Wonder yourself: Are bigger car engines better?

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It’s a great reveal time! Does a large engine trump a smaller one? Keep reading cause you will be surprised by the answer!

Whatever car is decided upon, it really depends on the engine which drives the overall performance of any option. This article provided by Philkotse.com will clear up and show the real score, not on common misperceptions!

1. Big engines rule not small ones!

This is the most contested and often gets many answers that are often based on more personal experience than fact! Here in this article the question of whether bigger engines are better. Of course, there is the side that agrees and the one that doesn’t.

Or it can be summarized as the sub-compact car crowd and the ones with deeper pockets to indulge in the virtues of a bigger engine. 

bigger car engine

A result of this is that their cars are the best-selling which casts bigger engines in a bad light

By and far, most motorists drive cars with less than 1.5-liter engines have the most numbers. A result of this is that their cars are the best-selling which casts bigger engines in a bad light!

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2. What to consider?

  • Price-point
  • Actual fuel efficiency versus fuel economy
  • Practicality and functionality versus actual reality
  • Mechanical and electronic technology

All these facts should outline whether the argument is valid or not in regards to bigger engines. This is not to put down the virtues of smaller engines, but there are some “things” that be put straight so owners of cars with bigger engines will know the facts!

Not, be burdened with mistaken notions of fuel efficiency or doubt the better performance of their higher spec-engines.

car engine

Bigger engines are better by far!

Despite the better overall performance of bigger engines, when compared to smaller engines they get the hex for not having the fuel efficiency or better fuel consumption! In the end, cars with bigger engines are a victim of misperceptions that should be cleared up.

But, will the bigger is better argument prevail and give credibility to “bigger engines are better” than pewee powertrains? Let’s find out and roll out the facts.

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Go bigger, and that means a general bump up of all the sweet stuff that comes with a bigger engine. Why settle for a pewee powertrain, when a bigger monster of an engine is the best equipment of any car?

Forget about limited capacities of pewee engines compared to better accelerations and other performance specs, with power on demand! All because of the price point as a factor!

Big car engine

Bigger engines have better technology and specification than smaller engines, on all levels

Some would differ and adhere to the best price points, even if it means getting an underpowered car that could barely keep a decent speed on the freeway. Although, some exceptions are Chinese sub-compacts that have more than 1.2-liter engines, but suffer the pitfalls of most smaller engines.

As a rule, the price-point is no guarantee of a better option. Cheap cars will be bogged down with many disadvantages because a dirt-cheap price-point will tell later!

But a higher price-point will have the all the perks that come with it and the ease of just breezing it, on the freeway not slogging like a slow turtle!

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Actual fuel efficiency versus fuel economy

Most of the time big engines get the bad rep and are called gas guzzlers that spew out tons of carbon, and not environment-friendly! That was before, and now bigger engines are better and getting more fuel-efficient and economical for longer trips.

Also, city drives which meant that idling would eat up gobs of fuel are not the reality! Yes, read them and weep because smaller engines are falling behind very fast.

car engine zoom in

Fuel efficiency and economy in bigger engines are made real by these high-tech engine features

Recent developments in engine design, specifically in better fuel efficiency and economy in bigger engines are made real by these high-tech engine features. They are used in a premium car, SUVs, pickups, but not in smaller and cheaper sub-compacts.

Although, some carmakers like Mazda, Honda, Nissan are using other features that do just the same.

Compared to bigger engines, smaller engines are fuel-efficient and economical, but only in some circumstances. As a result, bigger engines have improved fuel efficiency and economy that is given a boost by high-tech features that small engines don’t have.

Poorly equipped and lacking because it relies on mechanical and high-tech features that enable better fuel efficiency and economy on a bigger engine.

car engine

Compared to bigger engines, smaller engines are fuel-efficient and economical, but only in some circumstances

Bigger engines are better because high-tech engine features that are key to more efficient engines. These cars have few limitations, unlike smaller-engined cars that suffer limitations. And that again will answer whether “bigger engines are better”!

Practicality and functionality versus actual reality

Bigger is better, and that is what a bigger engine is! Why should it even be compared to a pewee engine? These engines are aggravated by their low price point which is an every-day Joe’s car.

Anyway, why should there be innate disadvantages that pepper most micro and compact car options? As an option; compact cars that are bigger have more advantages than a teeny-tiny micro sub-compact by the way.

car engine

Compact cars that are bigger have more advantages than a teeny-tiny micro sub-compact by the way

  • Bigger cars can carry more loads and passengers.
  • Most big engines have better power and torque generated for faster accelerations and power on demand.
  • Whether in the city or the freeway, engine performance is optimum with premium features.
  • Bigger engine with fuel-saving tech and are trimming the lead of smaller engines fast!

Small engines will consume more fuel to haul more loads, passenger, and is very disadvantaged because of its low output power-train. Even attaching a CVT or better than 4-speed AT or 5-Speed MT can make it work any better.

Big engines are the definite win with all the real-world advantages, besides the fact it can afford owners better luggage space, performance, improved fuel efficiency and economy with extra perks. Unlike the lesser and troublesome alternative which proves and answers why bigger engines are better.

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Mechanical and electronic technology

Why should bigger engines be better than pewee engines? Go bigger and better because the higher price-point and real-world practicality and functionality; will boil down to tech that improves fuel efficiency and economy.

All bigger engines are equipped with these fuel-saving features that make them better, than small engines. 

car engine

More fuel-saving tech is packed into a bigger engine, than small ones

  • The auto engine starts and stops systems: It automatically stops and starts the engine when needed, to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Automatic cylinder deactivation: Shuts down a cylinder or two when it’s needed to save more fuel.
  • Variable Valve Timing and lift: Optimizes the opening and closing of tappet valves for better engine efficiency and fuel economy.
  • Direction injection: Fuel is injected in the piston chamber for a better air-fuel mix to create power efficiently.
  • Higher compression ratios: It enables engines to keep a high power-band without costing fuel efficiency an economy too much.
  • These features make a smaller engine less superior in overall performance.

Small engines are simpler and basic with few high-tech features like these. Cheap engines will have the cost that reflects its complexity or utter “simplicity”.

This finally shows that bigger engines are better and pewee engines will just eat the dust! Improvements due to tech that gives better fuel efficiency and the economy will be a definite win and negate the contrary.

Go bigger, not smaller!

Now, here are all the facts that point to bigger engines are better, with no doubt but some would disagree when the “best-selling” are pewee engine cars. But, that not the concern and big engine-cars are better more than ever over the compact crowd. The conclusion is not final, and it is totally preferential.

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