10 best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017

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Toyota Fortuner has topped the list of 10 best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017 with nearly 40,000 vehicles sold last year.

According to latest automotive industry reports, there are a total of 473,943 vehicles sold in the Philippines in 2017, meaning an increase of 17.66% compared to 2016’s figure. It comes as no surprise that the top 10 best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017 list is dominated by the popular Japanese carmaker Toyota which has 7 best-sellers of different segments.

best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017 list

Toyota Fortuner 2018

Toyota Fortuner is the best-selling car in the Philippines in 2017

Accounting for 38.54% of total car sales, Toyota continues to enhance its leading position in the Philippine motoring industry. Besides Toyota, the list also sees the presence of Mitsubishi with 2 occupants and Isuzu with 1 occupant.

Best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017 - 2016

Isuzu MU-X vs Toyota Fortuner

Isuzu MU-X vs Toyota Fortuner: Which is better?

Looking at the list, it is noticeable that Filipinos still have great affection for high-riding cars since topping position belongs to the remarkable SUV Toyota Fortuner with a total of 39,680 units sold (click here to find our in-depth reviews for the Toyota Fortuner). In addition, six out of ten are categorized as light commercial cars with three of which are SUVs and PPVs, while passenger vehicles comprise the rest of the list.

Toyota Vios 2018 front view

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The next three positions of the best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017 chart are still occupied by Toyota models, namely Toyota Vios with 36,734 units shifted, Toyota Innova with 24,434 sold and Toyota Hiace with 21,178. With its second rank, the Vios has successfully retained its crown as the most purchased passenger vehicle in the Philippines.

Toyota Innova 2018 front view

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Moving on to the next position, it is worth mentioning that 2017 witnessed the Innova had surpassed its sibling Hiace by 3,256 units sold with a total sales of 24,434 units to take the third place and become the hottest-selling MPV currently marketed in our country. The Toyota Hiace is behind the Innova with 21,178 models delivered to new owners.

Toyota Hilux 2018 side view

Toyota Hilux is the only pickup truck making it to the top 10 chart

The fifth place belongs to a Mitsubishi PPV. Particularly, there are 19,917 Montero Sport models sold nationwide last year, followed by the Toyota Wigo with 19,295 units at the sixth position and the Toyota Avanza at the seventh position with a total of 15,463 units.

The last Toyota model present on the chart is the Toyota Hilux. Being the only pickup truck making it to the list as well as the most purchased pickup across the country, the Hilux had a total number of 14,688 models delivered to new homes in 2017. Find out full-scale review for the Toyota Hilux 2018 here.

It is also interesting to notice that the Mitsubishi L300 is right behind the Hilux by only 54 units at 14,634 purchased. Lastly, the final vehicle making it to the top 10 chart is the Isuzu MU-X with 13,157 units brought to new owners.

Montero vs Fortuner

Montero vs Fortuner: Which do you prefer?

All vehicles in the list are increased in sales when compared with 2016’s figures. In particular, Mitsubishi Montero Sport saw the most drastic growth of 45.8%, while the slightest one was for the Toyota Vios with only 1.3%.

For full report of sales increase as well as most updated prices of the 10 best-sellers, please refer to the table below:

10 best-selling cars in the Philippines 2017
 Model Number of vehicles sold Sales increase Price 
 Toyota Fortuner 39,680 28%  From 1,592,000 to P2,260,000 
 Toyota Vios   36,734 1.3%  From P629,000 to P1,058,000 
 Toyota Innova  24,434 25.8%   From P990,000 to P1,639,000  
 Toyota Hiace 21,178 5.9%  From P1,373,000  to P2,634,000 
 Mitsubishi Montero Sport  19,917 45.8% From P1,421,000 to P2,162,000 
 Toyota Wigo  19,295 4.4% From P537,000 to P675,000 
 Toyota Avanza  15,463 12.9% From P721,000 to P1,065,000 
 Toyota Hilux  14,688 15.5% From P798,000 to P1,592,000 
 Mitsubishi L300  14,634 21% From P620,000 to P1,062,000 
 Isuzu MU-X 13,157 4%  From P1,318,000 to P2,155,000

Source: autoindustriya.com