Are you excited to stroll around in a Mercedes X-Class?

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According to the German luxury carmaker, X-Class fans should wait for an official announcement with regard to whether Filipinos will see the pick-up plying through our roads.

Last month, Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck was officially kicked off. It looks just like a normal cab that is frequently used to tow and haul, apart from the fact that the X-Class is indeed a true premium pickup. With the X-Class, you can enjoy the comfort of a large 3-pointed-star badge and all the necessary amenities for driving and leisure.

Not yet official. The automaker said that X-Class fans should wait for an official announcement with regard to whether Filipinos will see the pick-up plying through our roads. The X-Class will have adequate strength that allows them to carry loads over less than perfect streets. Feel counter-intuitive to run a concept pick-up manufactured by a luxury car manufacturing company like Mercedes, but we’re going to do it.

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A yellow Mercedes-Benz X-Class on the road

The X-Class is indeed a true premium pickup

Often times, someone who purchases a full-sized pick-up could easily afford a small or even high-end sedan for sale, but they still choose a plain truck. Why?

Mercedes-Benz design team expressed their thoughts on this question. It’s the same and common reason for purchasing a vehicle. Even with all the attractive options available, Mercedes-Benz remains to be the most trusted and favored car marque in the automotive industry. Generally, folks worldwide take pride in driving a beautiful and reliable Mercedes-Benz manufactured vehicle. It isn’t strange to see there are other people just can’t help but dream of driving one in the future.

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Mercedes-Benz X-Class: Pickup Meets Lifestyle 

You can’t avoid getting exhausted after travelling long distances in the car. But with a Mercedes-Benz, you can’t easily fall asleep behind the wheel as the car is really comfortable and fun to drive. The same thing goes with a Mercedes-Benz pickup. You can very quickly get more comfortable as the X-Class delivers an enjoyable and safe road trip. If you’re going to do a road trip alone, it’s also always good to prepare your packages with the pickup truck before you embark on. As the car provide spacious space to hold a lot of stuff.  

Is the X-Class worth the extra money? The more money you spend, the greater car you’ll get. So guys, let’s enjoy it.  

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