Refresh for the New Year: Customize or Clean your Car for an all-new look?

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Things to consider in deciding whether your car needs a car wash or customization for the New Year

The holidays are here, yet again! With the dashing gifts and the air of joyfulness around, you wonder for all of the things that you would like to have. It can either be a gift or what aspect in your life that you could start anew.

You look around and you see that your house needs a re-vamp. You look at your wardrobe and see that you need a major style change. You look at yourself and you immediately think that you need an astounding makeover, just for the eye-catching moment and for the bold statement.

You look around and you see your trusty car, parked on the garage and you question yourself, does it just need a car wash or is it time to dazzle things up a bit with your ride? After all, your ride signifies you and your personality.

Would you like to greet the upcoming year with a definite bang! Or just a clean and sleek up-do is the rightful answer? Whatever choices you make, remember these things from, that you should know if you're torn between deciding to thoroughly clean your car or customize it for the show.

#Option 1: Clean the car

When we say clean the car, scrubbing it or sticking to your typical clean-up routine isn't enough. This means that you have to take out the upholstery, scrub and shampoo it. Make sure that every corner of your car is dirt free and there are no potato chips hiding under it. The trash, the tissue paper and whatever that is filthy under the seats should be taken out.

Don’t forget the car’s engine, steering wheel, and dashboard components

This does not only mean that the interior and the exterior get a bath. You have to also get under the hood and clean engine grime and make sure it's still performing at its optimal.

Man cleaning the engine

Don't forget to clean engine grime and make sure it's still performing at its optimal.

Aside from these considerations, you also have to take a critical look at your dashboard. Maybe it needs to have timely updates or upgrades. For example, if you're steering wheel looks like the leather is all worn out, purchase a steering wheel cover of your choice and you'll instantly feel brand new when driving with it.

Also, take a look at the speedometer and check if you need to replace it. One aspect that you need to also take care of is the dashboard. You can either repaint it or replace it with the material of your choice.

The infotainment and aircon shouldn’t be forgotten

In cleaning your car, never forget your infotainment system. If it needs a dash of what new technology brings, buy some and replace your old and busted one. Your auto shop can also help you with its installation if you're having difficulties with it. It also helps to check the performance of your air conditioning system. Maybe it needs replacement or just a thorough cleaning session.

Man cleaning the infotainment system of a car

Cleaning your car's infotainment system is also necessary.

How to clean car Interior - Best tools for detailing

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Clean the headlights too and inspect the brakes, suspensions, and springs

Headlights are also important. As time goes by, the frames of your headlights may turn yellowish thus affecting your vision on the road. You can avail of a headlight restoration from your car supplier or from your trusted auto technician. Your brakes, suspensions, and springs should also be checked. It wouldn't hurt to spend for its replacement rather than be in an accident because you neglected on having it checked.

Man cleaning the headlights

The frames of your headlights may turn yellowish thus affecting your vision on the road, so cleaning your headlights is also necessary.

Before the New Year begins, check on these car aspects as it can literally save your life. Last but not least, check on your wheels. Make sure it is rightfully inflated and if it needs replacement, purchase a spare as well.

#Option 2: Customize the car

If you want to go for the ultimate game-changer, customizing your car would be the definite option. Customizing your car doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go overboard with the attention-seeking stickers, the over-the-top car paints full with explicit content. Customizing your car can simply mean that you want your car to be personalized. With a hint of your own personality and style, a common Sedan can be flashy and daring in an instant.

Here's everything you need to consider if you plan to customize your car:

New Windows & Sound System

First, you can look at your windows and identify if it needs replacing or not. If it does, identify whether if you'd like to replace your previous ones with a lighter tone or a darker one.

After your windows, you can take a peek inside and look at your sound system. The latest car models would have the latest set of sound systems. However, if you'd like to celebrate the simplicity and the uniqueness of having a cassette player inside, you can do so. Just remember to key in what your auto technician would say. Their opinions about your car are valuable.

Man replacing car's window

Identify if your car's mirrors need replacing.

New Set of Car Floor Mats, Pedals and Rim

Instead of scrubbing your floor mat into fooling everyone it’s brand new, you can do some shopping first and maybe set your eyes into more attractive-looking floor mats. After all, they come in various textures and designs; maybe you'd like to have some sort of personality in your car.

You can also choose to replace your existing pedals with a set of bad-ass, non-slippery ones. In addition, you can replace the rims of your wheels with either chrome-finished or painted alloy rims, whatever that makes your heart flowing with content.

Man placing a new car floor mat

Replacing your car's worn out floor mats is a good idea for the New Year car customization.

You can also purchase a new interior for your car seats. Instead of sticking out with a replacement to your faded one, you can choose to have a more striking-looking one.

Last but not least, is the paint job. If you'd like to have it, you can color your car with a new hue. However, if you’d like to paint your car with Marvel heroes on the side (to satisfy your Childhood memories), that is good as well. You can also have stickers or decals instead of a mind-blowing change, just to spice it up.

Customizing or cleaning your car for the upcoming year entails responsibility, hard work, effort, and cash. If you're low on budget, you don't have enough time and is looking to give your car a sleek finish, cleaning it would be the best option. However, if you're the type of person to have the money, the willingness, the boldness and the time for the customization process, then go for it!

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