Choose the best car window tint: Essential tips & tricks for Pinoy drivers

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Don't want the sun to visit your car this summer? It's time to get your car tinted properly with those useful tips from Philkotse.

When the sun is hot and beating down into the interior of any car, car window tint is the best solution to help the heat trapped in the passenger compartment.  to do several things besides obscuring any clear car window and has several benefits that shouldn’t be ignored at all. Do so at your own risk and have the passenger compartment suffer the ill effects of unobstructed ultraviolet sunlight.

This article will discuss useful tips and tricks to choose the best tint within a reasonable budget. It also points out the importance of car tint when the road trip will be often for vacation-goers. For the smart motorist; this small investment may not cost much but does have extra dividends for the expense. Let's check out! 

Window tint enhance car look

Car window tint will also enhance the car exterior appearance 

I. Benefits of car window tint

When the windows are tinted; there are several benefits that should be of interest for many motorists to know about. Here are the benefits that should be noted; when best car window tint is installed on all windows.

  • It prevents about 99% of ultra-violet rays from entering the cars passenger compartment to cool the interior and prevent excessive heat to damage the plastic car parts and leather especially!
  • The car window tint will improve the exterior appearance of the car.
  • Provides privacy when out on the road.
  • Motorists don’t realize that car window tint will protect plastic and fabric from getting cracked, faded, and at the extreme will stop warping of material accents inside the passenger compartment.
  • When driving the applied tint will lessen blinding sunlight when driving. Without it; the driver will squint, and that can be dangerous when driving at speed!
  • The sun’s ultraviolet rays may be harmful with too much exposure; the tint lessens that intensity of the UV rays hitting our skin.

window tint prevent sun

Car window tint prevents excessive heat to damage the plastic car parts inside the cabin

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II. Choose the best type of car window tint

It is best to know what kind of car window tint that is available; to choose from. When going out to have it done; there’s little chance of double talk when choosing the proper film. The buyer is aware of the tinting options and their specs, to choose the preferred one not what is not needed!

1. Infrared car window tint

Not so dark with light tint with high visibility, but blocks the ultraviolet rays like regular tint. These films are non-fading, and it will last long without chipping or getting peeled off in time. This works for those who don’t go for too dark tints or have difficulty driving at night too.

2. Metallic Film 

When more reflection is desired from heat and ultraviolet rays inside the passenger compartment, consider Metallic film that has a shiny and sleek exterior on the outside of the window. It is made with metal, that can block mobile phone signals. GPS will be blocked by the film; consider this drawback before choosing this car window tint. If more privacy is preferred this will do fine but comes with problems for mobile transmissions. Frequent mobile users who need to communicate; should avoid using this car tint.

3. Carbon Films 

These tinting films are made for prolonged use and are durable as well. This kind of car window tint film will block the most heat and ultra-violet rays than either metallic or infrared car window tint. The best thing about it is that it does not hinder signals from mobile phones. This presents the best options for mobile users as well, and made for long use too!

Comparing window tint! 30% vs 15% vs 5%

4. Coating Tinting 

Another form of car window tint is Coating tinting that is not easy to apply, compared to film car tint. It will cost more and the process of removing, and spraying on the window glass is too tedious. It lasts longer than film window tint but needs professional application.

5. OEM Tinting 

Glass windows have this included when the glass is made, especially for cars. But, limited UV protection is what it has; so better add more tint for darker and better UV protection.

III. Tips & tricks when getting car window tint

Next, here are the steps to go about to get the best car window tint. All these tips and pointers in the primer are meant to maximize the benefits with the least expense, without spending so much. Although getting the best option; might cost a bit though but these guidelines should point out the best option!

1. Choose authentic car tint, not bogus cart tint

There are some things to look out for when shopping for the best car tint.

Here is what some tricks that shops do to make a buyer buy the less than standard quality car window tint. Be careful in order not to mess up your car. 

  • The degree of tinting is not legit, and the grade of the tinting film is faked by the seller.
  • Most cart tint films do look similar, and some merchants might pass off cheaper quality films at a higher price.
  • Demos are done with good quality tints but are switched during installation. 

2. Find a reputable shop

Have it done by a reputable shop and a professional installer, and know where authentic tints are sold.

professional car tint shop

Have your window tinted by a professional store

3. Don't waste money on low-quality tints

Never opt for cheap tints that won’t last long and will not have enough UV protection or shade too!

Remember that proper quality, installation, and performance are key to getting most of the right window tint for your car this summer 2019.

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