Modified Mitsubishi Mirage G4: Manifesting the brand’s racing DNA

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Add life to your small sedan.

Now that Mitsubishi’s performance division, Ralliart, is officially back, we can expect to see more exciting products from the Japanese marque. Ralliart has delivered some of the most iconic Mitsubishi models that we still know of today especially from the car brand’s motorsport glory days.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 (facelift)

But the returning Ralliart is still taking its time before rolling out various performance-inspired parts and accessories. This would be the time for Mitsubishi owners to head start the fun of modifying their vehicles, and the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is one of the vehicles on the list.

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is the Japanese marque’s entry to the subcompact sedan segment. There’s not a lot of parts and features installed in this vehicle considering that it is sold as a volume seller, making it even more enjoyable to work on. Plus, turning this economy car into a performance-looking sedan should bring satisfaction to certain owners.

To give some ideas, here are three Mitsubishi Mirage G4s that received any sort of modification from the front to the back. Take note, considering that the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 facelift is still relatively new in the market, the following modded units are still on their pre-facelift versions.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4: Rocket Bunny Inspired

In the automotive scene, Rocket Bunny is like music to car enthusiasts’ ears as it has produced some of the best aftermarket looks of the cars it worked on. It is a Japanese car tuner that specializes in wide-body kits. This is why N1 Body Kit Center gave the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 a Rocket Bunny-inspired modification and it turned out looking snazzy.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Rocket Bunny Inspired [Mod: N1 Body Kit Center]

The two-tone paint scheme consisting of orange and black gave the vehicle a well-rounded appearance. It features a blacked-out roof, hood, trunk, and wheels. And since it is Rocket Bunny-inspired, N1 Body Kit Center installed wide-body kits with exposed riveting to create a rugged appeal.

One subtle modification that gives character to the front end is the reworked headlights that seem to be integrated with LEDs. It comes with a smoked housing to match the two-tone paint. However, the taillights appear to be untouched which should be fine considering the amount of work done on the rear end.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

N1 Body Kit Center makes snazzy wide-body kits

N1 Body Kit Center made sure that aerodynamics play a role in the overall build. To do just that, the company added a front splitter or lip, canards, rear diffuser, and massive wing or spoiler, all finished in black. In addition, the modified Mitsubishi Mirage G4 features a vortex generator reminiscent of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

No interior photos can be seen. But in a heavy mod setup like this, it would be great to match it with sport bucket seats with any kind of orange accents. If the owner does not have kids or drive this for family use, then another ideal mod is to remove the rear seats to make room for the roll cage, completing the rally car look.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 rear view

Aerodynamic-looking Mirage G4

Rounding off the modification are the brand stickers on the windows and doors, adding a performance-ready look. N1 Body Kit Center is known to make Rocket Bunny-inspired modifications including the Nissan Almera. Both look similar from the get-go, but the Nissan sedan received subtle Nismo-inspired enhancements.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4: Simple yet refined

Looking at the Rocket Bunny-inspired Mitsubishi Mirage G4 modification, the owner seems to have invested quite a lot to attain that look. However, you don’t need to dish out a huge amount of cash just to get your subcompact sedan done. This was proven by Thomas Hauska and his lightly-modified Mirage G4.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

Wheels looking fresh [Mod: Thomas Hauska]

The owner revealed the parts he installed on the vehicle. On the exterior, a Mitsubishi Thailand Sports Grille was added, separating his unit from the rest. This grille also comes with the Mitsubishi logo finished in red which looks similar to the one installed on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 – but larger.

A set of body kits were included in the build, including a front bumper and side skirts. As a result, the Japanese sedan looks more ready to get up to speed. The last addition that can be seen on the exterior is the 8-spoke wheel finished in black with a chrome surround which provides an upscale appearance.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 rear view

Create a distinction with a few additions

Aside from the good stuff on the design, the owner also installed performance upgrades, more specifically in the suspension and handling. Eibach springs were equipped to the vehicle, lowering the modified Mitsubishi Mirage G4 by 25mm. This is a popular mod to make the vehicle possess a more sporty appeal.

Lastly, the engine bay received an Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar coated in white. It improves the handling of the vehicle especially when driving through corners. With all of the upgrades, this Mitsubishi Mirage G4 comes out looking better and driving more stable.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4: Heavy on mods

If you have the budget, then the modification on your Mitsubishi Mirage G4 is limitless. Simply take a look at this modified unit posted by Galeri Kereta. It is a heavily-modified Mirage G4 that comes with a busy color scheme and scissor doors, which are modifications you don’t normally see every day.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

Not your usual Mirage G4 [Photo: Galeri Kereta]

Red, white, and black were the chosen colors for this particular build, with hints of silver on the graphic art. The front part of the vehicle is covered in black including the roof, while the rest is in white. With the headlights colored in red, they add life to the front end. It seems to be installed with LEDs as well, creating an eye-like finish.

The scissor doors appear to be the highlight of the mod. It is an upgrade that not a lot of car owners do which you can take advantage of if you want to drive a unique vehicle. To give the Mirage G4 a modified look, the owner also lowered the vehicle closer to the ground which is normally done for aerodynamic purposes. But for this case, it’s probably for show only.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 front view

Arrive with a flair

With the “RESBAK” sticker and Philippine plate placed on the left-hand side like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, one can say that this modified Mitsubishi Mirage G4 was built locally. That said, you can find the parts of this mod easier if you happen to fancy this work.

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Know more about Mitsubishi Mirage G4 2023

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

The Mitsubishi Mirage G4 2023 is the subcompact sedan entry of the Japanese automaker. It is also regarded as the sedan counterpart of the Mirage hatchback. They both share a lot of mechanical components, and they even use the same 1.2-liter inline-3 gasoline engine MIVEC engine that makes 77 horsepower and 100 Nm of torque. In the Philippines, Japanese car brand Mitsubishi markets four variants of the Mirage G4 sedan, with a price ranging from PHP 769,000 to PHP 899,000. In 2023, Mitsubishi introduced the limited edition Mirage G4 GLS Sport, which is priced at Php 929,000.

Both top-spec trim GLS and the mid-range GLX come with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), while the entry-level GLX uses a five-speed manual gearbox instead. Dimensions-wise, this vehicle has a length of 4,305 mm, a width of 1,670 mm, and a height of 1,515 mm. Some of the rivals of the Mirage G4 include the Toyota Vios, Honda City, and Nissan Almera.

₱ 769,000 - ₱ 929,000

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