Top 5 best mid-sized sedans in the Philippines in 2021

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Besides SUVs, mid-sized sedans also have great features that surpass compact cars in the Philippines. Here are few to consider.

Next in line vehicles to buy are mid-sized sedans that are synonymous to entry level luxury and luxurious four door cars. These mid-sized cars are the go-to of executives and decision makers as must have cars.

If cost is no hindrance, then consider the best mid-sized sedans to buy because they offer the best options, over sub-compacts and compacts. Several criteria like performance, safety, size, comfort, and reliability to tie everything in, for a primer about these features. Buying cars that aren't decked out in, features that are needed can backfire.

Here tells you the reasons why to buy a mid-sized sedan in the Philippines:

  1. They aren’t small cars but as long and wide as mid-sized SUVs.
  2. Comfort features are prime, like SUV and cross-overs that cost as much.
  3. A sedan is a sportier option like a sports sedan that is midway to a sports car!
  4. Space is much better, and five adults will fit in the car.
  5. All the best comfort features are found in this class. It’s the Hilton on four wheels, not the flea-bag motel.
  6. Excellent luggage space and it can fit more than smaller sedans.

mid sized sedans in the Philippines

These mid-sized cars are the go-to of executives and decision makers as must have cars

Here are cool and great features why a mid-size sedan is the best bet if an SUV is not preferred!

I. Mid-sized sedans in the Philippines: Performance specifications

When choosing good mid-sized sedans to buy; consider these specifications. These cars are in the middle, and they offer advantages that cannot be had in lower models. Their prices range from 1.6 to 2.4 million Php, and they aren’t cheaply equipped either!

subaru legacy on the road

The Subaru Legacy is the only one in this list to come with AWD

Here are the different components to look out, for besides the usual ones. Choosing and getting the best specs that draw out the best performance is important. Driving a mid-sized sedan that is underpowered is not cool because sedans are fast and nimble cars to start with. Compare it to a compact, then it’s a no show because a mid-size is the better option. Below is the logic why these specs matter for absolute performance.

#1. Pick automatic transmission because it is 6-speed and comes with modern and efficient shifting. Manual is okay but it can be a bit tiring to drive it.

#2. The displacement of the engine is big. Big displacement numbers do not equal a powerful auto, but it packs a wallop in horsepower and torque.

#3. The horsepower and torque is the overall power produced by combustion. If the torque is high then with decent horsepower, the car accelerates faster. That’s the problem with smaller cars that are on the losing end. Try to get more than 170 (Ps) and at least 250 (Nm) for a decent set up.

#4. Drive trains are front wheel drive (FWD) and rear wheel drive (RWD) but FWD is more common than RWD. If any sedan has a rear wheel drive which is used for sportier options, get it.

#5. Options like Subaru equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) is at par with most cross-overs, SUVs which provides better traction than 2WD.

#6. Bigger tires is better and offers a more executive look than smaller ones.

#7. The SRP is the cost of the unit, which can range from the just right to the fully decked-out out model. Better to get the higher model, if the finances can take it because it offers more features. Otherwise, here are top 5 sedans under P700k that you might afford.

Performance Comparison
Model Transmission Displacement Horsepower Torque (Nm) Tires Drive train SRP
Mazda 6 6-speed AT 2,488 cc 185 250 P225/45R19 FWD P2,150,000
Honda Accord 6-speed AT 2,356 cc 207 339 235/45 R18 FWD P2,317,000
Toyota Camry 6-speed AT with Super ECT 2,494 cc 178 231 215/55R17 FWD P1,881,000
Nissan Altima Xtronic CVT with manual mode 2,488 cc 270 340 215/55 R17 FWD P1,745,000
Subaru Legacy CVT 2,500 cc 260 350 225/50 R18 AWD P2,208,000

II. Mid-sized sedans in the Philippines: Comfort specifications

When it comes to comfort the best mid-sized sedans, it offers the best comfort features for the money. Nothing much worse than an uncomfortable car, but these options offer more in terms of luxury features and finish. Cheaper cars will be like a rat motel, but the well-appointed mid-sized sedan will be like the Ritz Carlton on wheels!

The buying points are rather limited so that key concerns are addressed. For almost 2 million a pop, it really means a cabin with everything all-in.

#1. The best AC is a Dual-zone because it cools more efficiently, in the front and back. But the 3-zone AC of the Camry is a rare find on an option.

#2. Manual door rollers and other manual devices are inconvenient and bothersome to use. Drivers will not waste time with such tedious devices if power features deck out the cabin.

#3. Touchscreen equipped cars are common and display car info while driving. The next wave of standard features, and will be soon found in most cars soon.

#4. Backup monitors make life easier when parking, especially for parking challenged individuals. Not all cars have it; and it is an option for now, on base models.

#5. All cars must have 3-pt. ELR seatbelts and airbags which is basic for auto safety.

