Trans Sport Show 2019: Full Steam Ahead at the SMX Convention Center

May 10, 2019 | Same topic: Trans Sport Show
The Trans Sport Show 2019 on May 23 - 26 is not just the longest running Car Trade Show in the Philippines, it is an Institution. Join for its 28th edition!

1. The Trans Sport Show is Back!

The Trans Sport Show is not just the longest running car event show in the Philippines, it has served as the pioneer, the authority of all car trade shows for the local car industry.

This May 23 until May 26 Tradeshow International, Inc. will hold the Trans Sport Show 2019 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. co-presented by Phoenix Petroleum and of course, you can expect to be there!

The Longest Running Car Show in the Philippines is BACK!

The Longest Running Car Show in the Philippines is BACK!

The 4-day annual motor show will bring together the finest builds from the different shops and garages in and around the metro. The event promises a lineup of more than 100 participants, whatever aspect of car culture you’re into, whether its restoration, resto-mods, JDM, Euro look the event will have it all for you.

These participants are of course competing for the much coveted Trans Sport Show Cup best of Show award, which will be determined by discriminating judges throughout the course of the festivities.

2. The Trans Sport Show: Historic & Iconic

Since 1992, the Trans Sport Show has served as the barometer for the local aftermarket and car industry and every year, the event seems to be growing bigger and bigger. It has in effect, been instrumental in shaping the local car culture for generations.

2018 Trans Sport Show

Tradeshow International, Inc. has also launched the hashtag #myTransSportShowstory to give everyone the opportunity to share their experience with Trans Sport Show throughout the last 3 decades. Many of the who's who in the local car industry have wonderful insights to share with all of us.

My personal #myTransSportShowstory involves this down on his luck college kid who just who is crazy over cars.

He frequently visits these motor shows no matter where they may be just to bask in the sights and the spectacle of these vehicles that you can’t take home with you, of cars you cannot afford. I guess they did have a point when they pointed it out to him that going to these events is the automotive equivalent of giving you blue balls.

Modified Mitsubishi Lancer TransSportShow

They Have your Lolo's Car, Restored!

The kid doesn’t really give 2 pieces about these opinions though because to him, the mere fact that he sees himself, basking in the glory of these wondrous machines. The smell of oil and petrol gives him a better feeling than the morning dew or freshly baked pandesal.

Instead of a crowd of rowdy fanboys of vehicles of it all. He used to tag along with his brother and his best friends to these trade shows but they can’t seem to match his enthusiasm, he really can’t blame them, imagine slogging it through the long lines, the heat from all the lights and the bodies, sweating almost in unison.

Your dream car showcased at Trans sport show

They have cars found only on posters in your bedroom wall

All that trouble just to take a quick glance at what he admits that he is one, he sees a community of like-minded individuals. He feels at home to be with his brethren.

He doesn’t mind nor does he get envious at that fact that he can never afford these cars, not now, not in a million lifetimes, just as the same way you can only look at paintings if the Mona Lisa, or the Last Supper. He appreciated them as art, and not as aspirational items.

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You can take the car away from the boy, but you can never take the boy away from the car.

You can take the car away from the boy, but you can never take the boy away from the car

They called him a fanboy, a masochist who likes to look at cars he cannot have. He calls himself an enthusiast a subscriber of the arts, and these cars, these are the masterpieces painstakingly perfected by their masters, and the Trans Sport Show is their Forum, your museum of sorts.

And. I am this boy...

3. The Trans Sport Show: Contact information

The Trans Sport Show has obviously influenced me to be who I am at this point in my life. Make sure that you share your story as well to be a part of what may be one of the most important events in Philippine Automotive Car Culture this year.

For inquiries regarding the event, you can contact the organizers at 0917-5322637, 0917-5322648, (02) 571-7551. You can email them at You can also find The Trans Sport Show 2019 on Facebook for updates.

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