Hyundai Creta facelift sketch shows Tucson-like grille design

Updated Oct 25, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

It is expected to make global debut before the year ends.

Hyundai Motor Corporation leveled up its design game when it first introduced the 7th-generation Hyundai Elantra last year. The latest edition is highlighted by the ambitious-looking grille and sharp character lines which make it look fresh. This type of design language is steadily being adapted to its lineup to create a signature Hyundai look.

Hyundai Creta facelift sketch front view

Hyundai Creta facelift sketch

The latest to receive the Korean automaker’s new design language seems to be the facelifted Hyundai Creta. In a series of sketch photos of the new Creta, the refreshed subcompact crossover received few yet significant design changes that make it look more modern.

At the front, the Hyundai Creta facelift gets a new grille that is similar to the one installed in the new 4th-generation Hyundai Tucson. But due to its compact nature, the grille in the Creta appears to be smaller, at least in the sketch. And just like new Hyundai models, the facelift comes with more aggressive character lines.

Hyundai Tucson front view

Hyundai Tucson

Looking at the sketch, the wheels look like they are too large for a vehicle of its size. That said, one can say that the actual production model could come with a smaller set of wheels than the ones in the sketches. At the rear, the design looks pretty much a carry-over except for the new and sleeker-looking taillights.

Hyundai Creta facelift sketch front view

Interior of the Hyundai Creta facelift

It appears that no significant changes were made in the interior of the facelifted model. From the dashboard layout to the infotainment buttons, the new Creta looks like the current one. However, the cabin sketch is not colored so Hyundai could potentially add some color options just to indicate that it is the facelifted model inside. The refreshed model is expected to be out sometime in December this year.

Considering that the Hyundai Creta facelift sketch shows that it is a right hand, the chances of it arriving in the country are narrowed down. Hyundai Philippines’ lineup is loaded with small crossovers already including the Venue and Kona so making a room for the Creta can be challenging.

Hyundai Creta facelift sketch rear view

Rear of the Hyundai Creta facelift

However, based on previous reports, the Hyundai Creta could still be imported from Indonesia, offering a 7-seating configuration. This can be marketed as Hyundai Philippines’ most affordable 7-seater vehicle in its lineup.

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