isuzu dmax dimensions

Isuzu D-max Dimensions

Mazda BT-50

The BT-50 is bigger in length and height but is a bit slimmer by ten millimetres. Not too much of a difference, but it is taller than the D-Max.

mazda bt50 dimensions

The BT-50 is bigger in length and height but is a bit slimmer by ten millimetres

The Mazda rig wins by a small margin of (+86 mm) which means minuscule room but does help. The BT-50 wins by a very small margin but still matched. Need more info about the Mazda truck? Check out our Mazda BT-50 2018 review.

Dmax vs BT50: Dimensions
  Isuzu D-max  Mazda BT-50
Length 5,295 mm 5,365 mm
Width 1,860 mm 1,850 mm
Height 1,795 mm 1,821 mm

3. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Performance comparison

All the options in this Dmax vs BT50 comparison have the necessary features to move it along. But, an underpowered pickup will have some difficulty and more gas is used because the ladder frame is much heavier!

Isuzu D-Max

The D-Max runs a close second to the BT-50 which is powered by almost the same specs but loses to the BT-50. Another thing is that the cost of the top unit may be a drawback, compared to the better-featured BT-50.

Mazda BT-50

Winner takes all, and the D-Max falls a close second to the Mazda rig! It screams rugged power for pulling this mid-size beast with ease. Performance goes at it with this option.

Better performance specs and power the BT-50 to make the win possible! But, the D-max holds its own easily and still a top option too! These rigs are still the top of their class and it shows.

BT50 vs Dmax: Engine & Performance
   Mazda BT-50 Isuzu D-max
Engine 3.2L Intercooled Turbo Diesel In-Line 5-Cylinder DOHC, 20 Valves DOHC Diesel Engine with Turbo Intercooler
Displacement 3,198 cc 2,999 cc
Horsepower 200 177
Torque 470 380
Transmission 6-Speed AT 5-Speed AT
Drive train 4WD F/4WD, part-time, low
Front: Ventilated disk
Rear: Drum
Front: Ventilated disk
Rear: Drum
Front: Independent Double Wish bone
Rear: Rigid, Leaf Spring
Front: Independent, Double Wishbone
Rear: Leaf Springs
Capacity 5 5
Green technology Yes Yes
Tire size 265/65 R17 255/60 R18

4. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Safety comparison

Obsession with safety is important in this head-to-head and if it ain’t safe, then forget about it! Both rigs carry the most standard safety gear and do not scrimp on it.

Isuzu D-Max

It has all the safety features and should be on par with the BT-50, but it lacks brake assist. Once again, these small details can make all the difference, but not so. No fretting needed because it can be compensated by the ABS and EBD, which have the same function too.

Mazda BT-50

The Mazda BT-50 does it again with a slim win and gets the better score. It’s obsession with safe cars shows and all these safeties to maintain stability is commendable, by going the extra mile!

Yes, The Mazda wins by small margin again; but the Isuzu D-Max still has many to offer. Both fail to address the need for Isofix mounts for better child protection. Both garner a negative one, but the Mazda BT-50 still is ahead.

Isuzu D-max vs Mazda BT-50: Safety Features
  Isuzu D-max  Mazda BT-50
Vehicle Stability Control Yes Yes
Airbags Dual Dual
ABS with EBD, BA Yes Yes
Tire pressure sensor - -
Sonar Yes Yes
Auto adjust headlights Yes Yes
Isofix, and holder mounts - -
3-pt. ELR seatbelts Yes Yes

5. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Comfort Features

These options of BT-50 vs Isuzu D-Max comparison review do cost a lot and they should be comfortable. Paying this much deserves all the comfort features for a relaxed drive. Any less would be criminal to what is spent on these pickups.

isuzu dmax vs mazda bt 50 interior

Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50 interior

Isuzu D-Max

The Isuzu D-max has all the comfort features needed and does not miss out on anything! It deserves its place as a top option and a no contest to less appointed options. It comes at a cost, but it’s worth it to luxuriate inside it. Ties the Mazda BT-50 for a draw and rightly so.

Mazda BT-50

Just like the Isuzu D-max, it has everything all-in for the best-midsized pickup for the money! Both have safety features that are similar, and that’s good too. Like the Isuzu Dmax; it’s premium all the way. Other less expensive options will not have the level of its refinement. Everyone has the right to a “Hotel Ritz”, and that’s a fact.

It’s a fair draw and only shows what costlier options are about. Saving dollars and dimes on less featured cars is almost dastardly, but that’s a preferential choice. Get these options, and it has the all the bells and whistles for absolute comfort.

Dmax vs BT50: Comfort Features
   Isuzu D-max Mazda BT-50
Power features Yes Yes
Touch screen Yes Yes
Cup holders Yes Yes
Cabin lights Yes Yes
A/C Automatic Climate Control Automatic Dual Zone Temperature Control
Speed sensing auto lock Yes -
Auto lock - Yes
Steering wheel controls Yes Yes
Adjustable seats Yes Yes
Leather seats Yes Yes

6. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Exterior Comparison

Any option that’s compared in this post will need the important requirements like exterior feature. They are just important and should not be undermined at all. Features like headlights, fog lights and rear camera are important and should be equipped.

Isuzu D-Max

This rig has the important equipment but lacks a secondary feature like the rain sensor. But it still has vital features like the headlamp, fog lamp, and rear cam which is still good. Could be better but that can’t be helped.

Mazda BT-50

Now, this rig rules the scores and has all five features, nothing missing. Mazda as a brand tries to have all the features that are needed for all-around safety. Just adding a little TLC from Mazda, shows it cares and worth the cost!

Mazda rules again and it’s these small touches yet vital! Other brands will miss something or two but Mazda will not. Scratch up another notch for the win!

BT50 vs Dmax: Exterior Features
  Mazda BT-50  Isuzu D-max
Headlights Halogen LED
Fog lights Yes Yes
Rain sensor Yes -
Third brake light Yes Yes
Rear camera Yes Yes

isuzu dmax vs mazda bt50 exterior

Isuzu D-max vs Mazda BT-50 Exterior

7. Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50: Verdict

Finally, the auto brawl 101: Isuzu D-Max vs Mazda BT-50 ends with the Mazda BT-50 for sale as the better option. But, the Isuzu D-max is also a prime choice with excellent features. One advantage of the Mazda BT-50 over the Isuzu D-max is the cost of the top model, which is a big factor.

Isuzu D-max vs Mazda BT-50: Who is the winner?
  Isuzu D-max Mazda BT-50
Dimensions   Winner
Performance   Winner
Safety Features Draw Draw
Comfort Features Draw Draw
Exterior Features   Winner
SRP ₱842,000 - ₱1,720,000 ₱1,350,000 - ₱1,550,000

Although, both may provide adult protection sufficiently. There is a need for Isofix mounts to address child protection. Otherwise, both options are very good examples of good specs and hi-grade features.

Last but not least, remember that you can always widen your search to other affordable options with Philkotse's daily-updated list of new & used cars for sale. Check it out to find your next ride!

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