Comfort Comparison
Model AC type Power features Touchscreen 3-pt. ELR Airbags Backup monitor
Mazda 6 Automatic dual zone x x x x x
Honda Accord Automatic dual zone x x x x x
Toyota Camry Automatic climate control, 3 zones x x x x x
Nissan Altima Dual zone control x x x x x
Subaru Legacy Dual zone x x x x x

toyota camry exterior

The 3-zone AC of the Camry is a rare find on an option

III. Mid-sized sedans in the Philippines: Safety specifications

The best mid-sized sedans are one of the safest cars next to SUVs because they are equipped with more safety features.

Compare it to sub-compacts and compacts that have less safety feature then they are a better overall option. Equipped with safety features that can only be found in more expensive cars, like SUVs and luxury cars. Riding in them will preserve the occupants more and most likely come out unharmed compared to cheaper cars. But, some car makers are more consistent than others like Nissan which has a good rep for making safe cars.

1. Electronic Stability Control

ESC will keep the engine power and braking power equal so the car wouldn’t be unstable. This is a premium feature that isn’t in all cars, just those with a large SRP though.

2. Traction control

It keeps the contact of the tires to the ground maximized and sends power to where it’s needed. Like an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) which send power selectively to tires, to keep traction going. This works with the ECS to keep the car running in a straight line, not in skidding erratically to disaster.


No car would be complete with the big three (ABS, EBD, BA) that help maximize braking power via sensors. This system controls the amount of force applied to brakes, but cars without them a will not be as safe.

mazda 6 sedan on the road

The best mid-sized sedans are one of the safest cars next to SUVs because they are equipped with more safety features

4. Rear camera/Sonar

One of the better and safest parking aids is the rear cam/sonar that comes as a tandem when parking. Some rear cams have guidelines that guide the driver better, and sonar gives an aural warning. Again, parking sensors and rear cams are not standard equipment. Some car makers omit even the parking sensors, which shouldn’t be the case.

5. Collision Mitigation & Cruise Control

These are features that add more to the safety net. Collision mitigation will apply brakes in emergency situations when the safety threshold has been breached! Cruise Control will keep the car running at the regular speed, but will collision mitigation as security insurance should the driver fall asleep.

Safety Features Comparison
Model ESC TC ABS EBD BA Rear cam Collision Mitigation Cruise Control
Mazda 6 x - x x - x - x
Honda Accord x - x x - x - x
Toyota Camry x - x x x x - x
Nissan Altima x - x x x x - x
Subaru Legacy x x x x x x - x

IV. Mid-sized sedans in the Philippines: Size comparison

All the options in the mid-sized sedans list are big cars and just as big as mid-sized SUVs too. When other small sedans suffer from small trunk space; not these options because their trunks can pack a lot of luggage. In some instances, the rear set can be opened for extra stuff too! These cars can seat five big adults easily and have more than enough elbow room as well.

  • Subaru Legacy is the tallest, but Mazda 6 is the shortest at height.
  • Honda Accord has the longest body, while the Subaru is the shortest one.
  • Honda Accord has the widest chassis, and the Toyota Camry is least as wide.
  • Among these options, the option with the best combo of length, width, and height is the Honda Accord.
Dimensions Comparison
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Passengers (Person)
Mazda 6 4,865 1,840 1,450 5
Honda Accord 4,890 1,850 1,465 5
Toyota Camry 4,825 1,825 1,470 5
Nissan Altima 4,863 1,830 1,488 5
Subaru Legacy 4,795 1,840 1,500 5

honda accord angular front

The Honda Accord has the longest body

V. Mid-sized sedans in the Philippines: Reliability comparison

Now, all factors like safety, performance, comfort, and style will compare side by side to see the overall differences. Taking all these factors to determine the best mid-sized sedans to buy and consider.

  • Based on all the specs, the Nissan Altima with its least SRP does make it value for money.
  • Next to it, is the Toyota Camry that comes in second with everything all in and value for money as well. But has a -85 which means that it’s one of the smaller sedans in the list, for a mid-size.
  • Last is the Mazda 6 which comes in third, in the list. The Mazda 6 has always been a bit pricey, but it comes with stuff too. Another is the displacement which is important when extra power is needed too.

nissan altima angular front

The Nissan Altima with its least SRP does make it value for money

Going over the specs that show the most reliable mid-sized sedan but the tables can be double checked too. Reliability is important, but sometimes the price can be a pain but saving a bit can cost much more!

VI. The wrap-up

All the cars on the list are the best mid-sized sedans in 2018/2019 in the Philippines to buy because they have everything needed and more. Al the option have hits and misses but only when compared to another similar option. But otherwise, it will make lesser option look less palatable!

If anyone is up for an alternative over the usual mid-range SUV, then get a mid-sized sedan for a sportier offering but with the same features! Or else, refer to our sedan car review section to widen your consideration.

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