Mitsubishi PH reveals two new Montero Sport variants and their prices

Feb 22, 2020 | Same topic: Auto Industry: Latest Updates
Here are the prices of the GT 4WD and the GLX MT, the 2020 Montero Sport's new variants!

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2020: Two news variants

If you paid attention to the numerous Philippine automotive news sites, then you’ll know that Mitsubishi Motors Philippines already launched the Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2020. It’s variant line-up however was missing a top of the line four-wheel-drive variant.

A few months since the introduction of the GLS 2WD and the GT 2WD however, MMPC has now added two new variants thus completing the Montero Sport Lineup; the GLX 2WD MT and the GT 4WD. Huzzah!!!

2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2.4 GT 2WD

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLX 2WD 2020

Poised as the entry-level variant of the Montero Sport, the GLX comes with a six-speed manual with power sent to the rear wheels.

It looks similar to the higher-spec GLS but the interior does have some differences like having fewer speakers, the use of a standard mechanical handbrake, as well as a simpler touchscreen that eschews the use of the TomTom Nav system.

The GLX 2WD however still uses the same engine but the safety system lacks the stability control, hill-start assist, and trailer stability control available onboard the higher-spec Montero Sport variants.

A picture of the 2020 Montero Sport in a 3D generated environment

The 4GT still sports about the same exterior details as the GT 2WD

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The 2020 Mitsubishi Montero Sport GT 4WD

As for the top of the line GT 4WD, it has the same set of features aboard the GT 2WD but it does get an additional knee airbag and a remote-control app that enables you to control your Montero Sport’s tailgate and door locking mechanism from your phone.

And of course, there’s the return of the legendary Super Select II along with off-road traction, several off-road mods (sand, rock, mud, gravel), as well as a central differential lock.

The said four-wheel-drive system has five different settings with the 4WD low and the 4WD high being available with the diff lock activated.

Here are the prices of these new Montero Sport variants;

New variants
Montero Sport GLX MT
Php 1,565,000
Montero Sport GT 4WD
Php 2,450,000

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A picture of a 2020 Montero Sport in the desert

Mitsubishi fans will definitely love the new variants!

We can’t wait to hear your Montero Sport GT 4WD off-road stories! Follow for the latest updates!
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