[10+ images] The Hottest Car show girls at MIAS 2019

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How is a motor show without those hot and stunning beauties?

“Girls, girls, girls…” obviously I just recently saw the awesome Mötlëy Crüe Netflix biopic The Dirt the same week before heading over to the Manila International Auto Show 2019 and that song was just ringing in my head the entire time.

Sweet Smile

Sweet Smile

Walking through the packed halls of the World Trade Center in Pasay City, I came to a sudden epiphany, interspersed with all these wonderful new car models are car-show girls themselves dutifully posing next to them.

Always smiling and ready to glean out a smile at every onlooker taking pictures never have I ever been more convinced that the effect of girls and cars are to the male psyche is that powerful.

MIAS 2019 beauty

Pretty Wrangler Warrior 

Now I can almost hear pundits from a mile away saying how easy and mundane their jobs are, but after cover the Manila International Auto Show for hours on end I can unequivocally say that their jobs aren't as easy as you think, standing for hours on end and maintaining a semi-permanent smile is not a joke.

Car show girl at MIAS 2019

There are 2 types of guys who visit these trade events; one is the guys who are genuinely crazy about these machines that they are willing to brave the horrible heat and parking problems, pay the full admission price just for a glimpse of a car that would always be so much better than their current ride.

And one who would do the exact same thing as guy number 1 but is only there for the girls.

MIAS 2019 pretty girl

Getting Energized | IG: @cherbarnacha

It may sound creepy but that's the hard fact. The reason why car companies hire these ladies is for the draw. They catch our attention and throw away the keys and we just gawk at the super hot models.

Subie Beauty | IG: @mirtlecake

Subie Beauty at MIAS 2019

Hot girl at Subaru booth

Car show girl for Subaru brand

There were several occasions wherein I was taking my sweet time waiting for my chance for a photo opportunity but some guy just crowd around a shoe model, taking selfies with them and even another guy who uses their phone to snap videos of their curves and body parts.

All the while the girls maintaining their poise and all-around cheerfulness. They are professionals after all.

MIAS 2019 car show girls

Hide Your BF | IG: @sweet_nikamadrid16

Jimny car show girl

So how would you be able to be a Gentleman and take advantage of being surrounded by very beautiful people and NOT be creepy?

MIAS 2019 hot babe

Take Me Away | IG: gg365live

MIAS 2019 Beauty

Firstly never underestimate the power of your confidence. Do not be shy to approach these ladies and politely ask them if it is cool to take their pictures, or wave may be just a little bit just to grab their sweet attention.

Car show girls at MIAS 2019

Why GAC was a hit in 2019 | IG: @shaina_salazar

Do not linger too long than have to stand next to the pretty car-show girl. I know you've found a great spot to take pictures from but try being considerate. Thoughtfulness is the true sign of sexiness and women nowadays find a funny personality, politeness, and tact quite attractive.

MIAS car show girls

Bebe I Just Melted | IG: @katiekate_kitty

MIAS 2019 hot babe

Kia Miles of Smile

Finally, and most importantly, just don’t be a creep. I remember this one guy who took a lot of photos exclusively of a hapless model's curvy parts. I mean dude, what about the car? Or maybe even her face maybe?

MIAS 2019 Beauty

We all had fun last at last weekend's Manila International Auto Show and I enjoy the girls as much as the next guy, you know I'm just looking out for you guys! In fact here are a few of the best pictures of these hot babes.

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