How to install LTO RFID stickers on cars and motorcycles

Updated Sep 04, 2021 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports

Do it right and avoid paying penalties. 

Motorists who own either two-wheeled or four-wheeled motor vehicles will have likely received an RFID sticker along with their newly issued license plates. The stickers act as a third plate, featuring a QR Code which contains relevant details on the registered motor vehicle as well as the owner. 

Installing the RFID sticker on a car windshield involves a number of steps. Applying the label on motorcycles involves a similar procedure, which the LTO enumerates:  

  • The sticker must be installed in a horizontal position at the front left part of the motorcycle, preferably the headlamp. A 3cm gap around the sticker must be observed, taking care not to let it touch metallic surfaces or wires. 
  • Clean the surface of the headlamp where the sticker will be applied, using a clean cloth.
  • When the sticker package is opened, the solid vertical bar in the middle is the RFID antenna. This will be applied over the side of the sticker which has a QR Code. 
  • Hold the sticker upside down to position the QR Code at the upper left corner. Fold the sticker along the dotted line to position the paper liner in the middle. 
  • Gently apply pressure on the paper liner to push the RFID antenna outward, folding the liner midway. Line up the RFID overlay with the QR Code side and bring the two parts together, squeezing out bubbles by gently rubbing outward from the center to the edges. 
  • Once the two sides have been joined, remove the backing paper. The sticker is now ready to be installed on the headlamp. Hold the tag carefully when applying and avoid touching the adhesive portion of the sticker. 
  • When one end of the sticker is already in place, carefully apply the rest of the sticker across the headlamp. Again, you can clear bubbles forming by rubbing on the sticker outward.  

Click here to watch the full video about how to install LTO RFID stickers.

When the entire sticker has been applied, avoid getting the motorcycle wet for at least 24 hours, to ensure that the adhesive will permanently hold.         

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is reminding everyone that the RFID sticker must be always visible on the motor vehicle, to make it easier for authorities to scan and verify ownership records. Failure to install the sticker, according to the LTO’s guidelines, carries a penalty of Php 5,000

Motorists with damaged or lost RFID stickers can file for a replacement at any LTO branch, upon presenting an Affidavit of Loss/Dilapidation and payment of a replacement fee. The LTO advises those who incorrectly installed their stickers not to detach them in the meantime, as the labels have anti-tampering features that render them useless when removed.    

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Joseph Paolo Estabillo

Joseph Paolo Estabillo


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