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Traveling with pets can be quite challenging especially if they are not used to riding a car or vehicle. Check out pet travel tips brought to you by Philkotse.com right now!

Most of us get too excited about the idea of going out of town and bringing our pets along with us. Our dogs and cats are essential to us, and as responsible pet owners, it is just right that we make sure that our pets are comfortable and calm throughout the journey.

I also happen to own a big dog and I try to take him with me almost wherever I go because leaving him alone at the house is not an option. However traveling with pets can be quite challenging because most pets easily get stressed out and it manifests through vomiting, peeing all over defecating due to anxiety.

dogs on car

Most of us get too excited about the idea of going out of town and bringing our pets along with us

We surely do not want these things to happen to our pets; that is why we have to understand some essential things before bringing our pets with us.

Remember that pets are different from human beings and some of them quickly get stressed and confused when riding cars (my dog even vomited and peed inside the car when we took him to another town). So here are some pet travel tips from Philkotse.com to ensure that our fur babies are happy at all times.

comfortable pet

We need to make sure that they are comfortable inside the vehicle at all times

Do not allow your fur babies to sit in front of the car- If there is a new law that children below 12 years old or 4’11 should not be allowed to sit in the front passenger seat, the same type of legislation should also apply to pets. Although it is quite a typical scenario for me to see some owners with their pets on their laps (especially small breeds), it does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

Our pets have the tendency to get too overexcited inside the car, and in some cases, they love moving around which can be distracting to the driver. Your pet might accidentally push some buttons or nudge the steering wheel that can result in an accident.

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dog in front seat

Pets in the front seat is not a safe driving habit because it can cause a lot of distractions

Make sure to invest in a good pet harness- If you are riding a car one of the biggest challenges that you can encounter is the limited space. Putting your pet inside a crate may not be the best idea, so another option is to use a harness instead to keep them in place. Most dogs tend to move around and stick their heads anywhere, and this can be very risky. It is better to use a harness to prevent your pets from jumping out of the car.

pets on a harness

A harness will keep you and your pet safe inside the vehicle. It is a good idea to invest in high quality and an adjustable harness that you can use for a very long time.

Avoid feeding your pet before the trip- If your pet is not used to riding a vehicle, then there is a possibility that your dog can suffer from dizzy spells too. Once your pets get queasy, then they often vomit and become weak. I felt like a bad dog owner when my pooch threw up on me twice during his first out of town trip and all of a sudden he was not feeling well.

Now I have learned my lesson by feeding him a light meal a few hours before riding the car. Also, by the way always bring plastic bags and cleaning stuff like wet wipes and alcohol so it will be easier for you to clean up the mess just in case your pets throw up.

Do not overfeed your dog or cat before traveling because there is a chance that he might throw up and not feel well for the rest of the ride.

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cat on dashboard

Bring a portable pet drinking bottle handy at all times as this will be very useful

Bring water for your pets- Make sure that your lovely pets are hydrated at all times. Because just like us human beings they also get thirsty. Bring a portable pet drinking bottle handy at all times as this will be very useful.

Put diapers on your pets- If they are not yet potty trained, pets especially male dogs tend to mark their territory by peeing on their desired surface. We do not want that to happen to our car seats, mats and floors because the entire vehicle is going to stink real bad.

To prevent mishaps from taking place make sure you let your pets use a disposable diaper, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In the absence of pet diapers, you can use baby diapers instead as an alternative by merely putting a hole on the back portion so their tails can fit and prevent the thing from sliding off.

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dog on car

Allow your pet to get used to cars

Allow your pet to get used to cars- Most pets get overwhelmed with moving vehicles so before deciding to bring them with you on out of town trips it would be better we start taking them to shorter trips. You can start bringing your pets on shorter trips daily just for them to get used to the idea of riding a moving vehicle.

They should also work on their balance and behavior while on the road. It is also recommended to let your pet walk in between the short rides. Do not forget to bring a couple of plastic bags for your pooch that will be used to clean up his mess just in case he decides to take a bathroom break in between walks.

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Take your pets to shorter rides for him to get used to riding a car. Make sure to teach your pets how to behave properly inside the vehicle. This is possible as long as you have the right amount of patience when training your pets.

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