Largest parade of Subaru cars had the next-gen BRZ as special guest

Updated Oct 08, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
More than 1,700 Subie heads attended the parade.

Subaru Of America, Inc. (SOA) successfully broke the Guinness World Record of the largest parade of Subaru branded cars. The company managed to do this with a whopping 1,751 Subaru vehicles. The last time this happened was in 2015 with 549 cars.

A picture of the Subaru Parade.

That's an impressive number of Subies in one place

The largest parade of Subaru cars took place during the Subaru Tecnica International Subiefest held at the OC Fair and Event Center Costa Mesa, California. As such, many interesting Subaru cars were in attendance. Included of course was the next-gen 2022 Subaru BRZ.

It was however shrouded in cloth so most of its details were not that clear. It was also painted in the usual prototype camouflage further obscuring the finer details of the new model. However, its sharper character lines and the large vents behind the front tires we’re quite plain to see.

Next-gen Subaru BRZ

It seems that the next-gen BRZ will have sharper character lines [Photo: subarudwayne]

And of course, there were hundreds of Subaru models made to look their best. Besides the hundreds of interesting cars, Subiefest is one of the largest annual gatherings of Subaru fans not only from the U.S., but we’re also certain that there were international visitors too.

And of course, SOA ensured that proper social distancing and health and safety protocols were observed during the length of the event.

The Subie fest and the largest parade of Subaru cars record was a success. But apart from the record-breaking parade and having fun in the Subiefest, its participants have pitched in to donate 241,800 meals to the Feeding America hunger-relief charity. SOA itself will match the donations bringing the total number to 500,000.

A picture of a Subaru WRX STI at the 2020 Subiefest.

Apart from being a fun event, the Subie fest is also working with a charity

Breaking the said record isn’t actually surprising at all. This is because the U.S. has a very sizable market, with an equally sizable following of die-hard Subie heads.

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