Here are the top 10 ideal cars to have s.e.x in according to a recent study

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Recent research has revealed the best cars to have s.e.x in. Does your car make it to the list?

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Don’t just get laid wherever you find, do research instead!

Do you know where men find most erotic? – Inside their cars! And you know where women feel most romantic as well? – No doubt on the car seats!

According to a recent study conducted by Ford, 57% of Americans had their very first hands-on experience in this field inside their cars, half strengthen their relationship while the others come to a quick breakup after. Why?

Take a look at your car! Is its seats comfortable enough? Does it have enough space for you to free your souls? Does it look attractive enough so that you two don’t lose your interest by its dull design? If the answers are 3 straight “No,” consider buying one of these 10 automobiles!

a couple making out on a car hood

Don’t just get laid wherever you find, do research instead!

1. Ford F-150

This ranger is obviously the ideal choice for those objected to tight space. You can even lay a mattress on its ground, let alone a pair sleeping bag. Just like your roomy bed, Ford F-150 promises to bring out the best for your intercourse.

Ford F150 on road

Ford F-150 offers spacious interior

2. Honda Element

The special feature that helps the on-sale Honda Element present in this list is its ability to fold all its back seats down so that you can self arrange a sleeping place stretching from the second row to its trunk. You can even put up a tent there, not to mention having fun with your partner.

Honda Element trunk

Camping tent set up inside Honda Element

3. Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake

This luxury brand can not only facilitate your seduction but also ensure the best sex inside. This car offers up to 1550 litres of cargo space plus top speed of 557 hp in case you want to head for your rendezvous as soon as possible. Of course, we do not recommend having sex while pushing the accelerator since it might be the last time you get your rocks off before speeding to heaven.

Mercedes Benz elegance

Mercedes-Benz CLS63’s benefits are undeniable

4. Tucker 48

Not just providing additional space right behind the steering wheel, Tucker 48 is also equipped with comfortable luxurious interiors which add up your arousal when travelling with your girl. Surely she will never say no to your suggestion inside such a perfect car as Tucker 48.

Tucker 48 steering wheel

Inside Tucker 48 front cabin

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

Who could resist irresistible charm of a Phantom? This automobile has long stood the test of time for its classical opulent furniture inside. According to this automaker, they only trust bull leather for their products to avoid possible stretch marks which can commonly seen in a female cow. With the comfort its leather seats bring, you can freely have sex with your beloved in the lap of luxury.

Rolls Royce leather seats

Rolls Royce seats are always made of bull leather

6. Toyota Prius

This sporty funky look can distinguish your status with other inferior brands surrounding, giving your partner a sense of pride and willing to have romantic moments with you. Another merit is its smooth movement, which helps you two get far away from crowded streets to enjoy a speed date.

Toyota Prius on road

Toyota Prius and its fashionable look

7. 2015 FIAT 500c

For those who love an open air intercourse, FIAT 500c can’t be missed for sure. With a wide opening, the whole world may see you two having sex. It might be embarrassing but could be an unforgettable highlight during your monotonous days. And who knows? Your wife may want to show off how skillful you are to her neighbors. Buy her a FIAT 500c.

FIAT 500c on road

FIAT 500c 2015 has a wide top opening

8. Airstream Interstate Grand Tour

Definitely Airstream is on the list as it serves almost everything just like your house, from the comfy sofa to entertaining TV programs. Those things all help you to have the best sex ever on wheels.

Inside the Interstate Grand Tour

Inside a convenient Airstream Interstate

9. Rinspeed XchangeE

For future owners of Rinspeed XchangeE, we seriously recommend intercourses while your car is still rolling its wheels on the high way. This car presents self-driving mode and extravagant interior facilities, just to make sure its owners can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, this automobile hasn’t been produced yet, so you may have sex with your imaginary partner on XChangeE in your dream tonight. Anyway, the concept may soon be put into manufacture.

Rinspeed XchangeE design

The concept of Rinspeed XchangeE brings hope to many

10. Jeep Wrangler

Yeah, the last one is real. Jeep Wrangler is an integral companion of adventurous couples who desire to conquer mountains and also each other themselves. Its tough look with off-road ability can surely bring joys and excitement to your passionate moments together.

Jeep Wrangler in off road trip

Jeep Wrangler – the indispensable friend for off-road trips

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