MIAS 2019: Time to crossover with the new MG ZS 2019

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Morris Garages Philippines showcased the MG ZS 2019 crossover at MIAS and it drew a large crowd.

Update (May 27, 2019):

An in-depth review for the MG ZS 2019 Philippines is out now on Philkotse.com! Go to our car review section for further information regarding its detailed specs, performance, highlight features in and out!


If it’s not already apparent (as evident in our previous articles), Morris Garages Philippines which operates under the helm of The Covenant Car Company Inc. has made huge waves at the 2019 Manila International Auto Show.

This is due to their fancy, tastefully designed pavilion and their vehicle lineup which includes the very sporty and luxurious MG6 fastback sedan, the very functional and yet very stylish MG RX5 compact SUV and of course, the very affordable and yet quite capable MG ZS 2019 crossover.

MG ZS 2019 at MIAS

MG ZS 2019 showcased at Manila International Auto Show

While being all crowd pleasers during the entirety of the MIAS 2019, MG’s ZS crossover certainly was a standout among standouts because as we’ve observed during the event, people (especially younger couples and younger guys and gals) flocked most towards the very affordable vehicle the most.

What set’s the MG ZS apart? Well, let’s take a closer look then.

A frontal shot of the MG ZS at the 2019 MIAS

The MG ZS attracted old and young alike at the 2019 MIAS

1. MG ZS 2019: The Look

In comparison to other crossovers out there in the market right now, the MG ZS can be somewhat called conservative looking in its appearance. But as with many things, one can say for the case of the ZS is that “the devil can be found in the details.”

And indeed if one steps closer to take a good, focused look at the vehicle one can see very tasteful design choices that will resonate with casual drivers and car enthusiasts alike like how the vehicle doesn’t use fake vents, or how the two character lines at the hood so gracefully line up towards the crossover’s A-pillar. And towards the rear, MG cleverly uses the large, shiny MG badge as a tiltable latch to open the door itself…very clever.

An alternate shot of the front of the MG ZS

Aside from looking good, the MG ZS can function as a very capable daily driver

Now aside from clever design choices, the MG ZS also displays its practicality as it can readily accommodate a roof rack; a feature that many SUV and crossover users will come to appreciate greatly. Overall, from the outside, the ZS shapes up to be a very interesting vehicle especially with those with a keen eye.

2. MG ZS 2019: Interior

Now the interior of the MG ZS continues the theme of stylish functionality that other MG vehicles have. It has dark colored surfaces inside that upon inspecting with a touch can be found to be resistant to scratches and of course to due to dark hue, resistant to stains.

With the MG ZS’s amenities itself, the vehicle comes with an infotainment, touchscreen multimedia system that we have found to function a little faster and easier to understand than others out there.

Also, the spacing of the instrument panels and buttons are very ergonomic and as one famous car reviewer in youtube said; very logical in design. One nitpick we have with it though is the use of fake carbon on surfaces near the shifter which albeit is barely noticeable can be a point of contention to some car enthusiasts.

A picture highlighting the rear of the MG ZS crossover

The fun to use, rear door MG logo/latch of the MG ZS oftentimes gave a pleasant surprise

 As for the seats, the MG ZS 2019 is very comfortable and can fit up to five adults. Headspace and legroom are excellent and room for cargo is indeed spacious.

3. MG ZS 2019: Engine

The MG ZS is powered by a very sensible 1. Liter DOHC engine can that can make 113 horsepower and 150 nm of torque sent to the front wheels.

The power it produces is certainly enough for a crossover traveling within the city in tight roads, traffic and of course at the highway. It is certainly isn’t as strong as the engine of the more powerful MG RX5 but it will definitely be economical to run whether mated to the available 5-speed manual and the 4 speed automatic.

4. MG ZS 2019 Philippines: Price

Now, the most pleasantly surprising fact about the MG ZS is its price point which comes to about Php 818,888 for the base model MG ZS MT STYLE and Php 998,888 for the MG ZS AT ALPHA. This thus answers the reason as to why the MG ZS is very popular among the younger crowd.

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MG ZS 2019

MG ZS 2019 price in the Philippines starts from Php 818,888

Overall the MG ZS is a very practical, very interesting and quite good looking vehicle that many will certainly appreciate. For more information regarding the MG ZS and other Morris Garages vehicles, please stay posted here at Philkotse.com.

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