Kia Stonic: Which hue is best for you?

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It is available with six color options, three of which are two-tone.

The Kia Stonic is the Korean automaker’s newest addition to the Philippine lineup. But despite being a new contender, it did not have a difficult time finding its place in the market. In fact, the subcompact crossover finished 2020 strong as the third best-selling unit in Kia Philippines’ lineup.

Kia Stonic front

Kia Stonic

If you are one of the car buyers who caught the Kia Stonic fever, then you are probably thinking right now of the different options offered on the model. One of which includes the available colors for the Kia Stonic in the Philippines.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at all the available paint options for the PH-spec Kia Stonic. Of note, the following Kia Stonic colors might vary from the actual model. As such, use the following as a reference only before heading to your preferred Kia dealership.

Clean Finish

We’ll start the list with the Kia Stonic color in Clear White, available to all variants. This is your go-to body color option if you want your unit to possess a simple look. One can say that the Clear White goes well with the standard blacked-out exterior styling features of the subcompact crossover.

These blacked-out exterior features include the radiator grille, beltline molding, roof rails, side sills, and lower rear bumper.

Kia Stonic color in Clear White

Kia Stonic Clear White

Going for a simple look such as the Clear White option provides a benefit that no other body color options offer. White car paint can reflect sun rays off the body of the vehicle better as compared to other dark colors. That said, you can benefit from a cooler cabin that can be useful especially during the summertime in the Philippines.

In addition, white car paint can hide scratches and water spots that will make your Kia Stonic look dirty. You can take advantage of the Clear White as you won’t pay for detailing as much considering that it naturally looks clean.

Youthful Crossover

We are now moving to brighter hues on the list. If you want a youthful vibe, then you can either opt for the Prime Red or Extreme Blue. These two body color options are available to all Kia Stonic variants as well. Additionally, Kia Philippines doesn’t include additional fees for these two paint finishes.

You can choose the Kia Stonic color in Prime Red if you want to look a bit sporty. After all, the Korean automaker designed the subcompact crossover with sharp character lines and a low stance that naturally gives it its sporty appearance. Picking the Prime Red will only further complement the base sporty design of the model.

Kia Stonic color in Prime Red

Kia Stonic Prime Red

However, take note that going for a red car paint means that you won’t feel much different from the rest of the vehicles on the road. The reason for this is that red is one of the most common colors of today’s cars alongside white, black, gray, and silver. Regardless, the Prime Red is a good choice for your Kia Stonic to look youthful and snazzy.

This is the same case for the Kia Stonic color in Extreme Blue. Blue is also considered a top choice among car buyers, which means that you won’t look as exclusive as compared to rare colors such as the Flame Orange which we will talk about in a minute.

Kia Stonic color in Extreme Blue

Kia Stonic Extreme Blue

Both the Extreme Blue and Prime Red are more difficult to maintain as compared to the Clear White body color option. You would have to wash your car more often than not to retain that youthful appeal the two said paints offer. That said, one can say that looking nice comes with a price.

Two-tone Frenzy

Lastly, we have two-tone paint schemes that include Flame Orange, Flash Yellow, and Clear White with a black roof. The two-tone paint schemes offer an overall improved Kia Stonic look as compared to the other three body color options said above.

The Kia Stonic color in Flame Orange with Black roof is ideal for those who want the feeling of exclusivity on the road. Orange is not a common color so going out in the streets with this paint finish will help you stand out from the rest. It also provides a slightly sporty appeal just like Prime Red thanks to the blacked-out roof.

Kia Stonic color in Flame Orange with Black roof

Kia Stonic Flame Orange with Black roof

Plus, the Flame Orange is not available to the monotone colors available in the lower-end variants. This can be your ticket to showcase that you have to money to avail of the top-of-the-line EX variant. It is sort of like bragging rights, if you will.

Meanwhile, the Flash Yellow with Black roof is the most iconic look from the nameplate. It is the widely used Kia Stonic color even in other markets. With this body color option, your subcompact crossover can have the classic black and yellow look that in which people are easily attracted to.

Kia Stonic color in Flash Yellow with Black roof

Kia Stonic Flash Yellow with Black roof

With that being said, the Flash Yellow with Black is your go-to paint finish if you want to possess a young vibe with you. It is an ideal choice for those who are just starting with their respective careers considering that the Kia Stonic is one of the most affordable options in the Kia Philippines lineup.

Lastly, the Clear White with Black roof gives off almost the same appearance as the monotone Clear White. But the body color option with the Black roof helps accent the standard blacked-out exterior styling better.

Kia Stonic color in Clear White with Black roof

Kia Stonic Clear White with Black roof

One can say that the Clear White with Black roof gives off a more mature look as compared to other available Kia Stonic colors in the Philippines. That said, this color option is more ideal for those who are considering the Kia Stonic as their new family vehicle. The Clear White with Black is easier to maintain so it should save you some time.

Take note, the three two-tone body color options are available only to the model’s top-of-the-line EX variant. This variant is offered at a price of Php 925,000 including the added tax due to the recently implemented safeguard duties. If you think that the two-tone paint scheme is worth the price, then this should be your go-to choice.

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Know more about Kia Stonic 2024

Kia Stonic

The Kia Stonic is a five-seater, subcompact crossover. In the Philippines market, it has four available variants: the Stonic LX 1.4 MT, the LX 1.4 AT, Style Edition 1.4 AT, and the EX 1.4 AT. Currently, Kia Stonic 2023 Philippines price ranging from Php 835,000 to Php 990,000. 

Under the hood of all the Stonic trims is a 1.4-liter inline-4 gasoline engine that can make up to 97 horsepower and 132 Nm of torque. It then uses a six-speed automatic torque converter. Only the entry-level LX trim may come with a five-speed manual transmission. The one with the manual has a different engine tune of 94 horsepower. 

Size-wise, the Stonic is 4,100mm long, 1,735mm wide, and 1,533mm in height. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,570mm, and a ground clearance of 185mm. 

Locally, the Stonic competes against the likes of the Hyundai Venue, MG ZS, Chery Tiggo 2, Ford EcoSport, Geely Coolray, Hyundai Kona, among others. 

₱ 835,000 - ₱ 990,000

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