Best high quality OBD-II car diagnostic scanners

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Let's find out some of the best budget-friendly OBD-II scanners available in the market.

Today’s modern vehicles have leveled up in comfort, convenience, and/or performance, but it’s not only in those three areas that modern vehicles have improved. Maintenance and repair have also become easier, thanks to the advancement in technology.

One of the tools we owe our thanks to is the OBD-II (OBD2) Car Diagnostic Scanners. Like most of the common tech we find in modern vehicles, these were present even years ago, but are only widely appreciated.

This article from will tell you all you need to know about OBD-II car diagnostic scanners.

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanners.

One of the tools we owe our thanks to is the OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanners

OBD-II Car Diagnostic Scanners

An OBD-II Car Diagnostic Scanner is one of the many tools that professionals use today. These scanners diagnose and troubleshoot today’s modern vehicles. OBD-II diagnostic scanners are the simplest car code readers out there – but they are in no way less important than the rest.

OBD-II Car Diagnostic Scanners are usually available at local auto supply stores. These can come in a wide range of prices. Some OBD-II Scanners can be cheap and affordable, while some can also cost quite a chunk of money. Take note that knowing which trouble codes are present in your car is not the solution. It's the first step in the diagnostic process.

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanners

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanners are usually available at local auto supply stores

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What you need in an OBD-II car diagnostic Scanners

Here are a few matters you should take into consideration when picking your OBD-II scanner:

Live Data Streaming

Diagnostics tools should be useful. To consider one useful, it should be able to interface with your vehicle’s computer and display the live data you need.

There are scan tools in the market designed to only show a list of the available data. Other scan tools pull only specific parameter IDs (or PIDs) then make a custom list.

This can be useful while you’re in the diagnostic process, allowing you to look out for problems while you’re on a test drive. You can find a decent scanner with this capability in most auto parts and supply stores.  Though they may not be the cheapest, they are a reliable choice. The cheapest that you can go for is an ELM 327 scanner.

Diagnostics tools displaying live data.

Diagnostics tools should be useful. It should also be able to display the live data you need

You can plug these types of scanners into the OBD-II port of your car. You can then use an ELM327 microcontroller to connect the vehicle in your car with a tablet, a phone, or a laptop.

You can also use a Bluetooth setup or a USB cable to create a connection. If you have a laptop or a mobile device, you can opt to buy a premium ELM3327 software. Now we know that's going to cost you, but try and compare that to buying a traditional scanner. The chances are you might even save more money.

Diagnostic Procedures

There are tons of cheap and scan tools and code readers, that much we know. The problem is that these affordable options usually lack a very important feature – the knowledge base. This is a feature that mostly only the best and high-quality diagnostic tools have.

Dependable scanners grab codes and show data at a highly efficient pace. Aside from that, high-quality scanners also give users diagnostics methods. This depends on the user if he wishes to follow them. In some cases, these may also include instructions on how to test a specific part’s working condition.

Technicians working with diagnostic tools carry tons of experience in this field. No cheapskate diagnostic tool will be able to match that height of expertise. That’s why it’s important for every skilled technician to have an OBD-II diagnostic scanner.

Diagnostic scanners used by technician

Technicians working with diagnostic tools carry tons of experience in this field

A scanner that levels his capabilities will be best for every technician. You can also find free help online about your diagnostic tool. If you have trouble with your vehicle, someone out there may already have the same experience.

If you’re lucky enough, some of these people are tech-savvy. They might even post about their experiences online. Try joining online forums and groups that share the same interest as you. This is one of the genuine ways you can get suggestions and recommendations.

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OBD-II Car Diagnostic Scanner Suggestions

If you’re having a hard time getting the OBD2 diagnostic scanner you need, don’t worry. We listed down a few of them that you can find online. This way, you won’t have to make several trips just to hunt for that perfect scanner.

Foxwell NT614

This OBD-II from Foxwell is one of the leading choices of car owners everywhere. It supports tons of languages and supports most vehicles from 1996 to 2019. It comes with easy-touch buttons and function and shortcut keys for faster operation.

It can check the transmission, engine, airbags, and engine among other parts. It offers an easy to use overall system that provides a stable and accurate diagnosis. It can also clear and read engine trouble codes as well as freeze data. You can buy the Foxwell NT614 car diagnostic scanner from a leading online site at the cost of approximately Php 9,000.00.

OBD2 from Foxwell

This OBD-II from Foxwell is one of the leading choices of car owners everywhere

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Ancel X6 Car Diagnostic Tablet

Our chosen device from Ancel is also a leading choice when it comes to this category. The X6 comes with a full system of diagnostic capability. It also has 10 other special functions. The brand also promises to support up to 72 vehicles.

The Ancel X6 is also very easy to use. If you're still having a hard time, it comes with a comprehensible procedure. Every sale of the Ancel X6 Car Diagnostic Tablet gives you a 6-item kit. You get the actual tablet, the X6 device, a charger head, a charging cable, and a quick start guide. You can buy the Anxel X6 from a leading e-commerce platform for approximately Php 15,000.00.   

Ancel FX3000

This last suggestion is another more affordable choice from the brand, Ancel. This OBD-II scanner can diagnose up to four systems: the engine, the Anti-Braking System, the airbags and the transmission. It comes in a sleek design that’s easy to hold. It can also support up to sixteen automobile brands in Asia. If you want the FX3000, get ready to churn out Php 10,000.   

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