Isuzu displaying 3 PUV prototypes at 1st PH Auto Parts Expo

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Isuzu is also a top player in PUV Modernization Program.

According to latest car news, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is showcasing totally three newest PUV prototypes at the 1st-time organized Philippine Auto Parts Expo in Pasay City: the Class II type jeepney, the Isuzu-CENTRO prototype and the Class III category prototype. These three prototypes are considered as Isuzu’s bids for the PUV Modernization Program.

Three Isuzu PUVs

IPC is showcasing totally three newest PUV prototypes at the 1st Philippine Auto Parts Expo

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“Our prototypes conform with the initial standards released by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and we are happy with the outcome; but still we need to conduct series of tests to ensure passenger comfort,” IPC President Hajime Koso said in a statement.

The first prototype Isuzu brings to the expo is the Class II type jeepney which sits on the current NHR55 platform. However, the jeepney gets a new body on top – the fruit of the co-working with Almazora (as Koso mentioned). Making use of the existing standing orientation and side-facing seating, this PUV is able to cater 30 occupants. Besides, Isuzu also equips it with air-conditioning system and the 91 PS/196 Nm NHR55's 4JB1-TC engine.

Isuzu Class II type jeepney angular front

The Class II type jeepney gets a new body on top – the fruit of the co-working with Almazora 

For the Isuzu-CENTRO prototype, it is co-produced by CENTRO as its name implies. The prototype has the same carrying capability as the Class II type jeepney yet it is not air-conditioned; instead, panoramic-type side mirrors are added. This vehicle is powered by a Euro 4-compliant 4JH1-TC engine and shares platform with the upcoming Isuzu QKR77.

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Isuzu-CENTRO angular front

The Isuzu-CENTRO is powered by a Euro 4-compliant 4JH1-TC engine

The last PUV on display is the Class III category prototype which also receives help from CENTRO. Also riding on QKR77 platform but the PUV only accommodates 23 passengers and lacks air-conditions. Isuzu says that this PUV is good for longer trips in and out the metro.

Isuzu Class III category prototype  angular front

The Class III category prototype also receives help from CENTRO

By the way, today is the last day of the 1st Philippine Auto Parts Expo. So hurry up!

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