Towing services outside Metro Manila: A quick guide

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This can be really handy if this is your first time availing of towing services.

I. Towing services outside Metro Manila: Introduction

A car breakdown is probably one of the many situations every driver will experience once in a while. This is why there are many towing companies available up for grabs.

On average, towing rates start at Php 1,500 for light vehicles and goes up to Php 4,500 for heavy vehicles. The towing rate increases every kilometer driven.

The back of a towing truck

Choose those you can trust your car with

One of the best advantages towing services have is that these companies run 24/7 and provide insurance so breakdowns are the least of your problems. If you are choosing your towing company, be sure to choose those with compelling towing guidelines and policies to ensure the safety of your car as well as avoid scammers.

There are still wide arrays of towing services you can avail of if you are outside Metro Manila. They can be, however, tricky to find as compared in Metro Manila. For this reason, we have listed towing companies you can contact to address your towing needs.

II. Towing services outside Metro Manila: A Quick Guide

1. Towing services via Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)

One of the best towing services you can get in the country is from the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP). AAP is an auto club first founded way back in 1931 as Philippine Motor Association (PMA).

In 1953, President Elpidio Quirino officially designated AAP (or PMA during that time) as the National Auto Club, earning its reputation to become an auto club that provides prestigious automotive services such as 24/7 towing services.

As of this writing, AAP has now offices located in Alabang, Makati, Lipa, San Fernando, Pampanga, Cebu, and Davao. This means that AAP can be your top choice when you need towing services wherever you are in the country.

AAP employees posing for a photo

Join the AAP auto club for a more convenient driving experience

AAP doesn’t offer 24/7 towing service only, the national auto club also helps you renew your LTO vehicle registration faster as AAP will do it for you. AAP is aware that if you got your car towed, you probably need a temporary car. This is why AAP also offers minimum rental fees so it can provide a more convenient mobility service.

Other services AAP provides include discounts on AAP lifestyle partner establishments and AAP Autocare Services, 24/7 Home Service Car Care Services, Personal Accident Insurance, free glass etching, and more.

As an auto club, you have to become a member in order to avail of its services. The membership fee ranges from Php 896 for the ‘Membership Lite’ and goes up to Php 5,600 for the ‘3-year Regular Individual’ membership.  

Overall, the AAP can be your partner in almost every area of your car’s needs. Although, some say that acquiring a membership in the national auto club is unnecessary if you know basic maintenance routines. So we’ll just leave it up to you. You might want to visit AAP’s official website to find out more.

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2. Towing services online

In today’s time, almost everything that you need can be seen online – this includes towing services. You just might want to be careful when choosing your towing company as some may practice improper towing service or some don’t follow their towing policy.

Carousell offers plenty of towing services to choose from. This e-commerce platform is formerly known as OLX. In Carousell, you just have to type ‘towing services’ in the search box to get started. The sellers of towing services in Carousell provide basic information such as its towing company, towing fee, contact number, towing services, and more.

Unfortunately, most towing services listed in Carousell are available only in Luzon. You might want to dig a little bit deeper if you are residing in Visayas or Mindanao.

On average, the towing rates in Carousell starts at Php 1,500. However, you may find some towing services a bit cheaper. The towing services also provide the area that they work in. If none is provided, you can give them a call as contact numbers are listed alongside the towing service ad.

Another e-commerce platform you can check is Here, the location of the towing company is provided so you can find your next towing servicer faster. The only downside of is that your choices are limited, unlike Carousell.

On average, the towing rates in starts at Php 1,500 for light vehicles. Towing company information and guidelines are listed in the ads so you might want to give them a call for further inquiries.

3. Towing services in Cebu

Towing services in Cebu are relatively more difficult to find as compared to Metro Manila. For this reason, we have listed three well-known towing companies you can contact if you are residing in Cebu.

Camel Towing Services truck

Camel Towing Services in Cebu

Camel Towing Services

It is a 24/7 professional auto towing company located at B. Suico, Pagsabungan 6014 Mandaue City. Camel Towing Services uses a fleet of Isuzu trucks with ‘camel towing’ markings upfront. Moreover, this towing company also unlocks your car if you forgot where you placed your keys for Php 1,200. You can reach Camel Towing Services in the following contact details: Landline (32) 513-8180, Sun (0922) 819-3051, Smart (0939) 620-2585, Globe (0906) 504-5240, and

JLM Towing Services

Another towing service in Cebu that offers 24/7 towing services. Located at 114 Spolarium Street, Duljo Fatima, this towing company is a subsidiary of JLM Group of companies and other related services that are owned and operated by Julius E. Abad. The JLM Towing Services uses Fuso trucks as its towing trucks. You can reach JLM Towing Services in the following contact details: Landline (032) 417-4790, Sun (0932) 263-1700, and

KM Ace Towing Services

It is an auto shop that offers 24/7 towing services. This is located at L. Jayme Street 6014 Guizo in Mandaue. KM Ace Towing Services also offers other emergency roadside assistance such as tire change and battery jump for Php 1,300. You can reach KM Ace Towing Services in the following contact details: Smart (0928) 349-9060, Globe (0995) 835-0361, and

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4. Towing services in Davao

Here are three towing services in Davao you can avail of.

Tow Matic truck

Tow Matic

It is probably one of the best towing companies you can contact. Tow Matic does not only offer 24/7 Towing Services, but it also offers plenty of emergency roadside assistance services such as flat tire services, jumpstart services, locksmith services, and fuel delivery services – all running 24/7. You can contact (0917) 724-6479 or visit its official website to get started.

ROAD EYE Towing Services

It is a towing company that offers services such as 24/7 towing services, LTO registration assistance, comprehensive insurance assistance, accident recovery, and roadside emergency assistance. This towing company is based in Davao City that can provide towing services throughout Mindanao. You can reach ROAD EYE Towing Services in the following contact details: Globe (0905) 383-2069, Sun (0923) 557-5812, Smart (0999) 904-6048, and

Road Master Towing Services

It is a towing company located at KM. 7.5 Buhagin-Cabantian-Indangan Rd, Buhangan, Davao City. The Road Master Towing Services offers 24/7 towing services using a fleet of Isuzu trucks. You can reach Road Master Towing Services at +63 917 701 9269 to get started.

III. FAQs about towing services outside Metro Manila

Question: How much do towing services cost in the Philippines

Answer: The rate for towing services can vary if you are residing outside Metro Manila. However, on average, towing fee start at Php 1,500 for light vehicles.

Question: Why are towing services expensive?

Answer: Towing a car can result in higher fuel consumption due to the heavier weight. In addition, if a towing company damaged your car amid the towing service, they get to pay for the damage.

Question: What is the towing rate for heavy vehicles in the Philippines?

Answer: The towing rate for heavy vehicles start at Php 4,500 for the first 4 kilometers and an addition Php 200 for every succeeding hour. This rate is standard in Metro Manila.

Question: Why do MMDA tow cars?

Answer: For three basic reasons – illegal parking, stalled vehicle, and road accident.

Question: What is the towing process in the Philippines?

Answer: If the vehicle is unattended, the tow truck driver will blow the truck’s horn 5 times to alert the driver, then another 5 horns after one minute. If the driver still did not attend to his/her vehicle, then the vehicle can now be legally towed.

A destroyed car on top of a truck

Towing can also be used for the sole purpose of moving your vehicle from one place to another

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