Simple hacks on how to repair car dents without costing you a fortune

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Dealing with dents can cause us major headaches especially if it is not your fault and you've got a new car.

Getting into minor road accidents sometimes happen no matter how careful you drive. And honestly, most drivers really feel bad about getting dents especially if it is not their fault or wrongdoing.

The worst part of it is the aftermath of the situation, meaning you have no choice but to have it repaired and repainted unless the other driver agrees to cover all or at least share the expenses with you. 

If your car is currently insured then you don't have to worry that much about the cost of repairs. Because the rates are pretty affordable as compared to having no car insurance at all. 

Normally a small or minor car dent can cost you a few thousands of dollars for repairs and labor fees and this situation can cause you a lot of stress especially if it doesn't fall within your projected budget. 

In case you experience this kind of unfortunate incident, there is no need for you to feel bad and panicky.

Because we are are here to give you some wise money-spending tips on how to fix ugly car dents without leaving a big hole in your pocket. So please read through and hopefully you will be able to learn something new.

fixing car dent

Car dents can be very expensive to repair especially if you do not have insurance

Tip #1. Using hot water 

Things needed: a kettle filled with hot or boiling water, gloves or mitts

If your car is made of carbon fiber material then it makes it easier for you to repair the dents. Simply pour one or two liters of hot water into the dent and reach your hand underneath (don't forget to wear gloves to avoid getting burnt) and push it forward until it gets back on its original form.

Then you can finish it off by pouring a tub of cold water on the surface. 

using hot water to fix car dent

Using hot water to repair minor dents has always been one of the most popular methods ever since 

Tip #2. Using dry ice

Things needed: a pair of gloves, cloth, dry ice, blow dryer or natural sunlight

This DIY dent repair trick is effective in fixing small to medium-sized shallow dents only. Before starting the process make sure to heat up the damaged area by either parking the car under the sun or you can use a hair blow dryer as an alternative instead.

How to Remove Car Dent Without Having to Repaint - DIY

Once the dented area is hot enough to start applying dry ice in a circular motion until it pops back into its original form. This process may take twenty to thirty minutes to finish. 

Just a precaution, always make sure to wear protective gear such as thick gloves or mitts to protect your hands. Do not hold the dry ice using your bare hands because it can cause you to suffer from frostbite. Do not forget to wrap the dry ice into a piece of cloth to avoid damaging the paint.

Also, keep in mind that the DRY ICE method may not work for major damages and for car parts that are being supported underneath. 

use dry ice to remove car dent

Make sure to use "dry ice" it is the same type of ice found in skating rinks

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Tip #3. Using a plunger

Things needed: sink or toilet plunger the smaller the cup is the better, hot water, clean cloth.

This all-time favorite plumbing tool is also known to have another purpose which is to help remove minor car dents. All you need to do is to wet the damaged surface with warm or hot water and start applying pressure by a continuous push and pull movements until the dent pops back to its own original form. 

Using plunger to remove car dent

Do not forget to clean the plunger thoroughly before using it on your car

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Tip #4. Using compressed air with a hairdryer

Things needed: one small can of compressed air (available in hardware or DIY stores), a typical hairdryer ( there is no need to buy if you do not have any you can borrow from your relatives and friends) 

Another easy to follow DIY tip to get rid of minor dents is by using a hairdryer till the area is too hot to touch then turn the can of compressed air upside down and start spraying the affected area allowing the dent to expand and pop because of the sudden drop in the temperature.

You can easily avail or purchase a can of compressed air from any of your local hardware stores here in your area. Aside from repairing dents, it is also effective for getting rid of clouds of dust and dirt from hard to reach areas. 

Using compressed air with a hairdryer

Another easy to follow DIY tip to get rid of minor dents is by using a hairdryer

A can of compressed air or dust cleaner can costs you anywhere from ₱250.00 to ₱1,500.00 depending on the brand and size.

The different methods that were discussed above may work or may not work on your vehicle. There is really no harm in trying these DIY hacks and see for yourself what type of solution works best.

car dent

There is really no harm in trying these DIY hacks and see for yourself what type of solution works best

What's nice about these suggestions is that you don't have to spend thousands of pesos that can definitely leave a large dent on your bank account. The only time that you should bring your car to a reputable auto body works shop is if the damage is a lot more serious than what you've expected and the paint has been damaged. 

Another thing that you must remember after fixing the dent is to never attempt to repaint your car on your own. You may be tempted to buy a can of ready-mixed spray paint at the hardware to cover up the damage.

But in reality, repainting your car can give you bigger problems in the future especially if the new color won't match the original (which happens the majority of the time). Better let the professionals deal with these types of problems.

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