Suzuki S-Presso faces a worthy rival with the Kia Picanto X-Line

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The X-Line is expected to be 15 mm higher than the standard Picanto model.

Going bigger seems to be the likely trend in today’s auto scene. This trend is seen in the new Suzuki S-Presso that was first introduced in 2019.

The S-Presso features a staggering 180 mm ground clearance despite its subcompact nature. Now, a refreshed Picanto is joining the fray which is called the X-Line.

The 2020 Picanto X-Line provides a more muscular and sleeker design cue that automatically sets it apart from the standard Kia Picanto models.

It features a tiger-nose grille with chrome trims, larger front bumper, side protection moldings placed on the lower section of the doors, and a rear bumper designed with faux rear skid plates and dual exhaust pipes.

The Kia X-Line

The updates are undeniably well-designed

Inside, the X-Line is offered with the optional Lime Pack cabin trim. It gives the interior a black finish with lime contrast stitching, white seat bolsters, silver metal transmission, and silver-lime accents on the doors.

According to reports, the X-Line will provide a higher ground clearance by 15 mm as compared to the standard Kia Picanto. The Picanto’s ground clearance is currently listed at 151 mm.

Are we going to see the Picanto X-Line compete with the S-Presso in terms of impressive ground clearance numbers?

Side view of the Picanto

We honestly think this facelift model would sell in the local market

Performance-wise, both cars share similar power output figures. The Picanto is powered by a 1.0-liter engine capable of generating 66 hp and 95 Nm of torque, while the Suzuki S-Presso uses a 1.0-liter engine that produces 67 hp and 90 Nm of torque.

However, a 1.2-liter engine is also available for the Picanto with 84 hp and 122 Nm of torque.

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Interior view of the Picanto X-Line

Interior view of the Picanto X-Line

As of now, there are no confirmations just yet from Kia Philippines as to whether the refreshed Picanto X-Line will be introduced in the country or not. It is set to be sold across Europe in the third quarter of 2020 with the official pricing yet to be announced.

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Know more about Kia Picanto 2022

Kia Picanto

The Picanto is a city car model sold by Kia Philippines. There are four variants for this model, these include the Picanto LX MT, LX AT, EX MT, and the EX AT. Prices for the different Kia Picanto 2022 trims range from Php 590,000 to Php 745,000. 

In the Philippines, the Kia Picanto has two engine options. For the LX trims, it uses a 1.0-liter inline-3 gasoline engine, which is capable of making up to 65 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to its front wheels through a four-speed automatic gearbox or a five-speed manual transmission. 

For the Picanto EX trims, these use a 1.2-liter inline-4 gasoline engine rated to make 83 horsepower and 122 Nm of torque. It is also front-wheel-drive, and it has the same gearbox options as the LX trims. 

Size-wise, the Picanto is 3,595mm long, 1,595mm wide, and 1,495mm in height. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,400mm. 

Locally, the Kia Picanto competes against the likes of the Toyota Wigo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Brio, Suzuki S-Presso, and Chevrolet Spark. 

₱ 590,000 - ₱ 745,000

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