List of 10 most trusted auto services centers & repair shops in the Philippines

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Here's a list of our top 10 most trusted auto repair services and car repair shops in the Philippines.

Top 10 best auto repair service centers and repair shops in the Philippines

Looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and “value for your money” car repair shop nowadays is hard.

There are many horror stories that we’ve heard from countless car owners whose cars weren’t repaired in a timely manner or experiencing added stress from unscrupulous business owners who nickel and dime their customers. Or worse, outright scams.

A picture of a woman and a car mechanic

"It's a dead miss. We'll need to swap out the entire engine"

To help you our dear readers, here’s our list of top 10 best auto service centers and car repair shops in the Philippines. This list is in no particular order, will feature some shops from outside of Metro Manila, and it will also cover some specialists who focus on particular parts of a car. Check out our post to find car repair centers near your area.

Note: This article is by no means exhaustive and this is more like our top 10 list. 

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1. Drift Xaust

  • Address: Valley Fair Town Center, Ortigas Ext., Taytay Rizal, Philippines 1920
  • Contact numbers: 09174646222

While not a repair shop per se, Drift Xaust can provide your car a reliable, race-engineered exhaust system that is designed to increase your car’s engine output significantly.

Drift Xaust can locally produce highly advanced exhaust systems because like you and me, they’re actually really passionate car enthusiasts who have extensive experience in motorsport, specifically drag racing and circuit racing.

That pretty much explains how they’re incorporating their performance know-how into streetcars.

A picture of the Drift Xaust Mustang at the Drift Xaust Shop

Drift Xaust, a shop owned and managed by a car enthusiast open for everyone 

Drift Xaust can provide you with full exhaust systems, cat-backs, axle-backs, K and N Air Intake system, a speed booster, and front-mounted intercooler systems.

2. Goodyear Servitek

Servitek Branches 
Goodyear Philippines Contact number
Goodyear Servitek - Richwell
  • Address: Quezon Ave., Santa Mesa Heights, Quezon City
  • Contact No.: (02) 8732 5141
Goodyear Servitek - Las Piñas
  • Address: Almanza Dos., Las Piñas, Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: 09176235962
Goodyear Servitek - Santa Cruz
  • Address: 1745 Dimasalang, Santa Cruz, Manila, 1014
  • Contact No.: (02) 8732 2371
Goodyear Servitek - Laoag
  • Address: John Henry Car Care Center, Gen. Segundo Ave, Brgy 12, Laoag City, 2900 Ilocos Norte
  • Contact No.: (077) 772-0133; 773-2227

If you aren’t living under a huge rock, then you might’ve heard of Goodyear. If you haven’t heard of them, then they’re a tire and rubber company and they’re huge.

Being a huge tire company, Goodyear has shops spread all around the world and those shops are called Servitek.

A picture of a Servitek branch in Metro Manila

Goodyear's in the tire business for a long time so they know what they're doing

Apart from selling tires, Servitek can provide wheel alignment services, car batteries, change oil, suspension repair, and brake repair. So essentially, they’re a full-on auto repair shop except for car electronics.

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3. Motech

Founded by Mr. Rommel Naguiat, a professional automotive technician, Motech was initially known as Ride Center Phils. Inc. In 1994, the name changed to Motech Automotive.

At that time, the company also entered a partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA.

In the present, MOTECH now has several branches all around the Philippines. They now have a total of 32,000 individual customer entries in their database.

A picture of a Motech brand in Metro Manila

Motech. They work closely with TESDA and that's a sure sign of quality

In 2017, they entered their 40th year which is a significant milestone for a local business.

Apart from providing car repair and maintenance services, Motech also sells car batteries, car tires, car washing implements, and many other automotive accessories.

Motech also has Motech Plus which is a membership kind of arrangement that includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, personal accident insurance, and discounts.

For more details about the nearest Motech in your area and how to contact them, visit the official Motech website.

4. Yock’s Auto Electrical Repair Shop

  • Address: 517 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila
  • Contact No.: (02) 8514 8094

While we’ve talked about tire specialists, exhaust specialists, and auto repair generalists, it’s time we introduce a repair shop that you can turn to whenever you have electrical problems with your car.

