Mitsubishi Expander 2018 brief review: 6 interesting facts to know

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All you need to know about the newly-launched Mitsubishi Expander 2018, including its most outstanding features, performance, and price.

After a long time of speculation, the Mitsubishi Expander 2018 was finally disclosed at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show to satisfy car lovers’ curiosity. The crossover MPV, also known as Mitsubishi Xpander, is considered as a crossbreed of an SUV and an MPV which gathers a lot of its predecessor’s advancements.

Here is a brief review with 6 interesting facts that you should know about the newly-introduced 7-seater. Let's check out what this car has to offer while waiting for the emergence of the brand new model into our market.

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1. Why is the name Xpander?

Do you have the same question when hearing about the new model for the first time? As its name evokes, the Xpander, or Expander, implies the ambition of the Japanese car manufacturer to expand further from ASEAN to international market. Mr. Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation shares that the company plans to make the Xpander become a global car which will not only run on the ASEAN roads but also reach out to the world. According to him, the Xpander promises to defeat the European market in the near future.

Angular front of a white Mitsubishi Expander 2018

 The Xpander promises to defeat the European market in the near future

2. Been dubbed as a baby Montero Sport

It is not difficult to recognize the resemblance between the Montero Sport and the Xpander. And this is also not strange when Mitsubishi is dubbed as a specialist in designing its on-road vehicles from concepts.

The XR-PHEV and the GC-PHEV concept have inspired the creation of the Montero Sport while the Mitsubishi Expander 2018 design is based on the concept of the XM Crossover MPV (which was revealed at the Indonesia International Auto Show last year, as mentioned above). However, it seems that both models have the trademark of Dynamic Shield Design. This explains certain similarities of the two models and that is also why the Xpander is considered as a baby Montero Sport.

3. Own the largest interior in its class

The Expander also impress us with its very spacious interior which is the largest in its class. You can widen the legroom for the passengers at the 50/50 split third row by adjusting the 60/40 split second-row bench before and after. The 7-seat MPV has up to 16 bottle holders on the door frame and central panel. In front, the screen is combined with a floating effect by the horizontal dashboard. Evenly, you will be excited about the thump when you close the door.

folding passenger seats of the Mitsubishi Expander 2018

The Xpander also impress us with its very spacious interior which is the largest in its class

4. Stand out with a range of unique features

One of the most noticeable features the Mitsubishi Xpander 2018 is that it is adorned with a headlights system which is placed on the bumper and the LEDs are positioned on the hood. This has never been seen in any car model before. When you take a view from the side, you will see a floating roof effect.

Moreover, flared fenders make the Xpander look like an SUV. The car is equipped with 16in alloys on 205/55 tires helping to clear the 205mm ground. And the rear also looks very fashionable with a combination of L-shaped lights.

2018 New Mitsubishi Expander crossover MPV

5. Diesel engine version?

The Mitsubishi Expander 2018 delivers better performance with the 4A91 1.5-liter engine which is capable of dishing out 103hp and 141Nm of torque. The vehicle is also equipped with advanced components including a forged crankshaft that provides the car a smoother running and lessens its vibration. The Xpander works in conjunction with a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

Many have the same question for the engine that whether there will be a diesel or not.

According to Mr. Masuko-san, the company has yet to plan for a diesel version because the demand for this type is reducing in other markets. Now they will focus strongly on the existing manufactory.

Angular side of a silver Mitsubishi Expander 2018

The company has yet to plan for a diesel version because the demand for this type is reducing in other markets

6. Arrive in the Philippines with 4 variants

The Expander is offered in 6 variants in Indonesian market, totally: GLX, GLS, Exceed (two sub-variants), Sport and the range-topping Ultimate. In the Philippines, Mitsubishi will hit the market with 4 variants, especially there will be 2 versions running on both manual and automatic transmissions. 

A dealer of Mitsubishi revealed after the debut that the Mitsubishi Xpander price in the Philippines would be relatively equal to the price tag of the Avanza in Indonesia. Masuko-san also disclosed that the model would walk in the Philippine market around the beginning of next year which is only a few months away.

Angular front of a silver Mitsubishi Expander 2018

The model would walk in the Philippine market around the beginning of next year 

With the above mentioned features, the Xpander promises to defeat other rivals in its class including the Suzuki Ertiga, the Toyota Avanza and the Honda Mobilio. Although the model is “SUV-MPV” concept, its price is lower than the Honda BR-V’s.

Philkotse hopes this brief review of the Mitsubishi Expander 2018's most outstanding features has given you a general idea of whether to spend your hard-earned money on this hot model.

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Know more about Mitsubishi Xpander 2023

Mitsubishi Xpander

The 2023 Mitsubishi Xpander is a seven-seater MPV for the Philippine market. As of the 2023 model year, there are three available variants for this model. There’s the Xpander GLX 1.5 MT, the Xpander GLX 1.5 AT, and the Xpander GLS 1.5 AT. These range in price from Php 1,050,000 to Php 1,180,000. 

Size-wise, the Xpander has a length of 4,595mm, a width of 1,750mm, and a height of 1,750mm. It also has a wheelbase that spans 2,775mm, and a ground clearance of 225mm.  

Under the hood, this Mitsubishi MPV uses a 1.5-liter inline-4 gasoline engine that’s capable of producing up to 103 horsepower and 141 Nm of torque. It then uses a front-wheel-drive layout. Depending on the trim, it either gets a four-speed automatic gearbox, or a five-speed manual transmission. 

₱ 1,068,000 - ₱ 1,198,000