Official: Mitsubishi Ralliart returns 

Updated May 12, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Resurrected and ready to roll. 

Do you remember Ralliart? Well, for you staunch Mitsubishi fans out there, you’ll know by heart that the Japanese marque’s high-performance and motorsports division closed its doors back in 2010. However, during a Mitsubishi earning’s announcement on May 11, 2021, it was confirmed that the famed entity is rising back from the dead. 

A picture of a rear spoiler from Ralliart

One of the pictures from the report in question

As many reports are putting it, the decision to resurrect Ralliart might have something to do with Toyota’s return to the World Rally Championship in 2018. This of course resulted in the development of the Toyota GR Yaris, which in turn generated a lot of hype for Gazoo Racing and Toyota. To this end, Mitsubishi might be seeking something similar as well. To be specific, the brand might be banking on its reputation in motorsport in order to promote upcoming new products, of which there are hinted to be several. 

With regards to the announcement itself, it shows off a picture of a very rakish, rally-raid type Strada performing a powerslide in the desert, as well as a picture of a rear spoiler with words saying “Ralliart Parts.” 

This is just pure speculation, but Ralliart, in a few years' time, might be intending to sell performance parts and body kits once again. And of course, we’re also guessing that it’ll dip its toes once more in the realm of off-road racing in events like the WRC and Dakar. Both of which, the sub-brand has a lot of prior experience with. 

A picture from Ralliart from the Mitsubishi earnings announcement

The second picture in the report. Is this hinting at an upcoming high-performance 4x4 model?

Of note, Mitsubishi via Ralliart, held 12 victories at the Dakar rally from 1985 to 2007. This is mainly thanks to the Pajero SUV, which in turn, has sold well globally. The Lancer Evolution also made a name for itself during its stints at the WRC, and thus establishing itself to be a very sought-after car especially for enthusiasts. 

What can we expect from the return of Ralliart? Is Mitsubishi making another high-performance four-wheel-drive model, or do you want something like the Lancer Evolution to return? 

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