Those issues, after all, can become common with older cars and it can become quite stressful especially when the starting your car is involved.

A picture of the Yock's Auto Electrical Repair Shop

Yock's can also handle all kinds of electronics issues. Even on marine engines

And that’s what exactly what Yock’s Auto Electrical Repair Shop can do. They can address alternator issues, and car starting issues. Apart from that though, Yock’s can also fix all kinds of AC/DC motors and generators.

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5. Notorious Motorsports

  • Address: 8280 Dr. A Santos Ave., Sucat, at the back of SM Hypermarket, Parañaque
  • Contact No.: 09175359355

According to Notorious Motorsports themselves, they’re the one-stop-shop for addressing “kalampang” issues, engine problems, brake issues, wiring optimization, car AC repair, turbo installation, and sound set-up installation.

Apart from those, Notorious Motorsports, as the name implies, also sell performance parts, car accessories, OEM parts, as well as mags and tires.

A picture of the Notorious Motorsports garage

As the name implies, they're big on making things go FAST

6. V-MAC Car Display Center and Auto Repair Shop

  • Address: In front of SM City, Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland, Davao City, Philippines
  • Contact No.: 0999007786/ 09306248689/ 09367060717

Established way back in February 2011, V-MAC Car Display initially sold 2nd-hand surplus cars from Korea and Japan.

Nowadays, V-MAC also has a car repair shop capable of providing headlight restoration, paint restoration, car repair, oil change, brake pad replacement, car accessories, and pick-up truck bed liner installation.

A picture of a V-MAC employee installing car window tints

Yes, their shop also does tint installation

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7. Cars 101

  • Address: 518 Quijano Compound, V. Rama, Calamba, Cebu City.
  • Contact No.: +63 922 691 3228

Another specialist in this list Cars 101 and they can provide premium painting for all kinds of vehicles from motorcycles to SUVs. Apart from painting, Cars 101 can also fix car dents and scratches.

A picture of Cars 101's shop with a car mid-paint job

Cars 101 is one of the best car paint shops in Cebu

8. Rapide Auto Service – Car Repair

  • Address: Guzman Street, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
  • Contact No.: (033) 500 4754

As one of the largest car repair shop franchises in the Philippines, Rapide has branches from Mindanao to Luzon. And one of the most trusted car repair shops in Iloilo City is in fact, one of theirs.

A picture of Rapide's Iloilo Branch

Rapide's Iloilo branch

As for Rapide as a whole, their company provides basic car maintenance which is on par with the quality a “casa” can provide.

If you want to know more about Rapide, you can visit the official Rapide website. They even have an online estimator and you can also set your appointments on the website.

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9. Rapide Auto Service Zamboanga

  • Address: Zamboanga, 7000 Zamboanga Sibuguey
  • Contact No.: 09356445691

Like we’ve said, Rapide is one of the largest car shop franchises in the country. As such, they also have a very popular branch located in Zamboanga City.

10. Mike’s Auto Repair Shop

  • Address: Balite Dr. Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte

Mike’s Auto Repair Shop is one of the more obscure ones here on this list. It’s not a large franchise like Rapide but they’re services are as diverse.

More diverse even because they actually have an in-house bodywork specialist, a car paint specialist, and Mike himself is a very level headed and patient mechanic that can address mechanical problems even for the most obscure of vehicle models.

A picture of the intersection in front of MIke's Auto Repair Shop

Follow the red arrow, and you'll find Mike's

Mike’s specialization, however, is his godlike skill when it comes to diagnosing and repairing Kei trucks, a.k.a. multicabs.

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Best auto service centers in the Philippines: A must for the car owner

A trusted mechanic is your best friend regardless of what kind of car you own. He or she is someone you can turn to when you’ve reached a wall with regards to your project car, as well as the person who you can turn to when purchasing a used vehicle.

Note also that this article is by no means is this article exhaustive though because we're quite sure that there are thousands of mechanics and car repair shops here in the Philippines who are worthy of your trust.

As such, we hope this list has helped you get an overall idea of trusted car repair shops near you. And for more useful articles like this, keep reading here on

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