Aston Martin develops Valhalla plug-in hypercar with F1 technology

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The automaker will only produce 999 examples.

Aston Martin is taking advantage of its Formula One (F1) team to develop its upcoming mid-engine plug-in hybrid hypercar, the Valhalla. Deemed the pinnacle of motorsports, the engineers and designers got a hold of valuable data from the AM Cognizant F1 (AFM1) team to intensify the development of future models like the Valhalla.

Aston Martin Valhalla front view

Aston Martin Valhalla

This will join the Aston Martin Valkyrie as the models developed with the help of an F1 program. The Valhalla will sit just below the Valkyrie as a more daily driver hypercar in the British luxury automaker’s lineup.

Like F1 cars, optimizing aerodynamics is key to developing the Aston Martin Valhalla. The engineers have created an active aero system for the hypercar that can generate over 600 kg downforce at 240 km/h, enabling a more stable driving experience.

Aston Martin Valhalla front view

Developed with F1 technologies

The so-called drag reduction system (DRS) commonly known in F1 cars is also adopted in the Valhalla. Both the front and rear wings can be deployed in a DRS position for better airflow or angled to provide downforce, which is ideal during high-speed corners on a track.

Aside from downforce, Aston Martin also developed the aero system to provide cooling to the engine. A roof-mounted snorkel directs air to cooling ducts for turbo intercoolers and the engine.

Aston Martin Valhalla interior view

This is a driver-focused hypercar

Speaking of the engine, the Valhalla uses a PHEV consisting of a twin-turbo flat-plane mid-engine V8 and three electric motors, making a total output of 998 horsepower. The two motor mounted on the front axle not only enables the all-wheel-drive (AWD) system but also torque vectoring for better steering response.

Aston Martin built the Valhalla with the abundant use of carbon fiber, which is said to maximize stiffness with minimal weight. The bucket seats are also finished in carbon fiber, and provide a reclining function to achieve a seating position best suited for the driver.

“Aston Martin’s vision is to build a range of exceptional, class-leading driver-focused cars, crucial in the expansion of our core product line-up. As such our first series production mid-engine supercar will be transformational for this ultra-luxury performance brand as well as for the mid-engine segment,” said Aston Martin Global Chief and Commercial Officer Marco Mattiacii.

"Valhalla will use active technologies to reduce the gap between the “Gentlemen driver” and the professional one on track. Having open access to the knowledge within the AMF1 team has been a huge advantage for us as we develop this incredible car,” said Aston Martin Product Development Director Carlo Della Casa.

Aston Martin Valhalla rear view

The Valhalla is coming next year

Aston Martin will take the first Valhalla prototype out on the road later this year, with production set for 2024. Only 999 examples will be made, and hopefully, a few will be allotted to the Philippine market.

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