4 easy steps for Filipino car owners to remove your car's tint bubbles

Updated Jun 14, 2018 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

This article will give you a look at how the process is done, whether at home or at an auto business.

Sometimes in your car’s lifecycle, you will almost certainly be bothered by the bubbles showing up inside the window film. This occurs in any kinds of film. If it’s newly bought, it should be taken to the store that applied the film or a professional maintenance service center. However, if it has been a while or it is not convenient to go all the way to the store, and you happen to be a DIY addict, these car maintenance tips may help you get the job done.

Be careful, though, as this advice only works when the coherence of the film is still in a mint condition, or at least the glue hasn’t been used up. Otherwise, seek a replacement instead. Truth be told, bubbles are also a way for the tint to tell you that it probably cannot hold on for too long.

1. Apply high heat

Film and glue are both sensitive with high heat, and they are flexible. Technically, connections between the adhesive’s molecules are prone to high heat and will return to their basic state when cooled down, so we can control its stickiness in the cooldown process. The same principle goes for the film. This practice can be done by just exposing the car to the sun, or quicken the process by using hair dryer/heat gun if you are a busy person.

A red Tesla parked under the sun light

The sun will help you loosen the film

2. Make the tint and the glue flexible

Heat isn’t the only way to manipulate the nature of these two components. Soap and water would be a good combination. Prepare the mixture and apply to the affected area. The combination of soap water and heat will make the tint and the glue more flexible to work with.

How to Remove Bubbles

3. Remove the bubbles

Poke a hole onto the bubbles gently so that the action doesn’t ruin the tint. Check the moisture of the film, the recommended practice is to soak it with the soap water mixture mentioned above. The flexibility of the tint and the stickiness of the glue is also important when you remove the bubbles.

A man wearing gloves cleaning a car's windows

Be gentle while removing those bubbles

4. Push out the bubbles

Use a hard long piece of plastic to gradually push the air out of the film. The practice is pretty straightforward: Press the piece of plastic onto the edge of the bubble, hold tight, and slowly move it toward the poked point. This helps to push the air out and sticking the tint back to the window simultaneously. You want to be gentle with the action because the tint can be fragile and breakable under overwhelming pressure. Again, make sure the tint and the glue are wet throughout the process.

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