Chery Philippines offers a sweet surprise for older Chery models

Updated Nov 25, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Own a Chery QQ? Then check this out.

Before Chery got big in the local crossover game, it once sold other cars in the Philippines. The company entered the Philippines way back in 2007 and introduced models like the Chery QQ.

The said model was selling well despite going against several popular models in the city car market segment. It even bagged a fleet order. As a result, there are a good number of Chery QQ owners to this day.

A picture of the Chery QQ

The Chery QQ

That said Chery Philippines remembers its old customers of year’s past by offering the Chery Timeless Treats promo. How it works is that owners of old Chery models from the company’s first stint here in the country can get free engine oil, a free oil filter, as well as a free oil change. To top those off, the company is also offering free vehicle inspection.

A picture of the Chery Timeless Treats promo

Chery Timeless Treats

We have also confirmed that the Chery Timeless Treats promo applies to all Chery dealerships nationwide. So if you own a Chery model from the company’s past, then we encourage you to give your Chery dealership a ring.

Better yet, visit the nearest Chery dealership in person. Also, this offer is only available from November 23, 2020 to December 12, 2020, so if you don't hurry, you just might miss it.

If that isn’t a sweet offer, we don’t know what is.

A Chery QQ being serviced

One of the first batch of Chery QQ units serviced under the Timeless Treats promo

Remember that Chery had to leave the country due to a multitude of reasons. In 2019 however, the Chinese car brand triumphantly returned to kick ass in the local crossover segment.

Under the management of the United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. or UAAGI, it introduced the now popular Tiggo series of vehicles including the Tiggo 2, the Tiggo 7, Tiggo 5x, and the Tiggo 8. All of these models are crossovers, but Chery Philippines is also working on introducing the electric powered Chery Arrizo 5e sedan sometime in the near future.

Of note, all brand-new Chery vehicles come with a 5-year/150,000 km factory warranty, and a 10-year/1-million kilometer engine warranty. The company also provides a 3-year free preventive maintenance services.

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Another pic of the Chery Timeless Treats proro

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Know more about Chery Qq 2024

Chery Qq
The Chery QQ was one of the Chinese automaker’s most popular nameplates that made headlines during its launch for being the cheapest production car in the world at the time of its introduction. Through its highly competitive price point, the nameplate quickly broke records as the vehicle with the highest cumulative sales in China. This led Chery to become one of the top ten largest automotive companies in China during its peak. Locally, the QQ was offered with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine in a compact and stylish vehicle primarily marketed towards commuters who wanted to purchase their own car. In 2009, the Chery QQ was renamed to Chery QQ3 in the Philippine market to pave the way for the introduction of the QQ6.


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