Lexus has been selling luxury cars in the Philippines for 13 years

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The carmaker will introduce more hybrid tech moving forward.

It was in 2009 when Japanese luxury automaker Lexus entered the country with a wide array of luxury vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs. Since then, Lexus Philippines has been selling vehicles known for luxury and craftsmanship.

Lexus LS front view

Lexus LS

As Lexus Philippines celebrates its 13th year of competing in the local market, the company looks back at some of its accomplishments in 2021. These include the refinements made on its three sedan entries, namely the LS, ES, and IS.

The Lexus LS is the car brand’s flagship sedan model that doesn’t compromise on luxury both inside and out. But for 2021, Lexus Philippines wanted to expand the reach of the PH-spec LS after lowering the price tag for the base variant. This year also saw the debut of the sedan’s refreshed version, featuring a revamped L-shaped daytime running light design, reworked taillights, and updated Lexus Safety System.

Lexus ES front view

Lexus ES

Meanwhile, the Lexus ES midsize sedan received changes in almost every respect. But perhaps the most significant update is found under the hood with the new ES 300h that uses a gasoline engine and electric motor. With its continuous refinements, the ES manages to remain as Lexus Philippines’ best-selling model.

Lastly, the brand’s entry-level sedan, the Lexus IS, was added with a new variant that Lexus Philippines says is ideal for first-time car buyers. The new Lexus IS 300h uses a 2.5-liter engine paired with an electric motor to produce 220 horsepower, resulting in improved fuel efficiency from 10.5 km/l on a non-hybrid variant to 19.2 km/l.

Lexus IS front view

Lexus IS

Lexus Philippines stated that it will continue to innovate its lineup, particularly with hybrid technology. This way, future Lexus models will offer Filipino car buyers improved fuel efficiency, boosted performance, and a luxurious car ownership experience the Japanese marque has been known for.

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Know more about Lexus ES 2023

Lexus ES

The Lexus ES is a luxurious series of executive sedans currently presented by the Lexus car brand in its seventh generation. The Japanese company describes it as a vehicle that possesses elegance in motion as it is designed with a coupe-like structure paired with contemporary details. Inside, it boasts a cabin fitted with modern luxuries and topnotch safety features. As of 2021, Lexus Philippines offers the updated ES 300h hybrid and the ES 350 Premier V6.

₱ 3,758,000 - ₱ 4,728,000

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