Tubeless Tire Technology for cars: All you need to know

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Everything you need to know about the tubeless tire tech for car: the difference of tubeless tires & regular tires, and it's advantages to modern vehicles.

With the ever-changing needs of people when it comes to transportation comes the need to re-invent and innovate. That is why you’ll see promotional ads from automobile manufacturers every now and then about what makes their product superior to those from the competitors.

Most of the highlights that you’ll notice in every one of these ads are 1) the way the units promoted are made more affordable for interested buyers and 2) how the vehicle is more powerful, faster, has more stability and so on.

One of the innovations that are more often seen in promotional ads is called “tubeless tires.” Though they’re new, not a lot of vehicle enthusiasts are aware of the benefit is supposedly provides – but what are these benefits? And are they enough for the average Joe to ditch regular tires? Find out if they're really worth it by reading this article from

1. What are Tubeless Tires?

Tubeless tires are pretty self-explanatory if you know how regular tires are composed. These types of tires are missing the extra tube inside that adds protection. As you can already tell, these tires are built differently and can independently contain air inside by themselves.

Tubeless tires have a halo or a chloro-butyl lining inside that is supposed to be 100% airtight. This is joined with the airtight joint that’s sandwiched between the wheel and the tire. This all boils down to form a membrane that holds the air securely in the tire.

car with tubeless tire

Tubeless tires have a halo or a chloro-butyl lining inside that is supposed to be 100% airtight

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2. History of Tubeless Tires

Even though it’s just now that tubeless tires are being appreciated, they were actually invented way, way back. They were first invented in an attempt to alleviate the high cost of fuel back then. Tubeless tires were a great way to reduce the vehicle’s overall weight. The weight reduction equals massive savings when it comes to fuel consumption.

3. How are Tubeless Tires Different?

If you are a fan of the classic tube tires, you’ll know that these are equipped with a separate tube inside. If this secure tube is somehow punctured, this is when driving the vehicle will be impossible for you, unless of course, you’d rather have the rim in bits.

Tubeless tires are like regular tires, but the only difference is that it doesn’t have a tube inside. In tires, having no secondary tube inside doesn’t mean that it won’t run. This is why if a tubeless tire gets punctured by a nail or an upright piece of broken glass, it can still run even for a few days.

Difference Between Tubed Tyre and Tubeless Tyre || Tubed Tyre VS Tubeless Tyre

4. Benefits of Tubeless Tires

Manufacturers don’t just add and change little elements in their standard vehicle design without reason. In fact, one of the reasons why they change these little elements is that they think that this could be better and can actually be more convenient for the future owner.

The same goes for tubeless tires but are they really that beneficial? Read on top find out.

No More Punctured Tires Due to Tube Pinching

The design of traditional tires can easily get punctured by simply having the tube pinched between the rim and the tire wall. Now, this may seem ridiculous, but yes, it does happen.

Punctured tradditional tire

The design of traditional tires can easily get punctured

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You Can Run the Vehicle Even with Drastically Low Tire Pressure

Driving on a vehicle with regular tires that are low in the air can cause serious damage to the rim. This is an experience that you won’t have to worry about when it comes to tubeless tires. However, even if tubeless tires seem invincible, it is best to have your tires checked every now and then for a smooth and stress-free driving experience.

tires with low pressure

Tubeless tires can be used even with drastically low tire pressure. 

Liquid Sealants Can Easily Be Used to Seal Punctures

Unlike regular tires, tubeless tires can be stuffed with liquid sealants. In the event that a sharp object punctures your tire, the liquid sealant automatically oozes out and hardens within minutes. This plugs the puncture almost instantly so you can continue driving with ease. This is best appreciated by those who are preparing for a long road trip.

Liquid sealants

Unlike regular tires, tubeless tires can be stuffed with liquid sealants.

The slow release of air lets you drive further

Unlike a regular tire that can be dead weight within minutes, tubeless tires allow less air to escape when punctured. That means you still have time to go to the nearest auto repair station to have your wheels checked out before it empties out of air.

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Since tubeless tires have no tube, that means your vehicle has one less element to carry around. Another thing that you might like about this the fact that regular tires have friction inside. Since tubeless tires don’t have anything inside, that means there’s no additional friction load from the tires, and you’ll have better mileage.

Smoother, More Stable Driving Experience

There are cases of uneven air pressure inside regular tires that contribute to the uncomfortable driving experience. This is almost non-existent in the case of tubeless tires, however, which makes them more stable even at higher speeds.

man driving

Enjoy a smooth ride with the tubeless tires

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5. Why You Shouldn’t go for tubeless tires

Since we’ve already talked about the benefits of tubeless tires, let’s go ahead and way the reasons why you shouldn’t get one for your car.

Highly Expensive

Tubeless tires are highly expensive even if you don’t have to replace it often. If you want to equip your vehicle with tubeless tires, you’re going to have to buy four of them unless you want uneven tires for your vehicle.

Tubeless Tire Technology

You have to invest a big amount of money for the Tubeless tires

Not Available for All Types of Vehicles

Unlike regular tires, tubeless tires aren’t made to fit a lot of vehicles out there. That is why if you’re thinking of getting one for your vehicle, it’s best that you consult an expert. You may end up being disappointed once you’ve already bought yourself a set of tubeless tires only to find out that it doesn’t fit on your vehicle.

Repair Stations are Limited

Not all auto repair shops are equipped with the right tools and kits when it comes to tubeless tires and its repair. This is the usual scenario in remote areas that are usually far from the city.

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