6 useful things you can do with your car amid COVID-19 [Quarantine Tips]

Mar 27, 2020 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates
Bored due to the enhanced community quarantine? Consider doing these things.

During these times when the COVID-19 pandemic is rampaging all across the world, and when an Enhanced Community Quarantine is in effect on most Philippine regions, there’s nothing we can do but stay put.

Staying inside your house, however, can do several weird and outright terrible things both to your mind and body. But guess what car owners – it’s also quite terrible for your car. So what can you do? Well, here are several constructive things you can do to (and with) your car during these times.

A picture of a couch potato

Being a couch potato isn't healthy nor is it something to be proud of

Also, we’d rather like to think that these activities are good for you, too. They’ll keep you busy and keep your mind off other stressful things, and they’re good physical activity as well.

So without further ado, here’s a list.

1. Give your car a good old wash

Since the start of the enhanced quarantine period, many businesses temporarily halted their operations. These include your favorite car wash place. There’s also the fact that you were busy for the past weeks in securing needed supplies, so you practically had no time to actually give your car a glance and therefore see how dirty it is.

A picture of the compressor washing car tires

If you have your own garage or yard, and better yet, a compressor. Then you're golden.

As such, one fruitful activity you can do during these times is to give your car a thorough and proper wash. Do note though that not all of us can do this, especially those living in condos. So do check first with your homeowner’s association guidelines if you’re allowed to wash your car in your condo’s parking lot.

2. Check everything

Guess what folks, this quarantine isn’t going to last forever. So by that reasoning, you’ll get to drive your car in the near future.

A car parked for weeks, however, might exhibit some potential issues. After all, it was idle for a good amount of time, so there’s a chance that leaking and other similar problems have had the chance to rear their ugly faces.

Some of these issues include air leaking from the tires, battery gunk especially on the terminals, etc. There are even some unique problems typical to a parked car like an accumulation of bird poop, and actual animals living inside your engine bay.

A picture of a parked car next to some essential car fluids

Don't forget to top off those fluids

To address these, we highly advise you to perform a thorough check on your car, from the interior, down to the under-chassis, and on the engine bay. We also recommend giving your vacuum hoses, intake hoses, and battery terminals, and electrical wires a good yank or two as animals like rodents might have gotten to them already.

If more than one of your tires has deflated, then we suggest addressing these immediately because letting your car rest on flats will damage the wheels, and in some cases (heavier vehicles) even the suspension system.

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3. Start it up

Another way of ensuring the health of your vehicle during these “no-drive” times is to start it up, and let it idle for about ten minutes every day.


Well doing this will circulate oil inside your car’s engine, thus ensuring that rust won’t take hold. Also, the vibrations of the car will help clear out bugs and other nasties that have made your car your home. It’s also helpful to your car’s alternator, as well as the air-conditioning and cooling system.

A picture of climbing car RPMS

Please don't rev your car especially if its sitting around for a long time

Do note though that if you have a newer car, you won’t have to do this often. 

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4. Engine and Interior Detailing

Everyone loves a clean interior, and all car guys will appreciate a spick and span engine bay. As such, we also recommend detailing those parts of your car.

For the interior, giving it a thorough clean will ensure the prevention of weird smells from accumulating, as well as preserving the quality of the fabrics, the seats, and other surfaces. You might also want to disinfect your car’s interior especially if you recently got the chance to drive out during your grocery runs.

A picture of a dirty car interior

Take this opportunity to rid your car's interior of all that accumulated dirt and gunk

As for the engine, apart from making it look great, you’ll be able to spot some issues while in the process of detailing. More importantly, however, doing these to completion will renew your price of ownership, as well as providing you a sense of accomplishment. A healthy and natural dopamine boost if you will.

5. Bumper-to-Bumper Check

Giving the exterior of your car a thorough bumper-to-bumper check is also a good idea. You’ll spot some problem areas that’ll need addressing when this quarantine is over, and you might even might some unique design quirks that’ll renew your interest in your car model.

You’ll also be able to spot when a certain part (especially under the car) needs replacing due to rust or wear and tear. Also, if you like modding, then getting more familiar with your car might inspire you for your next, post-quarantine set of car mods. How exciting right?

And lastly, walking, bending over, and staring at your car will get you up from your couch and actually doing something.

A picture of a man looking at his car

Also, don't be shy to talk to your car. Just check if someone's in hearing distance

6. Take a lot of Pictures

If you own a camera, and if by any chance that you have a well-maintained ‘90s classic, then it might be a good idea to take pictures of your car.

Not only will you get to sharpen your photography skills, but you’ll also have the chance to share your car with other car enthusiasts stuck in their homes right now.

A picture of a Honda City in a parking lot

Some parking lots aren't that bad for taking pictures

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Who knows, you might be able to inspire a budding car enthusiast with your tastefully modded ride. Right?

Also, taking photos of your car always beats just sitting on the couch for hours on end.

Did you find this list helpful? If it did, then keep reading here on Philkotse.com for more useful COVID-19 car enthusiast life tips. 



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